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Google GlassNo text. :)- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of the post - including a video interview from the conference.

The Google+ Conference

Here is the big show – the live on-stage appearance at the conference with me and Scott Kelby. Please share your thoughts about what I said and the interview as a whole… I am interested!

Now, the first 10 minutes looks AWFUL in this video because of the way YouTube encoded it with Hangouts (!), so you can skip ahead to the 11:00 minute mark. If you’d like to see that “Zimmer-Ratcliff” video, click here.

  • Awesome video and the g+ conference was super great too – enjoyed hearing your thoughts and feelings.

  • “This is the best NOW – Ever…” is a great line.
    Other than Kelby acting like an Oaf and almost ruining the interview – it was a really interesting video.
    You mentioned at one point something about how sometimes when the haters drop by you enjoy having your troops attack them, or words to that affect.  I was almost positive you were thinking of me.  At least internally.  Tell me I’m wrong.  :]

  • Scotty Graham

    Trey….I watched the entire video during class while my students reviewed for their exam coming up…I have seen most all of your interviews, and it was refreshing to hear some “new” thoughts from you…really good stuff. I do agree with Scott…you have been instrumental in the development of Google+ for photographers….you are a true inspiration to so many of us…thanks!

    I do want to know more about your move to NZ….were you just in NZ, and then had to fly to San Fran for this conference, and did you have to fly back right after? You do so many speaking events and other things in the States, will you still be doing all of those things in the future, or will you do more things on-line from NZ? Just curious how you will work all of that out….

  • Casper van Zyl

    Great video ,not so much of the OLD.I’m from the old black and white school but glad i laid off for a few years .Now that digital is here and HDR I find it brings  life to my pictures not that the old way did not,its just seems more challenging some how.Thank you for your help over the past year that i have been able to pass this on to others.Some of my friends have now leave me for dead as they have truly excelled in HDR. Its so nice to see the results of others and all because of you blog. Seven all watched the video after tea and cake and they all said to say thanks.
    Thanks From—-Jono,Greg, Tony,Sam,Richard,Jesse, Pam.

  • Did you get to keep the Glass?

  • In your photo, you look like Loki Stormbringer, about to unleash his razorbacks on a bunch of unsuspecting tourists.

  • Trey Ratcliff

    hehe yes yes 🙂

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thank you Casper 🙂

  • Trey Ratcliff

    I was definitely thinking of you mate – thanks for leading the charge! 🙂

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thank you everyone 🙂

  • Gavin Jackson

    Just finished watching the video – covered a good array of topics – I think you interviewed really well (despite some of the corny jokes being thrown in by Scott), I particularly liked your approach to being an inclusive community for beginner photographers. I note that you haven’t told us much about the Google glasses prototypes – are they under some kind of NDA? 😉

  • LOVE your comment about post processing and how taking a photo is just the beginning.  So many times I’ll see a scene and think, “I can make this look really cool in Lightroom!”  Out of the camera it can look flat and blah, but after I’m done it really pops and is cool!

    As for getting it right in the camera, I think it depends on what you’re taking photos of.  When I’m at work taking photos of our CEO talking about something, maybe presenting someone with an award, talking about how the company is doing, etc, I try to get those right in the camera rather than doing any post processing.  I don’t see how I can enhance them the same way I can with some landscape, a sunrise/sunset, or a scene somewhere.  I find there’s capturing a moment, and there’s using the photo as a start to some artistic end result.

    Music.  I’m also a musician, play trumpet.  Music is simply a part of me, it’s always present in my life.  You mentioned a soundtrack and I always have a soundtrack going on in my life.  If I’m not listening to music, there’s something my mind is remembering or making depending on my mood and what I’m doing.  When I need to heavily concentrate, I often listen to something very different than from when I’m relaxing – like Primus and euro-dance music ( vs. Count Basie.  I’m a HUGE Jimmy Buffett fan but I can’t listen to that when I’m programming or editing photos, wrong music.  But I can’t listen to the euro-dance stuff when driving, Jimmy Buffett is better for that.  😉

    Lastly, I love the Zen-ness of your comments!  When you were talking about you can’t have extreme happiness without extreme sadness, that’s so true.  Look at geniuses in history.  The smarter, more creative, more brilliant someone was, the more “crazy” or out-there they were.  Look at Tesla, Michael Jackson, etc.  I can definitely relate to having that dark side in you that wants to get out, wants to rip someones head off because of what they said/did.  But there’s also that very calm side of me with things like, “What does it matter?”, “Who is it hurting?”, “Will getting mad make a difference?”, etc.  Fortunately, the calm side wins out most of the time.  I think this is because for the last 20 years I’ve always asked myself, “Can I do something about this?” If the answer is no, I try to forget about it and move on.  If yes, “Do I WANT to do something about this?”  Again, if no, I move on and if yes then I do something about it.  Life is so much more calm when I think of things this way.  And one persons art is another persons drop cloth.  Just because someone likes it or doesn’t like it doesn’t mean it’s bad – or good. 😉

    And yes, you do inspire me quite a bit.  I see your photos and wish I had taken them.  But more importantly, I look at things now thinking how can I make amazing photos like Trey.  Not exactly like yours, in my own style and amazing like yours.

    Sorry for the long response but thanks very much for the video and all you do!

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