Boat in Isafjordur

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Deep Water and Phobias

So, I’m a pretty rational guy, really, I’d like to think. I don’t really have any phobias… just one big one – swimming in deep water. There is something about it that freaks me out… I don’t think it was movies that did it to me or anything. I see plenty of scary stuff in movies that doesn’t bother me in real life… but the idea of jumping into this mile-deep fjord and swimming across is almost more than I can bear!

Do you have any phobias (that you don’t mind talking about)?

Daily Photo – Boat in Isafjordur

This area is in the far northwest of Iceland up where there fjords layer into one another like fractals. I don’t normally like taking photos in the middle of the day, but when the sky is the towering, glacier-carved edge of the fjord, there is practically no sky at all.

HDR Photo

  • Susan

    Oh wow – this is beautiful! It always looks so peaceful there! My phobia is ‘heights’ I can stand to lean over the edge of any view! I was an airline ‘stewardess’many many years ago – ok so that ages me- but in an airplane it just all looks so unreal – never bothered me.

  • Phobias… I used to have many, but have dealt with them over time. I don’t like needles, or anything majorly medical (only when it happens to me that is). Other than that, I hate falling… But I think thats born out of my love for flying and various training I’ve undertaken over the years. When you’re in control of a plane, falling out of the sky is a very bad thing 😉

    Love this photo mate, that perfectly flat lake screams WATERSKIING to me, hehe…But I’m guessing its a tad cold at that latitude?

  • Like this shot and the way the ripple in the water distorts the boat and the snow in between the gullies.” Question Time” Trey if you don’t use a light meter how do you then determine how long the shutter stay’s open for? Also is there then a formula. Thanks

  • Jake

    I don’t have any real phobias, I do however have one huge “dislike” and it is (ironically): being photographed. I don’t really know what it is about having my picture taken but I absolutely hate it, certainly more than your average person. I also really dislike being stared at, but to a lesser extent, and I’m sure there are many people who don’t like this, but I think it bothers me more for some reason.

  • I love that reflection in the water! Sometimes the reflection is better than the source itself…

  • Dustin Kunkel

    I feel ya for the deep water fear. I live on Lake Michigan practically and I love the water, but even in a small lake I hate to jump out of the boat. I’m learning how to kite surf next spring though so it’s time to get over the fear. Great shot!

  • My phobia since elementary school has been heights. On a family vacation, I took a little spill off of Mt. Nebo in Arkansas and was saved by 1. a man clotheslining me as I slid by. 2. a small ledge below. All I wanted to do was see a waterfall, but the path was slick. I slipped on a rock and started to run a bit. When I realized I couldn’t stop, I sat down on my butt, but the momentum carried me off the edge of the cliff. I didn’t have any major injuries, but parents were certainly freaked, and so began my fear of heights.

    Wouldn’t you know it, photography is helping me overcome this fear. I really have no choice, you see. So many cool photos are from up high. I’ve discovered that if I go onto a scene that is really high, if I just chill out for a little bit, then I’ll get in sort of a vibrational alignment with the area and all is good. Once I feel I’m part of the scene, not just a visitor, the fear disappears and the compositions seem to magically reveal themselves.

  • Gail Moshier

    Great photo of the boats in the fjord! I don’t like spiders(as we have two poisonous types here) or wasps/bees of any kind. I overcame my fear of heights pretty much. We went up in the arch in St. Louis, that didn’t bother me at all. I definately have a fear of drowning, so I’m with you on that deep water stuff!!!!! Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful Wednesday 🙂

  • Darren N

    A mile deep, eh? ROFL… ya, okay, I’m done. I have the same phobia. By default, any fjord that deep must have a man-eating creature living in it that is a minimum of 30 yards long and as wide as a school bus.

    BTW, nice photo. Brilliant colors in the water contrasting against the boats.

  • Vicki Wilson

    This is a beautiful daytime photo! I have a fear of heights in walking up spiral stairs in a lighthouse or standing too close to the edge of the observation deck, but when I took a ride at a local airshow in a Vietnam era Huey helicopter and sat in one of the two gunner seats on the outside of the helicopter I felt no fear.

  • Many people say they have a phobia of heights, but my phobia is falling. I remember creeping along a shallow ledge under a bridge one time, say about a foot above the water line. There was only enough room for just the ball of my foot. What ever possessed me to even venture out there is a mystery to me, but I recall being terrified by it and spending time because I was afraid to go back or forward. The laughable part is that the water was only knee deep! Just the idea of falling was more than I could stand, though. I’ve been up high on buildings without a care because I knew I wouldn’t fall. However, I wouldn’t climb to Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park for fear of tumbling down. As for deep water, I can’t say the depth would bother me. I grew up swimming, so I’m comfortable with water. It’s just the things inside the deep water that concern me. However, that’s not a phobia – that’s Beem’s Law: When you transition between land & water, you reverse your position in the food chain.

  • Just one – spiders. I hate those things. Seeing an Iceland shot always makes my day happier, thanks Trey! 🙂 I noticed you don’t post many vertical shots, why is that?

  • hehe – I see some commonalities….

    Filip – I don’t know… I don’t know…

    Louis – yes – I mentioned yesterday in the comments too that I don’t use a light meter

  • Andy Bird

    What a beautiful harbour – must be great to go out on your boat from here on a nice day!

    I used to be afraid of deep water – anything over 2 meters was a no-no for me until one day I just went to the top diving board and just jumped into the 3 meter drink – that seemed to cure that fear. I also used to dislike heights but just challenging them head-on sorted me right out. I still have a problem with dead fish but apart from that i’m pretty badass!

  • Patrick

    I noticed you were part of Google’s Android v4.0 unveiling today(go to 26:36)!!

  • Brad

    I have that same fear, Trey … it’s almost as if the “void” beneath me is too much for my mind to handle.

  • Look its glass, no its ice, no its just plain old water cuddling up to the spectacular boat image. I love what you did to that water and is my favorite part of the picture. I can completely understand what you mean by shooting in the middle of the day, especially if the day is a plain sky day. Frustrating. But hey good shot my man!

  • Andrea Boyle

    Oooo… being buried alive. Have you seen the foreign version of the movie, “The Vanishing”? An MRI in one of those closed, coffin-like units is almost as bad…

    But great picture, Trey!

  • Absolutely +1 on the deep water. For me – it’s the unknown and thought of having your lower half helplessly floating in water and not knowing what you can’t see.

  • Mannn hold up! The boat’s reflection in the water is solid. The color is out of this world.

  • Alex Quinn

    Iceland looks awesome. I think it just made Lonely Planet’s top 10 places to see next year. Iceland reminds me a lot of my trip two years ago I took to Chile. It was the most amazing trip I have taken. Patagonia glaciers , penguins, mountains, and interacting with the locals were all part of what made this trip magical.

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