Romantic Evening in the Alps


Other great mountain-towns?

Zermatt was really one of the best mountain-towns I have visited.  Maybe you know of many more – any recommendations?  I’m guessing, for example, there are some real gems in Germany I have never heard of…

Daily Photo – Romantic Evening in the Alps

The best time of day.  (To me.)

When you are in a new place and there are too many things to see and do.  There are too many places to eat and explore.  There are too many streets and alleys to visit and photograph.  This is a good thing.  It is a nice feeling of being overwhelmed by it all.  So, in these times, there are no bad decisions.  Just go whichever way the night takes you… get lost and find pretty little things.

A Walk After Dinner

  • Ahhh…..what a lovely place – it looks so charming there – beautiful!

  • Scotty Graham

    This is great, Trey….!! nothing better than “gettin’ lost”!!

  • Casper van Zyl

    These alpine villages are very charming places. I like the wooden shutters on the windows reminds me of my youth as this was common in years gone by. Trey is your lens water proof or how do you stop water getting on your lens,”stupid me” an umbrella you would say but they are not easy sometimes to lay your hands on when there is unexpected weather. love the setting beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful little town, and it could only be captured with HDR.  Looks like it took a good bit of processing and I see you decided to let the ghost people stay ghostly.  That green cloud is intriguing though. Well done.

  • In Germany you should visit:
    – Quedlinburg
    – Wernigerode
    – Meißen
    – Goslar
    – Weimar
    – Leipzig
    – …

  • Cool picture, as usual.

    Trey, will your apps ever be available for the ipod/iphone? 

  • Frauke G

    It’s not a mountain town, but a southern German town: Have you visited Rothenburg ob der Tauber (carefull, there are several Rothenburgs around the country, spell it out!).
    It is so nicely preseved and old. With a city wall you can walk on and everything. You will have a blast, for sure. Here are some impressions for you:

  • Wow, beautiful photo, Trey!!!  I would love to go and sit at one of the tables and enjoy the view!!!  Thanks for another wowee photo!!

  • Benjamin Doody

    Hey Trey, You should check out Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Little Olympic town right in the Bavarian Alps. While you’re there definitely consider taking the hike through the Partnach Gorge (accessed from the Olympic Ski Center) and the hike to the Konigstand. Both will offer amazing photo opportunities. Also, its only about a 45 minute train ride out of Munich. If you want to stay in a little German Gasthaus, let me know I can give you the name of the lady we always stay with, she’s extremely friendly, has great rates and is located right in the heart of town.

  • Stunning picture Trey! There is a real contrast in both halves of the picture but I love the intensity of the colours in the left hand of the picture.

    Karpacz in Poland is a great little Mountain town and is on the Czech Republic border as well. Which ever side of the border there’s endless amounts of inspiration!i=1615417256&k=PzfQ7Lh&lb=1&s=A 

  • You should visit Saas-Fee, known as «The pearl of the alps».

  • Anonymous

    Very charming image, love the dark clouds in the upper left.

  • Anonymous

    Really magnificent picture – thanks a lot Trey.
    Two recommendations: In Austria the world famous town Kitzbuehel, home of the most arduos downhill ski race on the Streif (max. speed 150 km/h).  As contrast the pittoresque and romantic center of the old town (image).
    Only  a good hour by car gets you to Munich in the south of Germany (capitol of Bavaria). Munich delivers endless scenes to photography, often with a great view to the alps nereby.  

  • If you ever plan to come to Heidelberg, pleeeeese let me know!
    You definately have to see this city in Germany.
    Here’s one of my pics from this beautiful view over the city:

  • Anonymous

    Do you need lively tourist places or more secluded one?

  • Anonymous

    Mountain towns? The best, Aspen Colorado, my hometown. Come visit and see for yourself. 

  • Stunning colors, especially love the combination of warm colors on one side, with cooler on the other. Well done

  • I’m with opposum54, I love Kitzbuhel.  I made a photostream there a few years ago

  • I stayed in this hotel ‘The Monte Rosa’ last month on a week’s ski trip to Zermatt. This was the very first Zermatt Hotel established in 1853. A great central place to stay. I’ve visited Zermatt 17 0r 18 times – beginning to lose count. A wonderful place Summer or Winter. Saas Fee is a close second best and after that Chamonix in the French Alps. This is a fantastic image – beautiful rich colours.

  • This is one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. I’m impressed, wow! It’s like a picture of a real and vivid fairy tale…

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thank you everyone 🙂

  • Reminds me of my stay in Prague.

  • Amazing photo that makes Zermatt look like a charming town.

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