Lijiang at Night

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Daily Photo – Lijiang at Night

This is the old town of Lijiang, China, where I spent the week with Tom Anderson (the MySpace guy).  I think I mentioned him before.  Anyway, we got to be friends over the past several months, and we ended up spending a week together here in the south of China.

Tom had first been here many years ago when he was setting up the MySpace office in Beijing.  He had great memories, and he thought it would be great for a big return now that he is getting more into photography.  So, it was definitely a week full of non-stop photography action.

One late night after the sun had set, we weaved through the old streets until we found this place.  Looking up, I knew it would be a wonderful place to take a photo, so I set up for this one.

  • Kaz

    Fantastic shot!!! I love all the textures and colors. The people add a sense of scale to the whole scene. Great job.

  • Susan

    What a beautiful and charming place – looks like you could roam the streets for hours – so colorful!

  • Big Matty

    Wow awesome shot Trey. It feels so comfortable and exciting at the same time.

  • Love roaming in streets like these in our family travels.So much character in these side streets and plenty to see, can you remember your iso setting on this one? Love the stone work and the wooden doors they have on some of these shops and the odd bonzia plant they put outside some times. Nice shot.

  • Wow, new all time favorite! Sharp up front, full of color and motion. Really shows the life in this place! Makes me want to go somewhere out of my comfort zone now!

  • I love it! the textures of the wood are amazing!

  • Love the people in this shot, and all the details in the little shops. Louis: the iso is 200, aperture f4.8, focal length 24mm, and exposure 1.5 sec. How do I know? Just click on the photo. It will take to another page with the photo in the upper right corner. If you move the curser over the picture a box will open. Click on the “I” and the photo information will appear. You can also get the full resolution photo by clicking on “original”, and see all the great detail in Trey’s images.

  • I installed the extension and love it. It gives a huge, colorfull preview, i’ll keep it active.

  • Fantastic photograph!

  • Vicki Wilson

    Lovely image, nice colors and details! It would be really fun to explore and visit each shop to see what treasures they hold. I will have to check out the chrome extension.

  • Gail Moshier

    Great photo in China!! I have to use Google chrome for facebook as internet explorer keeps shutting it down. I agree, it’s a great explorer. I agree with Vicki, that would be fun to explore all those shops!! Is it Wednesday already, wow, and it’s almost November, time flies!!
    Have a great day. 🙂

  • Thanks.

    Louis – you know, all the EXIF is always there if you click through to SmugMug… like George said! 🙂

  • Great shot. The detail and colors are outstanding. The motion is cool too.

  • Nice change of pace here.. I can’t pin it down between crazy-awesome composition and epic textures but this shot has a really cool magical quality to it.

    ..For some reason it reminds me of an alley where you’d find a shop you’d buy a Mogwai from.

  • Superb HDR processing! Very nice, Trey.

  • this image looks amazing! HDR rules!

  • Wonderful photo – I know we try to get rid of ghosting sometimes but I really like it here; it gives some drama to the scene. Of course, I always like these vivid ones as well 🙂

  • Awesome warmth and richness of colors!!

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  • Lisa Slaney

    Fantastic Photography Trey! I’m so glad we had a chance meeting with you in Lijiang while you were staying at the Banyan Hotel. What a fantastic life you have. The beauty that you can captured behind your camera, and share that beauty with others. Very cool!!!

  • Frog Mac

    last month, I just visited Lijiang, it is a amazing place. it is a typical China town, and the snow mountain is also so wonderful!

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