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Great Hangout Last Night!

Art is sort of a peaceful Switzerland where people from all walks of life can come together.  And I think this Switzerland of sorts is why Sergey Brin, who is also quite an enthusiastic photographer, joined the hangout last night.  We had a great time talking with Sergey and Gordon Laing, Thomas Hawk, Karen Hutton, Kelli-Seeger Kim, and Chee Chew.

Watch for the video when it comes online!  You may have to click on “Uploads” to see the most recent things.  I have a number of playlists on there too.

Daily Photo – Google Doodle

The new Google offices in Los Angeles are right in the heart of Venice.  After passing through some hardcore security, you walk down this hallway, which I guess is a bit like dying and going to Google heaven.

You probably know about all the various Google doodles that decorate the home page.  I heard the first one was of Burning Man.  I didn’t see that one on the walls… but maybe you can!

  • Oh wow – love this! Makes you a little dizzy! Awesome hangout tonight on TWIT – looking forward to every Monday!

  • Anonymous

    Looks a bit psychedelic and  crazy quiltish.  Is that a word? Also makes me a bit googly eyed. he! he!  Great capture and presentation. The wide angle lens really works for this shot.

  • Casper van Zyl

    looks cool

  • Jennifer McKey

    Awesome shot! It has a nice “Alice in GoogleLand” feel to it 😉

  • Ooh, I’d love to see those myself! Nice shot.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks thanks ! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Quiltish hehe… I read that too fast and thought it said Quiddich

  • Chris Lehman

    Nice shot Trey! Maybe this 

  • This is trippy! The endless hall of googles.. nice processing!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    No – each one is painted… or probably a sticker I think

  • Paul Garrett

    Awesome shot!!!

  • Ha. This is such a cool, fun photo!

  • Anonymous

    This is an awesomely cool shot!

  • Sonal Mehta

    The burning man doodle is on the right wall in your picture. On the right side of the large aquarium/underwater-ish doodle, third from the bottom. The Burning Man doodle is ABOVE the red, yellow, black doodle. The doodle has a light blue stick figure man standing behind the yellow “o”. This is an amazing shot!

  • Adam Allegro

    This is so trippy and cool Trey.  I can’t think of a better way to process… Well done.

  • Patrick Martin

     Could this picture carry the tag ” surreal” what would Dali say? his paintings always tended to pose question  which is what folk put in to google. a significant  picture 

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