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So, I am not one with the “cruising culture” by any means. And, I was shocked (and somewhat entertained) to find out that such a deep subculture exists!

Since we were on the maiden voyage of the Disney Fantasy, we discovered that there were a great many people on this boat that had been on at least a dozen other Disney cruises. A dozen! And they had everything figured out — I mean everything. And they weren’t afraid to tell you. Oh no. Give them two seconds of silence, and they’ll spit out facts about the ports of call of the Disney Dream in May of 2009. They were like baseball statisticians, effortlessly spouting out Cy Young winners from 1972 and the W-L record of the Cleveland Indians from the same year.

And it was in this environment I found myself when these two great Disney ships docked together in Mexico. This was a Big Deal. I had at least five other somewhat annoying couples come up to me and offer up information about how rare this event is, and then they would recite the dates of all other ship-meetings.

To me, it was just cool to see two huge ships together over a narrow dock…

Daily Photo – The Towering Ships

So I got down to the end of the pier and aimed the 14-24 pretty high. There’s no way to get around the “leaning lines” — but that all adds to the overall effect. And, believe, me, standing down there, you feel the immense weight of them all about to topple over.

If you look up at the Disney Fantasy on the right, you can see where the waterslide juts off the edge of the ship…

HDR Photo

  • Love the never-ending effect that this angle creates. The size of the people really give you a sense of scale. Nice one Trey.

  • Paul Jennings

    Heh that’s the problem with cruises in general – once you get on you can’t get off again 😉

  • susan ratcliff

    Wow! These ships are huge!!! Cool shot!

  • the same culture is with many resorts. we were once at Couples in Jamaica, about five years ago, they had huge section at the dining hall for folks who returned there at least dozen times. they go to the same place every year, year after year, book their next trip at the end of the current one. they call it their “real home”.

  • Christin McLeod

    I love the “leaning lines” in this picture. They really add to the enormity of the ships. Then again, you already knew that. 😉 It’s very cool though!!

  • Andrew Martin

    DId you hit the slide trey? It must have been pretty frightening!

  • Trey Ratcliff


  • Trey Ratcliff

    Yes – many many times! hehe

  • Different people geek out in different ways. Great picture, too.

  • Ray Bilcliff

    Awesome shot and amazing perspective.

  • t_linn

    Love this image. The perspective is great and the HDR work really brings it to life. Nice.

  • john nevulis

    great picture, my one regret from bringing the Dream home, was not getting any pics underneath it when we were dry docked in Hamburg for a few days.

  • Bob Prangnell

    Not on topic, but I found a really cool NZ landscape photographer -Todd Sisson

  • mitchsullivan681

    I can only imagine how tiny one feels between these two enormous steel giants. Yet again I can only imagine… House

  • Great photo. Was this taken at one of the piers in Cozumel? When I was working for Royal Caribbean we’d often have two ships docked together like this and it was always cool walking back to get aboard and seeing the two ships towering above on either side.

    A dozen cruises may sound like a lot but I regularly spoke with people who had done close to 100 cruises and some more than that. It’s crazy because they usually did the same cruises over and over that go to the same ports, which while nice, get boring after a while.

  • dale_coz

    Cool Shot! Was that Cozumel, Mexico?

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thanks! No – it was not on Cozumel — a different spot – I have forgotten the name! 🙁

  • 1972?? Oh, why that would be Steve Carlton of the Philadelphia Phillies and Gaylord Perry of (yes) the Cleveland Indians. Ironically, they both pitched for really awful teams that year.

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