Father and Daughter in Beijing


TechCrunch – Video Interview – The Rise of Social Photography

Visit the video and article.  I’ve posted a lot of videos here in the last few days!  Sorry I know some of you may get tired of hearing me say variations on the same thing… well… I hope not… BUT, right before our Austin PhotoWalk, I did this interview with Colleen Taylor from TechCrunch TV.

Daily Photo – Father and Daughter in Beijing

I was in one of my favorite artsy/bohemian areas of Beijing with my D3S doing some people-photography.  It’s some of the best people-watching in the world around there.

This area is full of all sorts of galleries, shops, curio-stores, antique shops, and other various unique Chinese shopping.  The crowd ranges from the wildly artistic to families out on a little escapade.  While I was weaving through the crowd myself, I spied this father and daughter walking in my direction…


  • Super capture – he seems to be looking at the statue but his daughter doesn’t or perhaps they are looking at an open doorway?

  • Casper van Zyl

    Love the black and white,the father looks more afraid of the face his looking at than the child. Nice shot.

  • Anonymous

    A beguiling photo. They’re not looking at the statue, but of course the statue makes the photo. Super capture of a unique moment. inspiring.

  • Denis Elistratov

    Wow. It took me few minutes to understand it’s a statue, not an alien.

  • It surprises me that you went to the place that is famously called the 798 factory. I bet you have many more from this place, I am waiting… I went there last year, really enjoyed it.

  • Paul Jennings

    Horrible bokeh.

  • …And when they got home he taught his daughter a good lesson on what drugs will do to you.

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