Along the River in Lijiang

iPad for Photos

I remember when I was in this spot, I saw two different people using their iPads to take photos.  They were not Americans — they were Chinese people.  And then, after that, I started noticing this more and more.  I think Americans are more “embarrassed” (for lack of a better word) to use their iPads for photography, but this is just anecdotal… I’ll have to look around more to see if this trend is consistant across cultures!

Daily Photo – Along the River in Lijiang

While I walked along one of the many little streams that flowed through the village, restaurants, cafes, shops, and homes lined the sides.  Each one was decorated a little bit differently with unique lanterns, fauna, decor, windows, furniture, and flowers.  You could stop almost anywhere to take a photo!  So, well, I did.

Switching lenses is still a bit of a pain.  The two lenses I used the most there were the 14-24 and the 28-300.  But many shots were kind of right around that 20-35mm zone, which menat I was never really sure of which lens to use… so I would end up swapping back and forth a lot until it felt right!

HDR Photo

  • Cool shot! Lijiang look like such a great place to visit – it would be at the top of my list!

  • Casper van Zyl

    Its at the top of mine but had to postpone due to wife changing her job but its OK there will be other times. My neighbour Trey will display his travels for me to enjoy so I will just pretend to be there and enjoy the sites he puts forth. Nice looking restaurant

  • I was in Disneyland Paris last week, and there was someone actually using his iPad filming from the tram we were riding. It looks rather strange… especially since there was a chance of getting wet in this ride!

    Nice vintage look on the photo!

  • Looks like a fun place to live!!  Very pretty!  Thanks for sharing, have a great Wednesday!

  • I had that same problem this weekend swapping between the 16-35 and my 50…both seemed to be needed every other shot.  I just ended up with a bunch of sensor dust despite my attempt to keep the swap time short. 

  • John Frierson

    I have seen the iPad photographer phenomenon more and more.

  • Very nice Trey. Looks like a very homey spot to have drink or bite to eat. And good observation about iPad shooting. I have noticed in other countries people are more willing to take it out and use it without hesitation. Even tourists around L.A. But I’ve heard many people around here, photographer or not, say that taking photos with the iPad “looks” ridiculous. He he. 

  • t_linn

    I have to admit that I laugh at people using iPads for photography.  It DOES look ridiculous, at least in my opinion.

  • A while ago I would have subscribed to the “using ipad for photos looks ridiculous” crowd. But after going to Vegas and doing the very touristy thing of taking a picture next to the famous sign (even though we used to live there), I would say it’s not as ridiculous as I thought. Apparently no one I was with knew how to use their own DSLR’s and struggled to get a good picture (it was at night). Another crowd next to us used an ipad and their pictures appeared to be perfect. There wasn’t just a glob of white light in what would otherwise be complete darkness. Anyways, I would prefer a dedicated camera for photos, but don’t think it’s all that bad to use an ipad for photos.

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Bob Crosley

     Perhaps the “New” iPad would be OK. The picture quality on the iPad 2 is horrendous. But I think the iPad and iPhone fall into the category of ‘the camera you have,’ as opposed to the one you wish you had, but don’t. Smart phones and tablets, with decent optics going into them now, have really taken advantage of the ability to use more powerful, special purpose software to get pretty decent pictures. On our recent trip to the island of Kauai, we took a borrowed DSLR, and our iPhones. And actually, some of our best shots were from the phones, partly just because we always had them with us, when we found a great shot, where the DSLR might be sitting back in the hotel room.

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