White Flower in the Desert

Processing Out-of-Order

As many of you know, I don’t process my photos in any order. I still have photos from five years ago I’ve never processed. I do this for a lot of reasons. One reason is because I know in a few years I’ll be better than I am now, and I don’t want to “waste” all my photos with bad processing. The second reason is because I don’t like to feel the “burden” of needing to process photos right after a trip.

Daily Photo – White Flower in Desert

This is from Burning Man two years ago.

I can’t even remember why I set up in this area to take a shot. I was sort of drawn to it. It was so interesting to me. In some ways, it matters why the flowers are there and it doesn’t matter why they are there. And you can say the same thing about every little part of this photo. To me, this is all very nice and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Why is anything There?There are many things that happen here and there and everywhere and happen without reason or forethought.  Terrible things fall around us and into us, random events of trauma, and worse, doubt.  Not everything in this world is there for a useful purpose.  So why not have huge white flowers in a desert?  If you ask why about everything, then you're probably not always asking the right questions, I tell myself.

  • I can see why it makes sense for you to do it that way.  However, I tend to do things generally in order because I like to share my photos with friends and family before I’m too far removed from the trip they were taken during and after I’ve shown them once I’m not likely to go back and show more from the same trip later on.  So, I like to have as complete a set of photos as possible fairly soon after the trip.  Saving them because you’ll be better at post-processing later, however, is a great point and I’ve started saving RAW files of my best photos or those that I may want to go back and do something more with later on.

    Those flowers are very bizarre looking.

    The three thumbnails below are from the first three posts on my new blog, photoventures.wordpress.com  The first is from beautiful Siena, Italy, the second a state park in northern Wisconsin, and the third from an absolutely insane hiking experience in Switzerland.

  • susan ratcliff

    Awesome art – burning man looks so fantastic!

  • Nice to see a “normal” colored shot from Burning Man, instead of the yellow hazed ones.

  • Anonymous


    You know what they say, “Imitation is the purist form of flattery.”   I love your views on exploring the world through photography.  I’d like to introduce the idea of finding images close to home.  You’ve inspired me to learn more about where I live.  http://www.wallzeye.com/

  • Cool shot, you’ve inspired me to upload one of my pictures of people standing around on http://www.traverseearth.com

  • Anonymous

    It’s a modern day Norman Rockwell.

  • It has a modern feel to it.  I can see why you can’t “quite put words to it”.   It is like little people in a giant’s world.  Somewhat fanciful.

  • Anonymous

    It almost seems like it is three separate atmospheres, disconnected, yet part of one whole.

  • Lisa Hall

    This photo is stunning! You do such great work, I love looking at your photos!

  • Anonymous

    This work is entitled WISH and is by Robert James Bucholz (pictured in the white shirt and hat I believe.  Visit http://robertjamessf.com/wish/

  • Anonymous

    And this is an AWESOME shot of it! 

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