The Man Burns

Heart-Warming Email

Well, we just released a new version (Retina HD-graphics) of Stuck On Earth, and I recently received this email from Joe Crocker. I’m sharing it now with his permission. Thank you Joe!


My daughter has a good friend who has diabetes. In the future she will be going blind. I have been looking for a group of pictures of all the great sites on earth and beyond for my daughter to give to her friend while she still has sight. Your Stuck On Earth is the closest thing I have found that approaches it.

Craziest Party Ever

So I think THIS is the craziest party I’ve ever been to!  It’s really hard for a photo to describe the sheer pandaemonium of it all…  And it’s not just for a little while – it’s a multi-hour party where people are dancing, screaming, shooting lasers, launching balloons, and, well, generally going curazy!

Daily Photo – The Man Burns

I was able to get up on a crane during the main event at Burning Man.  Before I got on, they made 100% sure (and then double-checked) that everyone had gone to the bathroom.  Once you are up on the crane, you’re up there for two hours.  I can only assume the crane operator was very serious about this because the worst-possible situation had occurred during an earlier Burning Man when he was at ground-level.

Coming Soon...

  • Oh wow!! This is an awesome shot – so vibrant and alive and full of color! Can’t say I am too fond of the climbing up the crane story though!:)

  • Josh Burghandy

    This is an amazing photo.

  • MattMacias

    I want to get a Ipad just  for Stuckonearth…is that a bad reason to get it? This is by far one of the best shots I have seen of Burning Man! And I could never get a shot from this angle, and not for the fear of the heights of a crane but for my child sized bladder lol. 

  • Casper van Zyl

    Nice pic ,but tend to stay away from madden crowds. As much as the are plenty pics to take there is always some badness around. Prefer peaceful places without noise. Just looking at this pic is like, you can imagine how deafening the noise must be.I’LL pass!!

  • Dave Morgan

    Curious? Why are you moving to New Zealand? Have heard things as I visit the blog and I’m curious. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. Lucky you.

  • Men is not machine, doctor, paramedic, nurse are being serve the world through their own competencies , they do not have any authorization to create someone going to blind next years or next week, if they say “going to blind” it ‘s  referred their own task and responsibility as a medical worker. They are not wrong.
    Now, back to ourself as a human, you , me , your sisters/brothrs and your freind sisters also human, having same power having same opportunity to find ourself influence – it’s God spirit, it’s available in everyone of us, and HE always waching us, who ever respond to God watching, GOD will respond to those people, including your sister freind : Come to GOD, and GOD will come to you.
    Forget analitical thinking mind, everything badly exist just inside of our mind – it’s not real, preparing space in our mind for HIS coming by praying, and visualise we accepted what GOD want……………………….

  • Fran Pike

    Beautiful!  You have captured the moment of a lifetime.

  • Wow, is all I can say, Trey!!!  I would have been so nervous being up that high.  But you are used to being in high places.  What a spectacular photo!!!  Have a great Tuesday!! 🙂  And how nice the fellow could show his daughter the photos before she is blind.  What a sweet email to receive!!!!

  • treyratcliff


  • treyratcliff

    I’ll make a big blog post about this some time – it is a common question Dave ! 🙂

  • William Jones

    Are you seriously suggesting that converting to a monotheistic faith can cure diabetes? Because last I checked Christians, Jews and Muslims all go blind from diabetes. Even the good ones.

  • Andrea Boyle

    What a great photo…and the perfect site, too.  I hate crowds and have often longed to be the fly on the wall.  You made it, Trey! That’s my dream!

  • Nice job indeed! I know people involved in Burning Man that knew your name from the photos you made there, but din’t even know your blog (I’ve shown it to them though).

    How long do you normally stay in the festival, a few days or the entire week?

  • Dave Morgan

     Would like to plan a trip there sometime. Fjordsland is a place high on my list. Check out my site sometime:  Keep up the good work.

  •  What a small mind you have to assume that because the friend has diabetes that they have no relationship with god.  I would suggest that your god is too small if it doesn’t include being god of the diabetic.

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