Gentle Hills and Summer Storm in New Zealand


The Business of Photography

This is Hangout #16 (an older one that just got uploaded — we are on Hangout #19 already!).  This one is about the business of photography, and I invited various people that make money in photography in different ways.  Enjoy!

People involved included Gordon Laing, James Brandon, Cliff Baise, Dave Veffer, Keith Barrett, RC Concepcion, Anna Rumiantseva, and Jacob Lucas.

Daily Photo – Gentle Hills and Summer Storm in New Zealand

While driving from Nelson to the south, we went through an area with many vineyards and pastoral scenes.  I mean, it doesn’t get any more pastoral than this.  In fact, it’s so pastoral, it’s almost a time-warp and everything is in slow motion.

I stopped the car and jumped over a fence to walk out into a field to frame this shot.  I thought it might work from the road, and I was in a bit of a hurry to get this weather system before it moved along too far.

HDR Photo

  • Casper van Zyl

    Home early, what an awsome picture ,sorry I’m first but i love the blog

  • Sooo beautiful – I can see why you want to live there – awesome!

  • Anonymous

    New Zealand kind of looks like Oregon to me. wet and green.  (We lived there in the 70’s and loved it.)  Beautiful composition.  Nice the way the three trees lined up in a triangular formation, echoing  the shape of the mountain.

  • Thanks mate, as a Kiwi in Australia and erstwhile Nelson resident this was a welcome reminder – stunningly beautiful. Hope you stopped to wander beside rivers and get down to Milford.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful photo, Trey.  It’s full of my favorite things, even cows!!!  I love it and it’s on my desktop now.  Have a great Friday!! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  • Derek K

    Another interesting and informative hangout, thanks for sharing these. I’m going to file away Mr. Concepcion’s tip for creating clipping masks; it might save a lot of grief in the future. Looking forward to more hangouts!

  • Great photo, New Zealand looks amazing, hope to visit someday.

  • Andy Crosby

    Great moment in time captured!

  • Tabrez Alama

    dude you Rock i am a huge fan of ur photographs.

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