Shopping in Beijing

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Non-Photography Pockets?

I notice that as I move around China that there are not many photographers. It’s not like the US or Europe where you occasionally see a few people out and about with a DSLR — but not in China. I think it is part of a more general sense of art being less important there. Or, maybe “less important” is not the right thing to say. Perhaps artists are just not encouraged as much here… this seems to be the sentiment I hear when I talk to lots of Chinese people here.

Daily Photo – Shopping in Beijing

Megamalls are everywhere here. And many of them are as beautiful and ornate as this one. In some ways, i think it is kind of cool that everything is ultra-modern and slick… in other ways, it’s not because it feels like I am back in Dallas or something… know what I mean?

Who knows… the Chinese people seem to love it… who am I to say….

HDR Photo

  • Susan

    Cool looking mall…I love the reflections – yes, I suppose it could be in Dallas! I like those streets and bridges in LiJiang!

  • haha you’re right. it does seem a bit too modern…

  • Kaz

    I agree that the new megamalls are gorgeous and definitely cater to the people who have the money. The older “vertical malls” (multi-story buildings) are dingy feeling; allow smoking; and many times have questionable products to sell. That said, I find them intriguing and places where you find a real mix of the locals.

  • CLF

    hey this looks similar to The Gardens mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

  • It all looks so clean and not many shoppers thats what I found in Ningbo.What you do see is the rich or what the wife and I saw is glamour girls with high boots and denim with short fir jackets. Many are very pretty and seem to always be shopping. Sometimes I feel that its for show just to make people think people are really shopping there as these shops are not cheap and are up market,but who knows? Like the colours a very vibrant picture.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Modern indeed, but where are the shoppers?

  • Andy Bird

    Great image as usual 🙂

    It would have been good to do a guessing game on this one so we could decide where this shopping mall is – i think the answers would have been very interesting as one mall these days just seems to look like the next. I much prefer the chaos of an open air market. At least they let you take pictures there – the security in the Glasgow shopping centres are like eagles – if they see you with a camera, they are on you in a second.

  • David Hendershot

    When i think of China I don’t think of modern Malls. I watched your video of your taxi ride in China, very funny. Keep the photos and Videos coming.

  • Another great image. I remember visiting one of these mega malls in Indonesia – it was odd to see such riches in the midst of much poverty. Not saying it was bad, just difficult to get one’s head around.

  • Thanks.

    Sharon – there is not too much poverty around this part of Beijing — there is in other burbs for sure… but not like right around the mall.

  • Alastair Westgarth

    Sure looks like the Galleria – I think I like the Great Wall better

  • That’s interesting about the cameras and not many photographers. There are what seems like an army of Chinese tourists coming to Japan to buy up tons of DSLR’s at the Yodobashi Cameras. I’ve seen Chinese tours come in and then see people waking out with 2 or 3 Canon 5DMKII and Nikons of all sizes. So I always thought that the DSLR market and thus photography and photographers are on the rise in China. Hm. Or maybe it’s just the newly affluent middle class? But they are using it like point and shoots?

  • Dallas…funny, I thought the same thing!

  • Steve

    I waffle as well between the old and the new. This looks like a fantastic building with all the glass stone(?) flooring. Sometimes a really like the old buildings with all the character.

  • Thanks for the response Trey. I realized after I posted ,that Beijing and many other parts of China are very modernized now. It is interesting about the lack of cameras/DSLRs out and about – that will probably come in the future (after they see your photos!).

  • Serge Claes

    As Tim mentions, there’s indeed a lot of P&S in China, mainly from mobiles. The snapshot photography rules in China (of course there are amateur and photographers too, but much less than in Europe or the U.S.) However, outside locations usually frequented by foreigners, if you even try to set up a tripod, you’ll get a lot of attention (read: crowd gathering!). And you may equally attract unpleasant attention from the PSB (local police). Unless you’re accompanied by a local Chinese friend, it may be an awfully daunting task for a foreigner in China to do some creative photography like long exposure or HDR.

  • Things changing so fast in China. Time for America to catch up with infrastructure–we have the malls. Great image. Processing excellent

  • Love your photos, but I have to disagree with you regarding photography in China. Maybe it’s different in Beijing, but certainly in Shanghai and Hangzhou there are a crazy amount of SLRs on display (90% of them Canon). I notice in particular because this is changed greatly from when I was here two years ago, and seeing an SLR was a noteworthy event.

    In regards photography and art in China, well, please check out these guys.

    Two of my very favourite photographers.

  • On the news today I watched some political talk about how many megamalls are going up in China and how there are so few vendors moving into them, how bad a real estate move this was for the country and how it’s a sign that there is really no place safe from the world-wide financial troubles. Interesting discussion… and it made me think of this photo. I half expected the news show to show your image- although without giving credit, of course 😉

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