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I have so many great scenes from Burning Man recently, but I have not posted many!  This is very lame of me — I will get on it.  In the meantime, check the Burning Man category here on the site to see more.

Daily Photo – Neo-Gypsy in the Desert

I was walking across the playa at Burning Man with Tom when we came across this gypsy of sorts.  She was kind of dancing through the desert eating a bag of chips.  That was surreal and everything, but then it felt even stranger when she pulled out her iPhone to make a few notes about our meeting.  She typed in so she would be sure to visit when she got back to civilization.

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  • Great shot of her – yes it does seem out of place! I had to laugh at ‘dancing and eating a bag of chips’!! Always good stories Trey!

  • Very Good Texture on this, looks like Film quality, remembering the film days, courtesy of

  • Very Good Texture on this, looks like Film quality, remembering the film days, courtesy of

  • Casper van Zyl

    Nice shot ,hope you all had a good photo-walk,don’t forget to show us the crowd and what we all missed.

  • Anonymous

    Her ear lobe there has a little bit of “The Persistence of Memory” from Salvidor going on.

  • I guess a gyspy is a special sort of gypsy? 😉

    At first I thought “Whoa, how much grain is in that shot!”. But the longer I look the better it gets!

  • Anonymous

    Great work on the site. Could you talk about your “hit rate”? You know, a ratio or percentage of how many images do you actually keep?



  • Great colors, weird girl, lol.  But to each their own 😉  Have a great day.

  • I think you meant to say, “I was riding across the playa with Cliff.” We met her on Wednesday. Remember? It’s all good, I hear that memory begins to fade after you hit 40. 🙂

  • Trey Ratcliff

    hehe thanks 🙂

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Well – hard to say – I have a lot of photos that I like a lot – I just haven’t published yet…. but don’t mistake, I have a lot of junk I throw out too!

  • Anonymous

    Shot with an E-PL1 from Olympus. Nice!!

  • Frauke G

    Strange… all fingernails red but ONE? Why is that?
    OK., girl question, I know :o)
    Nice capture!

  • Frauke G

    do you really throw out the junk? Or do you just “compost” it on your hard drive? I rarely delete photos… they may still be useful, even if they are not nice… :o) Or maybe not, but the clutter is less visible than magazines or stuff around the house…

  • Fixed. 🙂

  • I like the composition here it rocks with the awesome grunginess of your Burning Man shots..  Surprised The Playa would have decent 3g coverage.   I hope she gets to see herself in SIC Fame.

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