Mark Zuckerberg

Final Prints for 2011

[UPDATE – Sold Out] – Speaking of today’s photo… I should let you know there are only a few Prints left for this Limited Annum series 2011. There are 12 days remaining!

Daily Photo – Zuck In Customs

I was able to have a bit of personal time with Mark Zuckerberg, who turns out to be a fan! I could not believe it when I saw a kind email from him… I had to look a few different times to see if one of my friends was playing a practical joke on me… Anyway, we meet this week here in California at the FB HQ and had a bit of personal time. I won’t go into the nature of the conversation because it was, well, personal — but I really had a nice time.

Obviously, I’m a fan of Facebook too, and these things tend to be a digital manifestation of somebody’s spirit. So, from that aspect before we met, I had attempted to reverse-engineer the man behind the product as sort of a mental exercise. And then when I met him, it was interesting to see all the various aspects of a person and how they differ from their magnum opus.

Here is Mark holding his rare print…

HDR Photo

As for this photo below, I grabbed it when we left his office to go down to join in the fun of the Hackathon.

HDR Photo

  • Mark seems like a pretty cool guy… You’re lucky to have met him mate!

  • Gail Moshier

    I agree with Eden!! Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂

  • Susan

    Awesome you got to meet him and talk – super shot of him too!

  • How fun that you have met Mark, he seems like a really nice guy. I have the new timeline activated on Facebook, but cannot seem to find anything in support on how to select an option to change the two column timeline feed to a one column timeline feed like I see on your Facebook page. If you have any hints on how to do this please let us know. Your page looks really nice!

  • Thanks. Yes he was a nice guy for sure Vicki.

    To get my one-col feed, you just have to click the STAR to feature each post.

  • Thanks a million Trey, I will share this with everyone on my Facebook!

  • Big Matty

    Wow he looks like a teenager still!

  • Sam

    Fantastic to have your art connect you with one of the great innovators of all time.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • That is ill.
    It’s cool that you had an audience and connection with the Zuck but even more important is that I now will tell everyone that I am just one degree away from The Big Z. Here’s how I’ll drop it…

    “Mark? Zuckerberg? Yeah, he’s pretty cool. My friend Trey and I had a chance to meet with him. I had some Fantasy football stuff going on that weekend so I had to bail. But Trey took the meeting for us and had a great time. Zuck will get a chance to meet me soon I’m sure. He’ll live.”

    BTW – Trey. I caught the new Sherlock Holmes joint Friday night and I noticed that Hans Zimmer did the music. I love the sound track that he put together for these movies. It’s smart, nostalgic and modern all at the same time. It really added a lot to the movie. The sound track felt like it was meant to be a part of these films.

    I know you are a fan of his so I was wondering if you had a chance to see the film and hear the sounds track yet.

  • Justin

    Hopefully he has it hanging in his office and it will continue to inspire him to innovate. Great story Trey!

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