The Village of Lijiang

Time Travel

This is one of the few places in the world where I feel like I’m time traveling…  If you could time-travel, where would you go and when?

Daily Photo – The Village of Lijiang

I tried to get this shot for almost a week!

It turns out there is a hill/mountain that requires significant planning and calories to ascend for this dusky time falls.  And I kept miscalculating the time with Tom.  We always thought the sunset would be a little later than it was.  And then we would start to get up into position, and we realized it was too late — so we went to go do something else instead.

This evening, I would snap a few photos and then sit down with my sketch pad and work on a few drawings.  I’d wait about 10 minutes for the light to change between photos… and it was nice just to listen to music and play around with some sketching-ideas…

The Village of Lijiang

  • Beautiful! Well worth the climb! 🙂

  • JulieWillson

    This takes me back nearly 27 years and reminds me of the northern tip of Okinawa. The southern end of the island is more modern and dominated by US bases. The northern end is more traditional and mountainous. I like the look from above across the village.

  • I’m back from holiday! To be honest, I’d travel back to the 1800s and see Queenstown before it became a tourist spot. It’s not all that well documented, and its surreal seeing the land not filled with buildings and streets… Following that visit I’d go back a few hundred years to see all of NZ before all the introduced species destroyed our native fauna and flora!

  • Fred Biggar

    Fanastic shot. Haven’t been to Lijiang for years. You should see if you can get up to a village called Wen Hai.

  • Casper van Zyl

    Nice shot Trey.hope to be there in mid September if all goes well, they have special bargains for the Chinese from Canada and the States and Australia around $199   but you must get there. You can go as long as your partner is Chinese as they will only speak there language.That is why I down load all info from the web ,that way I do not disturb my wife when she is listening. Its normally 6 days 5 nights all meals and 4-5 star hotels.
    Also you visit a silk factory,jade,tea maybe fresh water pearl and so forth thats how they get there money back but if you do not spend then its a cheap holiday. I always buy special tea, that drunk is very alkaline,as you well know, we are borne alkaline and die acid. So to live a little longer the green tea that is alkaline is more beneficial for us golden oldies. Any high blood pressure persons out there try beetroot juice 250 ml a day will help you as well it may amaze you. God bless you all

  • Awesome shot. I’d be interested in having a look at your sketchbook one day.

  • Super shot Trey… it looks a fab place to explore!

  • If you’re running an iPhone you might be interested in the LightTrac app.
    It gives rise and set times for the sun and moon and the bearing and declination any where on the planet at any time.

  • DennyLittle

    I would go to Havana on the isle of Cuba

  • What a pretty photo of the town!!  Love the mountains in the background and all the bright city lights!!  Have a great day.

  • Awesome shot.  I know I always enjoy certain shots more than others (speaking at least of my own) when there’s a story and an adventure behind them! 

    How many bracketed shots went into this one?  What kind of increment?  I was working on some HDR stuff the other night but couldn’t keep the lights from bleeding out the rest of the picture during the longer exposures to get the detail…

  • treyratcliff


  • treyratcliff

    This one was 5 shots from -2 to +2 (stepping by 1)

  • Mitchell Prout

    Thanks for the response!

  • Really groovy shot!   If the SIC crewe happen to perfect a time machine, I’d like to ride along to for some 20’s and 30’s Chicago or Manhattan

  • Wow – this is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Most of these buildings have been rebuilt with authentic but modern improvements entirely for tourism, surprisingly mostly from affluent Chinese. Most of the 100’s of endless shops lining every block  in old town lijiang sell the same things with no great bargains. But the Chinese tourists were buying lots of stuff all over town. Be sure to see the Naxi Classical orchestra at their theater and also across from it is a Beer Hall that has a great song and dancefest nightly featuring local entertainers. 

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