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TWIT Schedule for Show

Tonight is the night!  So many have asked for it to be a regularly-schedule thing, and now it is!

  • Time: See you every Monday (tonight!) at 7 PM PT (Your World Time)
  • Location:  Live.twit.TV
  • Live Chat:  Join us for a live chat too!  Just click on the “Popout Chat” button on the website and join in the fun.  Ask questions, etc etc.
  • Podcast Location:  Link to iTunes –  Thanks Tony! 🙂


Daily Photo – The TWIT Network Mothership Table

The studio is cool because they have a number of different “sets” there for different shows.  This is the main round table where Leo Laporte does some of his biggest shows, like This Week in Tech, MacBreak Weekly, This Week in Google, and many others.  He lets anyone in the area come sit in as a guest to watch the live production… and that’s a lot of fun too because of all the geeky equipment around.

On this particular day, my mom came to sit in the audience (after she got lost and needed Tony to go rescue her!).  She brought a load of fudge with her and made everyone happy… she even got a hug from Leo 🙂

  • That studio is soo cool! I so enjoyed my visit and getting to meet everyone – I want to go back!

  • Thanks for the update on the Podcast link Trey!

  • Fabulous HDR work as usual although it’s done nothing for Ron Burgundy there – his age is beginning to show hehe

  • Casper van Zyl

    Don’t really know what to say never seen inside of a studio other than a desk with someone on the mike this is different and colourful.plety wires though hate to be the one to trip on it and pull the plug, He!He!

  • Ah, my favorite podcast, Macbreak Weekly! I hope there will be a podcast link soon. I’m not able to see it since it airs at 4:00 am here.

    Nice shot!

  • Keith Moyer

    Great shot and really cool studio!  Very cool that your Mom got to hang out.
    Check out this old one room schoolhouse shot I recently posted

  • Anonymous

    A Jules Verne design?

  • Anonymous

    It is like that a bit I think 🙂

  • Anonymous

    First thing I thought too.

  • Alessio La Spada

    Great HDR work as usual

  • Iza

    I love those round windows, would really like to see more what is behind them!

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