Painted Face in China

A raging Android and iPad/iPhone Discussion!

The new app Stuck On Earth accidentally set off a firestorm on Google+ the other day! See the article here. Here is a snippet of the beginning below:

Are Android people easier to anger than iOS people? (Or is it just me?)

So, yesterday, we announced +Stuck On Earth, and the first version is only iPad. Yes, we have plans to build Android, web, iPhone, etc in the future, but the kind of comments I got were often downright angry. !! It was so surprising.

I got comments like, “NO Android App available? Marketing Fail.” and “Android!!!!”

Now, maybe I am just too sensitive about this because it is my baby… and I’ve worked so hard on it and put so much love into it… I can barely stand the slightest critical comment. It eats right into my soul. I dunno… maybe some of you know what I mean.

Now, I can tell you with ontological certainty that making a quality app is HARD. It takes a long time and is expensive. Remember, by the way, this app is free. Ask +Kevin Rose about building apps. I’ve never met that guy, but I know he puts as much love into his work as I do…

When I gave a sneak peak a few weeks ago at the +Jason Calacanis LAUNCH event (where we were awarded Audience Winner! thx!), I was up there on stage by the eHarmony guy. Their app is equal in quality and polish to ours, and Jason speculated that it could have cost over $1 million, and I don’t doubt it!

Daily Photo – Painted Face in China

I was walking along outside the Forbidden City trying to find a special entrance, and I saw these guys sitting on a bench. It was so interesting and amusing… I dropped down on a knee to take a quick photo while things were perfectly strange. What do you think is going on in this photo?

  • I really love the expression on the person on the left! “Look Cool, don’t show you’re nervous.”

    Someone in that G+ stream posted – and I have to agree, paraphrased: The anger for lack of Android really is a compliment. Such a great concept, masterfully done — a fantastic app, everyone wants it on every device.

    Apple products have always spurred emotional connections from folk. People who love them (I do) and people who love to hate them. The Apple v Google debates that go on remind of those redneckish conversations I overheard between my uncle and dad while growing up, razzing each other over Ford v Chevy.

    People may not remember that you are an android user, are you not?

    It is a fantastic app, Trey — and it is very commendable to have focused resources on getting a great app out on one platform, versus a passable app on every platform. Quality over quantity ftw.

  • The guy on the left is obviously Rex Lee from Entourage. The painted face guy lost a bet with friends and now has to paint his face and do interpretive dance on the street for loose change.

  • Snap

    Cool photo – but 1/8000 and ISO 2500? Would I dare to say that having a D3s is making you lazy, Trey? (Runs and hides…)

  • Bernardo

    Trey, I still haven’t got an iPad, but will do soon. The thing with that angry Android people is that, instead of just saying: “Hey nice app, congratulations, can we also expect an Android version soon?”, they snap at you. There will always be people that will try to put you down no matter (or because) how great you are, unfortunately. The best is to ignore them.

  • Susan

    Cool shot Trey! I think the painted face is going to be in a play or entertaining in some way – excellent capture! Congrat

  • Let it roll off your back my friend. I was actually using it last night to plan my trip to Austin that I tweeted you about. The app is bad ass, and your decision not to put in on the Android market has less to do with you and more to do with Apple’s success. I wouldn’t worry about it one bit. SOE is very cool, and I’m already finding great benefits from using it. I putting a review together of it as I type..well, not right as I type, but I was just before.

    Oh yeah…those naysayers know it’s free…right?

    Anyway, congrats! I love it….


    Hopefully we will see when you when Dave, Will, Photo Jack, and I go out for some image making.

  • Big Matty

    The guys from Far East Movement are shooting another video?

  • Donnette

    Some people just don’t know how to accept gifts with grace. It is kinda like someone giving you a Canon camera and you tell them to go buy you a Nikon. It is a gift..say thanks or nothing at all.

  • Donnette

    Some people just don’t know how to accept gifts with grace. It is kinda like someone giving you a Canon camera and you tell them you want a Nikon. It is a gift…say thanks or nothing at all.

  • Ann Gardner

    They’re not mad at you, they’re mad at their regrettable decision to not go with an apple product. Come over to the apple side, my friends, it will improve your lives and it may even improve your manners.
    Seriously,Trey, I’m so sorry for the hurtful remarks thrown at you when you give us FREE daily photos, tutorials and more and I would like to sincerely thank you .
    There are many more who appreciate you. Come on people, throw out some praise.

