Abandoned Chinese Disneyworld

Fake Chinese Disneyworld video

Here’s a video I made while at this very strange place…

Daily Photo – Abandoned Chinese Disneyworld

So, outside of Beijing, to the north, is a huge abandoned Disneyland. It was partially built, and now just the husk of it just remains. While driving around, I could have sworn I saw the top of the spires of Cinderella’s castle, so I tried to figure out a way to get in closer. After I finally got inside, well, it was as awesome as an abandoned, fake Disneyland sounds!

The official name and location is the Wonderland Amusement Park Chenzhuang Village, Nankou Town, Changping district. ???????

HDR Photo

  • Andrea Boyle

    Cool, but creepy… Did you ever find out the story behind it and why the project was abandoned?

  • Susan

    Wonderful video – yeah, kinda scary too! Love the shots you ended up with – great!

  • that is totally amazing. Love that you find such interesting spots to visit! Great, creepy shots, too. All you need are some zombies (corn zombies?).

  • Vicki Wilson

    Very cool video, I love the way you processed this image, makes it feel like you have entered a lost world, sort of like the TV series Lost.

  • There are many such strange things in China,such as huge towns with shopping centres that can house as many a million people,but there is no one living there. These towns were built but until rail and buss services are put on no one will live there.This is just one of the many projects that China has built,and I mean many. Trey that to me but only me was one of your better videos I truly enjoyed that and so did my wife as she comes from China and knew these thing were around but never saw them. By the way the vegetable garden is to feed all the gremlins and fairies that were watching you. Also that was a command given in the Bible to the Jewish nation that they don’t harvest the edges,it had to be left for the poor,so in times of hunger which you felt, was legitimate.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Nice vid! Great to see the “behind the scenes” of your shots.

  • I love this video it is amazing.

  • Gail Moshier

    Wow, it’s a shame they abandoned the Disneyworld. Great shot and video. Have a good Monday 🙂

  • Graham

    Fantastic video and commentary. I don’t know how on earth you find some of these places.

  • hehe thanks – glad you like this place as much as me 🙂

  • That was great, thanks for sharing – VERY creepy!

  • Great shot Trey. I really loved the video. It brought back memories of the “Blair Witch Project”. I am glad you made it home instead of just the camera.

  • This is fun! Did the driver wait for you or did you call him to come back?

  • One of your coolest videos by far…so creepy and yet so awesome!
    Check out this Cathedral I found in the middle of Kansas http://timetotakepictures.blogspot.com and let me know what you think!

  • Trey, very interesting video. To me, it was not creepy at all. It is life for the poor just trying to feed their families and find shelter. Thanks for the tour of a part of China we’d never see.

  • Trey, this was so interesting I looked up a little history. Sounds like the little guys have won this one so far.

  • Incredible picture Trey. Everything about it, especially the composition and ‘look’ of the picture is stunning.

  • Awesome! Love when you do videos, it adds a whole other level to the photos. Creepy = awesome. Nice job on boldly going where most fear! 🙂

  • Ann Gardner

    I loved the video and the photos. I would have been in there with you!
    We love off the beaten track places. While in Leroy, New York, we followed the jello brick road to the jello museum and in Houston we have the art cars and also the funeral museum. You’d get some really cool shots in there!
    It’s so great that the land and buildings are being used by farmers.

  • Kaz

    I really like the videos. Really enhances your photos and descriptions. What video device are you using for this? I noticed it was not the iPad.

  • Barbara Matthews

    Great video and photos! I remember hearing the hype about this park being built but then nothing else. Quite a bizarre thing to stumble upon.

  • Barbara Matthews

    Gave the video another look this time on my computer instead of my phone. It is odd, but it almost looks like someone is keeping the shrubs in front of the park and in front of one of the buildings nicely trimmed?

  • Andrea

    Thank you for sharing…… very interesting……and I sure hope it was a fake gun the kid had…

  • I had no idea such a place existed. Thanks for sharing. What a great place for a Halloween party. The video was kind a scary – glad you made it out without injury. I don’t imagine the Chinese bureaucracy likes you publicizing places like this. It must be embarrassing for them. Great pictures.

  • Barbara Matthews, the hype you recall hearing was probably for one of the REAL Disney parks in China — there’s one in Hong Kong that has been open for a little over five years, and another in the early construction phases in Beijing. The abandoned park Trey visited for these photos is not a real Disney park — just a knock-off.

  • CORRECTION– the second Disney park in China is being built in Shanghai, not Beijing.

  • Big Matty

    That is one of the most interesting things I’ve seen. Even deserted it’s still a cool. Thanks for finding, and sharing it Trey.

  • ed

    Interesting, there are stranger things in China though: Airports where no plane is ever going and where no passengers are, yet, they are manned, just waiting for customers that will never appear

  • Hey Trey, That was some awesome scouting! How in the world do you even start looking for a fake, abandoned, and Chinese Disneyland?! Amazing stuff. Also, the fact that the whole place was occupied by farmers, dogs, and children playing made the exploration really creepy yet cool. Thanks for sharing! LOL “Fallout: Disneyland.”

  • Just found your site, amazing work and I love the editorial! 🙂 Creepy fake disneyland, well done! The creepiest place on earth?!

  • The Atlantic did a piece yesterday titled “China’s Abandoned Wonderland” and published 21 photos. Thought of you when I saw the post and wanted to share it here for others to enjoy alongside your video.


  • Trey, I saw another article about this space today, didn’t know if you had seen it. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/china’s-deserted-fake-disneyland.html None of your pics… I checked 😉

  • Mu-Yun Zhao

    Oh I know this place and I have planned to go there this winter holiday.But thanks to your video , I think I’d better not because dogs all hate me. However, thank you for the awesome photos!

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