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A New Universal App!

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I have a new app for those of you that want an easy way to get some of the best art here to your iPhone or iPad.  It has the ridiculous name: “Trey Ratcliff’s Wallpaper Menagerie of Curious Collectibles.”

It comes with 17 different wallpapers. All the images are oversized so you can pan around, zoom, an orient them however you might like. Of course, you can set them for your Lock Screen and your Background. There is also a nice little gallery mode where you can swipe through the various images. Enjoy!

HDR Photo HDR Photo

New Behind-the-scenes video

One common question I get is, “How do you get photos without people in them?” There are many ways to do it, and this video shows one of them. I took this just recently while in Lijiang, China.

  • Susan

    Wonderful video Trey – LiJiang looks like a wonderful place to visit – I also like the story of people putting lights throughout all these rivers with notes on them for them to float through at night – awesome!

  • Love the video,have learn’t once again something I was not sure of . Have to admit for most of us on your blog we are always learning something new.Thanks for sharing.

  • Trey, a question,do you use a light meter to get readings,and is this a one shot HDR. also do and if you use a light meter would you take readings from both sides,that is from the camera and from bridge.

  • Thanks, Trey. Now, every time I unlock my phone I get to see “The Icy Pit to Hell.” Also, I like how you can buy more photos to add to the gallery. Nice touch.

  • Sashikanth


    Thanks for sharing this, one question is this a one shot HDR or multiple shots. Can you throw some light on this

  • Thanks

    Louis – no I don’t use a light meter

    Eric – thank you ! 🙂

    Sash – well there is a bit more complexity to this one, because I did combine a few different exposures into an HDR, but the 5 min exposure was 95% of the way there.

  • Clifford

    Looks lovely. How about some pretty wallpaper for my Android handset???

  • Trey, how do you determine the proper length of exposure for these shots? It’s been a hit and miss process for me, and I’d love to learn more about it.

  • Sashikanth


    It will be really helpfull if you can share some points on how to do HDR with such long exposures. I have subscribed to your HDR class and i now only do HDR’s. Your course has truely inspired me and made me look at this with much more seriousness and dedication. Thank you for such a wonderfull and detailed class.

  • I recently came across your blog and just wanted to tell you that your hdr photography is very inspirational!
    And thank you for this tip, it is very simple and useful :))

  • Eric

    If you’re shutter was open for that long were you worried about your sensor heating up and getting more noise in the photo?

  • Todd

    How about us poor Android users? REally would like to put the app on my shiny new smart phone!

    BTW/ the most amazing photos I have ever seen! Thank you!

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