Burning Man Fire Dancer

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Daily Photo – Burning Man Fire Dancer

Burning Man this year was just fantastic. I don’t even know how to describe it… I think I will describe it the best way I can – through photos.

I was happy to spend a lot of time there with old and new friends. I ended up camping very close to Cliff Baise, who was nice enough to make me an awesome fur-covered bike for the event. I’ll get photos of that up soon… it’s so ridiculous and awesome.

One sunset, we walked over near the temple. Every year the temple has a totally new design, and this year it looked like this. It’s not a religious-thing, so I think the designers always go for something that has shades of religion but with nothing in particular in mind. This fire dancer was performing out front, so I got down low to take a photo.

The fire spun in a time the lasted forever in an instant.  The man inside obeyed and commanded it, weaving himself into a veil between what we saw and what he felt.  Inside, we saw each flame and it stayed with with us.  In another day, the tower behind would burn.I watched him dance.  There was a fine powder of sand above the hard-packed earth.  The powder was like a dust, a cloud, a fog, a mist that where his toes slipped around and through.  The mist would eddy and fall and rise in time for him to slide back through, the orange light from the flames above fell into and through the mist, dancing with his gentle feet.

  • I always love your fire dancer shots… This one is great. The temple, the lighting, the sky… and the light fall-off from the fire dancer are all fantastic. Neat capture!

  • I’ve been waiting for the Burning Man shots!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Most beautiful, finally get to see this in full resolution! The contrast between the sky and the ground is superb.

  • The lighting in very, very nice,and plenty action. Trey are they make shift buildings or permanent? The sky really brings out the buildings and the fire dancer is just in the right spot.

    Andy ,thanks for cheering me up as i am looking forward to this trip with my family.

  • Just amazing!

  • Vicki Wilson

    Awesome, love this, the lighting is great!

  • This is awesome!

  • Dan

    The temple gets burned on Sunday night.

    have you heard of Scott London? A great photographer… I think that is him in the cowboy type hat, squating down with camera on the ground. He has bunches of great burningman photos on his website. I met him there in 2005, I think. Check him out at scottlondon.com.

  • Gail Moshier

    Great photo, Trey! Thanks for sharing. I noticed your post a couple of days ago about the “new facebook”. I hate it!!! You don’t get notifications anymore when friends post. The only thing you still do receive are birthday notifications. Anyway, have a wonderful Friday. πŸ™‚

  • Love the action and the overall tone in thiis one! Very cool.
    Check out my latest at http://timetotakepictures.blogspot.com and let me know what you think!

  • Hey, yo, thanks for the mention. After I got home I realized I should have taken way more photos. Oh well, the ones I did get are pretty sweet. I’ve got a pretty good Burning Man gallery kicking at my smugmug site for those who want to check it out…just click on my name above.

    I’m looking in to what it takes to put together a theme camp for next year. It seems like we’ve stirred a lot of photographers interest here and it would be great if we could camp together. Suggestions for camp names? G+ Photo Camp, Camp Camera, Photoasis…

  • Susan

    Love this shot Trey! Beautiful! Burning Man looks so fun – good idea Cliff to start a photog camp – that would be great!

  • Andy Bird

    Great stuff again – i’m not worthy! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks all.

    Cliff – that would be fun – but I think we’ll be over at kidsville with the families!

  • Hi Trey,

    Love checking out your burning man pics. Keep them coming!

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  • Anonymous

    Feel free to blatantly advertise why don’t you.

  • Oh, I will – thank you.

  • I depict a bit of jealousy in the air anonymous,start your own blog and be creative and have fun in doing so don’t be sourer at others

  • Nico FR

    Your photos are always great, thank you for giving us such trip. However, I would love, Trey to have the possibility to read the EXIF. We can learn a lot! will it be possible?

  • Robert

    Whats up Trey! Can’t believe you went this year again. This is Robert Diaz, me and my girl angela camped with you, asia and saloona last year(2010). Glad to see your still doing what you do best man. Me and Angela should be there next year so hopefully we’ll get to see you> where also working on an art car for next year so I will definetly take you on a ride so you can get some great shots, keep up the good work…

  • RK Spinburne

    Hey Trey! It was really great to meet you out there. Thank you so much for capturing this special moment so beautifully. I’ll cherish this photo. I don’t know if you were aware, but we were spinning in celebration of our friends’ wedding that just took place at the Temple.

  • Thanks all πŸ™‚

    Robert – Hey man! πŸ™‚ Thanks and hello πŸ™‚

    Nico – My EXIF is always avail for you.

    Kato – great to hear from you – I am glad you found the photo of you being awesome!

  • Jonathan


    Lovely shot! Seeing your BM stuff from last year motivated me to go this year and work all year long to improve my HDR skillz πŸ˜‰ See what you’ve started?

  • Hi Trey!

    We met during the Temple burn, I lost you guys out of sight after the crowd got a bit nervous when all the burning debris rained from the sky πŸ˜‰
    Great shot, perfect time and setting.
    Looking forward to more Burning Man shots from you, I started to upload mine on my blog kiehas.wordpress.com
    See you next year I guess?
    You are always welcome to pick up a Pee Funnel from our camp πŸ˜‰

  • This picture is amazing! I have always wanted to go to Burning Man. I love that you can see the motion in this photo!

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