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Big News – New Show to TWIT!  Tune in Monday!

I’m excited and honored to be taking our show to Leo Laporte’s TWIT Network!  I’ve always been a fan of Leo ever since the days of the Screen Savers.  So, this is all totally surreal for me.  His new venture has been a smashing success, and his team has built proto-network of the future.

What is TWIT Live?  The network now has over 40 hours of live streaming video per week that is viewed by over 4 million people every month.  And maybe we can add a little more steam to that engine with your help.

Trey’s Variety Hour #19

Did you miss Hangout #19 where we took a look at the the future of DSLRs and mirror-less cameras?  It was a great one… You can also surf around my YouTube channel there to see all the previous ones. And now that we’re going to TWIT, I’ll have to make these even better I think!

Show #19 had Zack Arias, Frederick Van Johnson from This Week in Photo, Gordon Laing from , RC Concepcion from Kelby Media, Kelli Seeger Kim from Life Through The Lens, and James Brandon from Digital Photography School.

Thanks again to Dave Veffer for producing and Keith Barrett for sharing the broadcast!


Daily Photo – TWIT Studio

Several weeks ago I went to Petaluma to visit Leo to be on his show with Catherine Hall.  We all had a great time together, as usual.  I arrived beforehand to take a few photos of the studio while he was filming MacBreak Weekly with Alex Lindsey and Andy Ihnatko (another show worthy of a podcast subscription).  Here’s the first one I wanted to share with you all.

And get ready for an amazing show for Trey’s Variety Hour #20 tomorrow night… I’m planning something special!

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  • Good one trey 

  • Awesome news!! I will be tuning in tomorrow and Monday for sure – Leo’s such a great guy – it will be fun! The studio looks great!

  • Damian Vines

    Congrats Trey this is awesome! I love the TWIT universe. And that photo above is sweet!

  • Filip Farag

    That’s awesome! Cool shot of the studio. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Very cool studio shot, I love all the colors!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks thanks 🙂

  • Jess Gibson

    This is awesome. I became a TWiT junkie after your earlier appearances at the old studio and now obsessively watch at least 7 shows on the network. Congrats on taking the show to TWiT and the picture rocks.

  • Bernardo Franco

    Congratulations Trey. What a cool studio to work in, btw. 

    I’ve learned a lot about photography with you and I’d be glad if we could connect on Google+

  • Paul Garrett

    Congratulations on your TWIT show, Trey!!!  And I love your shot of the studio!

  • The floor really popped with the HDR.   Groovy shot and groovy news, as always keep up the innovation man.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you thank you 🙂

  • Kerry Bennett

    Great shot as usual.  Really catches a “Sci Fi” like feel of the studio.  Looks like it could be a set out of “Dr Who” or “Star Gate”.

  • Congrats on the show in the TWiT network, I’m a big fan of TWiT and regularly watch/listen to several of the podcasts of the Leo empire. 

    Great shot of the new TWiT studios, looks great and what they’re doing there now is amazing, kinda miss the old TWiT Cottage, though.  It looked so…cozy.

  • The Spade The Sparrow

    So rad. Ill be tuning in. Also – Trey – what are the chances you could vote on my video that is a finalist in B&H Photo’s latest contest? ..I could potentially win a 5d mkII. That would make me one happy human being. like. mega happy. You can vote for it here:  Whether ya do or whether ya dont  – i still think you’re pretty alright Mr Ratcliff. And anyone else who feels like voting – please do. Ill give you a cookie. 🙂 Thanks ladies and germs!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks thanks 🙂

  • Anonymous


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