What’s in Trey’s Bag

Live Show Tonight – Bag Tours!

Join me live tonight for Trey’s Variety Hour where we’ll have on several guests that will give tours of their bags. I’ll be available for Q&A, so if you have questions, please write them below and I’m happy to answer! 🙂

Time: 7 PM CST (Your World Time)
Location: My Google+ Stream or my YouTube Live page (go there and click on “Live”)

What’s in my photo bag (updated)?

Over the past year I’ve been doing something secret: designing the ultimate camera bag (and everything bag!) with Peak Design, and now you can find out all about it and get one on the just released Kickstarter page! Here’s a video where I’m showing stuff…

  • Cool video Trey – your bag has changed some since your China trip – my fave part though is the ‘wires’ – now I don’t feel so bad! 🙂

  • Casper van Zyl

    Like your bag but I have the Lowepro 350 which suits me as i can swing it down to my left and un zip and get my 7d out without putting the bag down. In it I have 2 Cameras 40D no lens attached 7D with 10-22 attached,a 24-105 lens,16-35 f2.8 lens and a pocket with all my cards 2×16, 2×8, 4×4 SDs .Top Pouch I can put my rain coat and squeeze in a 70-200 F2.8 but then it really becomes to heavy. I can squeeze the 100 macroF2.8 in but then its” Hell”Quote un Quote.The tripod is  metal 2.5KG55 cm long and can do what most can bought in Malaysia for $120 Australian with ball head and have a hook on centre bar which to hang the bag and believe me you will need a very strong wind just to move the tripod. All the wires and charges go in plastic shopping bag.Sorry folks I know you don’t want to know about me and my stuff but good to hear and see how the other fellow improvises as  against Rockefellow  hehe!! Only having fun but like your tripod it looks a MONSTER with a monster price tag Trey.

  • Vincent Randal

    Trey, since you keep your cameras and lenses in a nice clean bag, no use of lens covers makes sense I guess. I wonder if cleaning them with your shirt means you’ve replaced the occasional lens. But I really wonder how you get by without lens filters of any kind if I understood you to say that. I just got a B+W uv-haze filter and it dramatically reduced haze in distant mountains. Do you remove haze as a post processing step?

  • Eric Pearson

    I love a good camera bag tour. Can’t wait to see what your guests are running.

    Also, if anyone’s interested, check out the “What’s in your camera bag” group on flickr. http://www.flickr.com/groups/camerabag/pool/page01/

  • I couldn’t help react to the comment in the video about Canon users lusting after the 14-24.

    People of Canon – you CAN use the Nikon 14-24 lens on your EOS body.  There’s an adapter at B&H called Novoflex Lens Mount Adapter (I put a link to it in the 14-24 review on my blog).  Basically, that adapter lets you mount Nikon glass on your Canon body.  I learned of it from a Canon user who is happily shooting with the 14-24.  It’s quite thin and the 14-24 is absolutely worth it.

  • Sharon Thomas

    Hey Trey….which F-Stop bag are you using?  I think I’m a “bagaholic” but I would really like a light bag and yours looks like it is…just concerned about the size/fit for me…a woman and growing shorter at just under 5’5″.  Thanks.

  • William Woodward

    FYI, if you’re planning on hitting any stops in Taiwan, they’ve recently passed a rule saying ‘No tripods over 25cm for carry-on’… Yes, 25cm, not inches. 

  • I now want that bag! Not what’s inside even thought that would be nice but that bag looks pretty awesome.

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