    Loved the photo of the ying yang boys.

  • Cindy Williams


  • hehe thanks everyone 🙂

  • Teri Lapetino

    The guy on the left has an android and the other guy has an iPad.
    I have both so my expression is in between.
    Thanks for the wonderful free app, Trey, and please know you are very much appreciated!

  • I don’t know what Android users are upset about. Unless they are using an Android tablet. I downloaded your app and I love it. (How can add images to it btw? ) This is an App made for the iPad or a different tablet. I cannot imagine using it on my iPhone. I have no doubt that you could use it on the iPhone or Android based phone….but using the app on such a smaller screen would take away from the App, imo. I realize that using it on your phone would allow internet access in places where an iPad or tablet user may not have wi-fi, but isn’t that what the off-line mode is for? I just think the app is too beautiful and fun to use to be subjected to a relatively small cell phone screen…just my two sense… (Oh, instead of Android, can you release it for Lion next and really get then fired up? haha..)
    And thank you. The App rocks!

  • Gail Moshier

    Nice photo, Trey. Are they waiting for a train? Susan said something about trains on today’s post. Take care and God bless. 🙂

  • I am an android user, love your work, apps and all of that good stuff. I don’t have an iphone or an ipad though it is still exciting to see you expand your knowledge within other fields, yet still incorporate relevance to you, your work and photography itself. Some people completely miss the fact that you don’t even have to do any of this and do not acknowledge that. Welp, who’s fault is that ? lol I never get irritated, though it would be cool for it to come to Android….i guess only time will tell!

  • Julie Willson

    Trey, will the app work on the 4G at all? I don’t see an iPad in my foreseeable future, but my phone goes with me everywhere.

    Interesting what you can find when you are looking for photo opportunities. The guy on the right looks like he is dressed for a performance. The guy on the left looks like is is thinking “Get that camera outta my face.”

  • Chris Combe

    Having just moved completely to the iOS ecosystem from Android I can say that they really are all good in their own rights..

    haters gonna hate, Trey you have an amazing app and plenty of people online to support you for proof. if people are angry it’s just cause they are jealous and want your awesome app.. I know I wanted one the moment I saw the preview and just went out and bought and iPad2 in anticipation.. not sure everyone else can just do that but hey I guess I am lucky..

    being negative largely gets people no where in life, except into online “fights” or arguments which really are pointless. it’s much more knoble saying that the app looks awesome and you wish it was on platform xyz then saying this is an outrage etc.. it’s really simple as you have alluded, making an app across multiple platforms, not to mention the challenges involved with android fragmentation and custom roms..

    true Android users will understand this, making an iOS5 version is much safer business case, I still think this should be a paid app or at least with an in app purchase some how to pay back for the hard work and ensure you can build up the resources for an android app.. it’s simply too much to ask for you to do everything at no cost, regardless of how nice you are 🙂

    keep up the good work Trey, ignore the haters and let them fight among themselves.. I am off to an awesome Orchid show in Singapore in some amazing space age looking botanical gardens and it’s going to be a lot of fun!!

    enjoy the weekend and don’t work too hard

  • Marcie_H

    Trey, I’m sorry that happened to you. It stinks when people blow up like that. From the perspective of an Android/Windows user it is just incredibly frustrating that a majority of developers focus on making apps for Apple products and exclude other devices. I’m not complaining at you just trying explain why Android users seem angry. I think if the roles were reversed and Apple products were being excluded a lot of people would feel differently.

  • Owen

    Marcie_H… The roles HAVE been reversed for many many years. Mac users were shunned from most applications for ages. Only now are Apple products being favored over the competition by developers. We are only seeing this on the phone and tablet markets though. The Mac still doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, although it has improved greatly in the past 10 years.

    So I understand your point, however saying that it’s disappointing that Windows users are being shunned kinda sounds like a rich kid complaining to the beggar about not having enough toys…

  • Shawn

    The guy on the right is a jiang shi; Chinese vampire.

  • Really looking forward to the iPhone version. I don’t have an iPad but I downloaded the app just in case I get one someday. 🙂 Hopefully the iPhone version of the app will come out sooner than that!

  • Steven

    The Painted face guy is a old school chinese vampire zombie! what Shawn^^ said. Brings me back to the old days when they made good/bad chinese horror movies. They never looked as happy as this guy though.

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