The Updated Chernobyl Story

I recently started cleaning up all the various bits and pieces of the Chernobyl Story. It took forever, but now it is much more concise and proper in formatting. Go have a look!

New What’s-in-my-bag Video

I started making this video to show some behind-the-scenes from The Opposite House hotel, and then I turned it into a tour of my bag. This is everything that I took to China for a month. Enjoy!

  • Susan

    I enjoyed this video – that looks like a super cool hotel!!

  • It’s always interesting to see what gear photographers carry – thanks for sharing! Also, how do you like the F-Stop pack? I’ve considered getting on but they’re pretty pricey.

  • Before I watch this video,like all business people around the world they never seem to give an answer to a simple question. Trey you did answer the first one the second day you gave me the same answer to a different question and that was if you DON’T use a light meter how do you determine the time the camera stay’s open or is there a formula. I only want to learn hehe!!! Now that this took half hour to type i can sit back drink my coffee and watch the video.

  • I will forgive you after watching the Chernoble story you may not be thinking now when reading questions because of radioactive fallout hehe!!! But really that stuff is bad news.

  • Vicki Wilson

    I enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing! Your bag carries quite a bit, I am guessing your tripod goes in the red bag. That is a super cool looking hotel, I really like that drawer with all the various international electric plugs, that in itself would make me want to stay there.

  • Guy W

    LOL. “Typical Bettany move….”. Too funny.

  • Trey…great video. I was perusing the F-Stop website just last night. Two questions for you: does your laptop go into your F-Stop bag or do you carry it separately? Also, how did you customize the laptop case? It appears that you have one of your photos as the “wallpaper” for your laptop cover. Love that!! Um….third question: do you find it easy to strap your tripod to the F-Stop bag? I have the Lowepro Vertex 300 and I like it because I can carry EVERYTHING on trips. But I was considering an F-Stop bag for UrbEx outings when I need gear but not my laptop…and need a bag that can handle mother nature. The F-Stop bags seem to be just that. Thanks!!

  • Hey Trey, Any idea which model F-Stop bag that is?

    Thanks for the video, always curious what you carry around with you.

  • Trey, thanks for the video. Why a 14-24 and a 24 prime? Do you find the 14-24 lacking at times? I recall from a previous post that you don’t use filters, so unless that has changed why carry the 24 if the focal length is already covered by one of your favorites? I know it’s faster, but given the things you shoot I don’t think you shoot wide open anyway. Just curious, thanks. Mike

  • Matty –

    I believe that is the F-stop Loka bag.

    Great bag BTW.


  • Trey –

    I know you covered this once upon a time but I cant seem to find it now.

    Where did you get the Skin for your Macbook made?


  • Trey, I really commend how much of yourself you put out there.

    Ya know, I lost my 14-24’s lens cap on space mountain two weeks ago (longer story, there, but anyway) .. I have to say, “Lisa borrowed mine..” is a such cooler reason to have lost one.

    You guys (the awesome famous photographers like yourself) must have a great time on these adventures!

  • good video but theres something ya gotta get under control. the smacking. i’m not sure what it is but every few seconds it sounds like you are smacking your lips, there is this particular sound you make when finishing a sentence, if u watch the video again you’ll see you are doing it very often. just friendly criticism. if the sound was not coming from you then apologies i dont want to offend but i’m sure its doing doing and it gets annoying

  • Luis

    Great video Trey! I’m also curious as to why you have the 24mm prime?

    For others, that looks like the F-Stop Loka. I’m currently waiting for mine to arrive ๐Ÿ™‚

    Trey, when are we going to see a review of that pack?

  • Andy Bird

    Funny I was thinking about Chernobyl the other day after watching ‘X-Men Origins:Wolverine’ – I was thinking that I’d love to visit the most famous ghst town on planet Earth but apparently they are either limiting or ceasing the tours to Pripyat – i’d never get the opportunity to go anyway so you can’t miss what you never had ๐Ÿ™

  • I’m no Trey but I’d guess that 24mm Prime to be a pretty epic handheld street portrait/lower light architecture lens. I could envision a scenario where you’d have one camera with the 14-24 for the crazy wide bulbous 14mm 2.8 awesomeness on the tripod and with your backup camera with the 24mm 1.4 for “other’ things around your neck on a sling.. Maybe hand held shots?

    That’s my guess. ๐Ÿ™‚ And it isn’t educated…

  • Bill, if I was carrying two bodies I certainly wouldn’t have lenses that overlap in focal range. If I had the 14-24 on one I would likely have a 50 or 85 on the other. I see very little benefit of having a 14-24 and a 24. The benefit of two bodies is really so you can shoot a subject where the first body/lens combo would not work well. The cases where you need a 24 prime over a 14-24 would be minimal (note, you need to shoot it wide open otherwise what is the point?).

  • Mike, agreed I wouldn’t either but like I said.. it was a guess. I’d probably roll with the 28-300 and the 14-24, personally but I’m sure Trey has his reasons.

    Overlapping focal ranges wasn’t my point, anyway.. That 24mm lense is a dang fast lens.

    I rented one from borrowlenses before I bought my 14-24, I never had em’ in my possession at the same time but it’s my opinion the 24 prime is a very different low light lens. Through my trusty old soon-to-be-outdated D700, the sharpness and detail in shadows of the 24mm was very apparent.

    Still, didn’t buy one..
    I actually carry an 18-200 on a DX format body, and a 14-24 on the D700 but that’s just what I have to work with, I don’t play in the big leagues, I’m more like the t-ball player with the nice bat and glove.

  • Bill, 28-300 would be a good addition for sure. I carry a D90 and an iPhone so not sure what is a few steps below t-ball? ๐Ÿ™‚

    If interested, here is my first HDR with the iPhone 4S, shot tonight

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  • Loved the camera bag in your video. Can you tell me which MODEL it is. Thank You

  • Paul, It’s an f-stop bag, looks like a Loka though the bags do look similar.


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