Last Night in Austin

Travel Best and Someday???

I started a little Travel page on Google+ and posted a question… If you’re on G+, come on in and let me know the favorite travel memory you have and some place you’d like to go someday…

Daily Photo – Last Night in Austin

I was down on South Congress having a little secret dinner meeting about this new app we are building… and then the sun started to go down. Did I have my camera and tripod? Yes yes… of course.. if you invite me to dinner, chances are I’ll be bringing them along.

I waited for the right moment before running into the middle lane to get this. It was… exciting. Perhaps a bit more exciting than I anticipated… but, I grabbed it, then stopped at a little local market to get some goodies to gnaw on while driving back home…

  • at first, i thought you were moving out of austin, but then figured you probably took this picture last night. 🙂

  • Andrea Boyle

    My husband & I went to Austin a few years ago and stayed at a B&B near the Continental Club, across the street from the Austin Hotel, so I know just where you were standing. (In fact, looks like it is still there) The music and experience were great…only wish I’d had a DSLR then…

    Huh? Last night?? Did you decide to move to New Zealand??? Please fill us in…!

  • Austin looks big and busy,like the lead down to the grand old building

  • Andy Bird

    Another superb city night shot – i love it!

    A bit late on this one but on the subject of musicals – my favourite is one called ‘Avenue Q’ – very much off the wall but if you want something hilariously alternative to listen to on the MP3 player while you are taking photos, I highly recommend downloading the cast recording of it!

    I know these aren’t HDR (haven’t had much opportunity for that lately) but I thought i’d share some more of my matchday photography. I was shooting last night’s match in sub-zero temperatures and as you can imagine the results were pretty miserable so these ones are from previous games where the weather was nicer :-

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great shot! The red sky is nice!

  • Great shot Trey, love the reds! That app sounds great, I know I will love it! 🙂 Can you tell us at least a few words about it?

  • Hmm… From the title I took it to mean Trey got this shot last night, as in “the previous night”. I didn’t get the meaning, “final night” from it. Am I all wet and is Trey not in Austin anymore? I better start paying better attention. Anyway, as to the image… Beautiful! And dangerous. It appears there’s a car heading straight up the lane where Trey is standing. One could break a sweat waiting for that last exposure to finish… 🙂

  • Gail Moshier

    Nice photo of Austin at night, Trey. Glad you went out in time to catch this one. Have a great Wednesday!! 🙂

  • Hehe thanks 🙂

    Richard – No I was in Austin last night when I took this… if I ever say “Today” or “Yesterday” – it means that I was really there. I do post stuff out of order — but I’ll say something like “When I woke up in Vancouver” or something like this…

    +Andrea – yes this is in the works… !

  • Scott G

    How long did it take you to set up and take this shot? It looks like traffic was fairly busy around you!

  • Bart

    I hope somebody had your back in that busy street.
    Nice photo of to other, less wierd, part of Austin. Keep Austin weird!

  • Brent

    I saw some crazy looking person with a tripod standing in the middle of South Congress last night no my way to Homeslice. I guess that was you. 😉

  • Steve B.

    Austin has changed a bit since I graduated from UT back in the 70’s. In Photography no less. Thanks for the shot. As an old pro shooter we often take crazy chances to get “the shot” so I understand the middle of the street thing. You are really doing some great stuff Trey. Keep it up. You seem to have the right mind set for where photography is and where it is going. It takes a lot of us a long time to get it. If you can, put some hill country shots on your site before you head out for “neverland”. Good luck.

  • Another great shot, Trey! It was nice bumping into you while you were creating this shot… however I might recommend that you try to not stand in the middle of South Congress for extended periods of time 😉

    From one fellow Austinite to another, if you really are moving, we are losing one of our local treasures.

    You’ll come back and visit, right?

  • Zack Fogelman

    Love it. Born and raised in Austin, but living in Chicago for last 3 1/2 yrs…I miss it so much but love seeing these amazing images! Keep ’em coming, til I make it back!

  • I love it. I keep seeing your posts in Google+ before they show up as “NEW” on your Chrome app.

  • I love anyone who will stand in the middle of the road for our entertainment.
    In fact.. suggestion for a future G+ Post. Crazy things Trey’s done to get the shot.

    Radiation, Check.
    Potential Road Pizza, Check.
    … I know there are more but I’m on my phone in a meeting.

  • HE HE – the penis Motel!

  • This is by far, the best HDR photoblog I’ve seen. Found you through Google+. Glad that I’d followed you… 🙂

  • Jeff Peterson

    Great photo, love nighttime city shots like this.

  • Wow, this is really awesome Trey. I bet the cars passing by were wonder what the heck you were doing! I miss Austin. I was stationed at Bergstrom AFB back when it was an Air Force base. Fond memories…..

  • Always taking the big risks for the big shots! LOL. Great shot Trey.

  • Big Matty

    I loved taking my family down Congress when they would come visit. Thanks for the pics of downtown Trey, it makes me smile.

  • Trey,
    Please please please tell me how you avoid lens flare from street lights in night-time long exposure. I have been in several “downtown” settings lately including the city of Philadelphia and I cannot seem to pull of a long exposure shot without flaring it out big time because of street lights. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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