Sandstorm at Burning Man

Cameras at Burning Man

I get regular questions about how to protect your camera equipment at Burning Man.  Here are some points about that:

  • I use a backup (3rd) camera.  I mostly just pull out a micro 4/3rds camera and never change the lens.  It’s kind of a challenge, but a good challenge!
  • If you have to change lenses, well, don’t.
  • If you MUST change lenses, try to do it indoors… in a car or in an RV of some non-dirty hippy.
  • If you want to use your main camera, it’s good to weatherproof it with a baggie and tape… but the little dust will still get in.
  • Or, really, just follow my first bullet point and use a backup-backup camera and don’t worry so much! 🙂

Daily Photo – Sandstorm at Burning Man

The sandstorms come fast and furious. I was out in the middle of one as it blew across the playa. I was on my bike at the time, so it was easy to get around and find good perspectives of the temple as the sun was setting.

A storm of sands.  It comes to remind you of events that happen while you are busy living, and you ride alone through too many of them.  And truly, in the middle of the storm, there is nothing else but the storm.  It ebbs and flows and abates and gives shape and form to others.  And then it dies down and falls away, like a strange dream whose haunting fabric falls away the longer you are awake.

  • Pretty shot of the storm – I wouldn’t like that but guess they have alot of them at Burning Man!

  • Casper van Zyl

    Dust has always been a problem with photographic gear but one can use under water gear to protect your camera and still get good results but its more to carry. In South AfricaI remember a sand storm and ended with no paint on the front of my car as well as having to change my windscreen as it was sand blasted. I did not know then, but do now, not to drive in a dust storm. Brings back good memories this pic ,nice shot.

  • MattMacias

    This shot is Awesome!  Just seeing this makes it feel like I have to take a shower to get the sand out of my hair.

  • stunning lighting and silhouette, so jealous.. I will try and get to burning man one day..  

  • Paul Garrett

    Awesome shot and thanks for the tips regarding dust.  I’ve done a lot of shooting in Africa and have had deal with dust on my sensor…  especially at the Namib Desert.

  • treyratcliff


  • treyratcliff

    ahh – you may be more experienced than me then! 🙂

  • Of all your burning man shots this is really my favorite. Great shot!

  • t_linn

    Awesome, awesome shot, Trey!  Love it.

  • Stunning image. Also great timing in catching the “decisive moment” when the cyclist drove through, at sunset, with a sandstorm. Kudos to you.

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