Late for a Very Important Date

Two Camera Setup

Today’s photo really took two different cameras… that is, unless I had two cameras ready to go, I never would have gotten it.  Do any of you walk around with a two-camera setup as well?

Daily Photo – Late for a Very Important Date

I spent most of one morning shooting in Union Station in Los Angeles, and I highly recommend this to any photographer!  Not only did they let me use my tripod, but there are all kinds of cool people-watching along the way.

My tripod was set up for an HDR of the interior, but I saw this couple walk in and start doing, well, whatever they are doing.  I had my hip-shooter on, so I squatted down to take this shot…

HDR Photo<

  • Casper van Zyl

    I quite like this its something different,its away from your usual . Very nicely seen, well captured,tells a story.

  • Chivalry is not dead…

  • Wow – wonder where they are going? – love her outfit and shoes!!

  • JohnnyPeacock

    Hey Trey, I’ve been wondering, when you take a candid shot like this do you try to get your subjects attention to let them know and where to find it? I’ve taken a few candid shots and wanted to let people know where to find them but tend to chicken out.

  • Ouch, I wouldn’t want to be wearing those shoes!!!  Great photo, Trey.  Have a wonderful Friday!!

  • Paula Maidl

    I love it – great lighting, interesting subjects and background!  Nice work, Trey.

  • Stephen Zacharias


  • Snazzy! What’s going on in Union Station these days?

  • Trey,

    I always travel with two camera’s. One with a long lens and one with a wide angle. I use two Black Rapid straps, so I’m ready for anything, or so I like to think! 😉

  • JulieWillson

    There is no way I would be in those heels, but they do look nice in her. It is an interesting story. I think they were in a hurry and she discovered she had gotten that strap twisted when she fastened it. Her gentlemanly husband stooped to help her fix it. They are on their way to an important banquet. He has been inducted into the California State Sports Hall of Fame for his outstanding career coaching a high school boys basketball team.

  • My guess is that they are going to get married a second time. Now tell me I am wrong. 🙂

  • Romantic shot. Thanks for sharing Trey.

    Best regards,
    Nikon Baby

  • Yann Fillion

    This is one of the few good thing with canon over the nikon, the 3 customs setups. I have C1 HDR, C2 landscape and C3 low-light.
    Great shot as always

  • treyratcliff

    I will usually gladly show them afterward – yes

  • I like it  and wonderful snap.

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