Road to the Inn

Proving a negative commenter wrong

So I get thousands and thousands of negative comments. I do read them all, and joyfully ignore most of them, but once in a blue moon I decide to make an example out of someone. In this case, I got a rather sour comment for the photo I posted here (note that the comment was on Facebook):

“Trey, I generally like your work, but this is one of the worst Photoshop hacks I’ve seen. Mirror the image with a badly piculated reflection? If I was going to fake the photo, I would at least apply a soft blur to the reflection and use a wave pattern to simulate the water.”

So, anyway, I decided to grab a photo from my Lightroom. BTW, you can also see another icy image there I took about an hour before at Pyramid Lake.

Daily Photo – Road to the Inn

I have strange feelings sometimes when approaching new hotels. I stay in a lot of them, but there are certain times of the day and night when you are going some place quite foreign and you’re just not sure what it will be like.

A good example is this place here in Iceland, where everything can be doubly strange. I’ve had many strange experiences from sleeping in school classrooms (they are converted to hotels in the summer) to having to wake up someone at 2 AM to let me into a room.

Even though Iceland is so mountainous, sometimes there are wide open plains where you can see the destination from miles and miles away as you get closer. And all the strange thoughts (especially very late at night) go racing through your head. It’s all kind of Twilight Zone-ish.

Road to the Inn

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2018-01-05 18:13:02
  • Camera
  • Camera Make
  • Exposure Time
  • Aperturef/6.7
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length65mm (65mm in 35mm)
  • Flashflash did not fire
  • Exposure Programaperture priority
  • Exposure Bias

  • susan ratcliff

    Wow…..looks like a oasis to be – I’d be driving right to it! 🙂

  • Casper van Zyl

    Nice shot Trey,the colours are so wonderful.

  • I love the colours to this picture Trey, especially the contrast of the greens to the reddish browness (I don’t know what I’m saying either) to the mountains.

    That was a spectacular reflection on that earlier picture Trey and I did not doubt the authenticity for one moment. Photoshop and more to the point photoshop magazines have tainted photography slightly, as there isn’t a lot of trust in a good picture anymore. I have read tutorials in magazines about how to add a lake to a foreground of a hill and have always thought why?? I couldn’t get excited about adding elements to a picture that were not there either and would want to shoot down anyone (with my Lightroom RAW files) as well who questioned the authentication of my pictures.

  • nailed the mood on this, the color tones are unreal!

  • Actually, it sorta reminded me of the Shining for some reason. I am guessing you got out alive!

  • Actually this reminded me of the Shining for some reason. I am guessing you got out alive!

  • Trey Ratcliff


  • Trey Ratcliff

    It is Shining-like! 🙂

  • Ben Fewtrell

    Very Cool Trey. When travelling have you had any close calls with people trying to mug you for your gear?

  • Very nice photo; your description reminds me of the lyrics to “Hotel California” by the Eagles. 🙂

  • Eric Pearson

    Trey, it’s awesome that you can brush off the comments you get about your work. It’s even more awesome that you can show someone that they were wrong after calling you out publicly.

    Scott and RC have had some EPIC social media burs in the past and they were a great read.

  • I often stare at your photos threw photovoyages to better understand composure. I view 100’s of various photos from several sites and always come back to Trey’s for inspiration. Thanks stuckincustoms for the work you do.

  • Jon M

    It’s always fun to prove someone wrong when they’re just plain silly and have no way to know if what they’re saying is true, as in this case 🙂

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thank you Joel! 🙂

  • Where in Iceland is this?

  • Tegan Nicole

    I completely get that feeling Trey! My husband & I were stationed in Keflavik from Jan 2003-May 2005. Right after we moved there and were still new to the island, it was really late at night & we were on one of our many adventures. We had found one of the IceAir hotels, but couldn’t get anyone to let us in the door. So my husband saw a car and flashed his lights. Of course I am flipping out, we had to be in some sort of texas chainsaw massacre town or children of the corn. HA! They were the nicest people ever. They drove us to a farm house down the road and we were their new “friends” Quite the experience being we were young & never lived anywhere but Ohio. Hotels are a dime a dozen in the states. But it is strange to be driving up to someone’s house or hotel that’s locked down in the middle of the night, even when it is still daylight at 2AM!

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