Shooting the Matterhorn

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If you try to buy blog posts on here, you will fail miserably… I think people and companies that offer this do not know me. The most recent example (it happens quite a bit) is from Tamron. You can read the post/discussion here on Google+.

A Photo of Me!

Hehe… I usually don’t post these, but I thought my friend Scott Kublin grabbed a nice one. I guess I could throw in more photos of me, but… I figure that there are many things out there that are much more interesting to look at!

Daily Photo – Shooting the Matterhorn

Scott and I had just come from France together, and we were excited to be up in the mountains. The conditions were pretty good, so we were trying to get as many shots as possible while the skies were interesting. This isn’t even an HDR shot, and you can see how strange the clouds were! I have not yet processed my own shots from this event… but I look forward to it very much.

Shooting the MatterhornScott and I had just come from France together, and we were excited to be up in the mountains. The conditions were pretty good, so we were trying to get as many shots as possible while the skies were interesting. This isn't even an HDR shot, and you can see how strange the clouds were! I have not yet processed my own shots from this event... but I look forward to it very much.- Trey RatcliffRead more here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

  • Awesome clouds, looking forward to the shots from u !

  • Susan

    Super shot of you! Tell Scott well done – I am actually using this on g+ too! Cannot wait to see your shots from there! Those clouds are amazing!

  • The clouds just love you! Been there once. A truly enchanting site ๐Ÿ™‚ I would like to suggest a place to visit, since it’s quite close to Monte Cervino (Matterhorn). Valle d’Aosta in Italy, specifically the Gran Paradiso national park. You shot the Matterhorn from the Swiss side; Valla d’Aosta is the region behind it ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe you’ve heard about it or already been there. Loads of little glacier made valleys eclipsed by the Alps (also, Monte Bianco, highest mountain in central Europe, is very close)

  • Nice that we have a man in our mists that stands his ground on these blog posts.A nice pic with great clouds a pity about 3 legged object in way ooops!!! sorry Trey thats you after putting on my glasses, Well taken Scott hehe!!!

  • George

    Interesting shot of the back of your head and your backpack. Clouds are great too. Seems like not all shots need HDR,

  • Can’t wait to see the shot of the Matterhorn!

  • It really is one of the annoying things about being a photographer… We are usually BEHIND the camera, and its difficult to get good shots of us when we are out and doing our thing. I spent some time with a good mate recently and it was great having a second camera available to grab those ‘behind the scenes’ shots… Usually I snap a picture with my iPhone showing the camera setup and such, for the sake of memory. But it’s nice having yourself in the frame when you are truly in the zone and loving it!

    Those clouds are quite surreal… They kinda remind me of those you captured at our pond last October. I had a similar scene recently, and am eagerly awaiting the processing on that one! My most recent photo bears a little relevance to this shot… Trey, I’m sure you recall how majestic The Remarkables are here in Queenstown. Not quite on the same scale as those in Switzerland perhaps, but stunning nonetheless:

  • Your Tamron post sure stirred some comments at G+. I think the folks who don’t get it, don’t understand the difference between a blog and a review site. I see many bloggers who do appear to be easily bought – your approach is much appreciated!

  • Vicki Wilson

    Scott took a really nice photo of you, what a wonderful view up there! I also like your approach and am glad you only review what you actually use and like!

  • Great shot the clarity of the air is awesome and makes all colors pop – bravo Scott

  • Peggy

    WOW! I cannot wait to see what you captured while up there Trey! It must have been too gorgeous up there!

  • norman

    Your knapsack is gigantic. Approximately what does it weight? Could you give us an idea of what you usually carry on city and country shoots. Love you web site and photos.

  • Andy Bird

    I think the words ‘awesome’ and ‘epic’ are thrown about far too easily these days thus I don’t tend to use them unless I can justify it and this is one of those few occasions – this scene is both awesome and epic…..and that’s just your backpack.

  • Carolyn F

    Im so impressed with the extreme clarity of the shot as well! Awesome shot, must have been just beautiful being up there!

  • Those clouds are amazing! Just makes me want to pack my stuff up and start traveling to other parts of the world… Photography is fun in LA, but things get repetitive and I need a change of scenery that is not southern California. Blue skies, as good as they are for film, are not ideal. You need some weather to get those stunning photographs! My 2 day trip to Colorado was a real eye opener for this! (a couple dogs I found on top of Horsetooth rock,

  • I agree with Andy Bird, this is both very much awesome and epic!

  • Derick

    Great BTS pic. Does anybody know what that bag is?

  • Steve K

    Great photo.

    Here’s an idea I think we could all learn from. Post a pair of pictures that each of you took, standing virtually side by side.

    I’d learn a lot by seeing what two experienced photographers chose to include, and how they chose to edit it. A commentary, or even better, a BTS video would be icing on the cake.

    Thanks for all you do,


  • Steve

    Fun to see the photographer in action once in a while as well as see some of the work others do while the shoot with you. It gives us another perspective. Fabulous skies indeed.

    Enjoyed the hangout today by the way. Fun to see how they work.

  • Wow, excellent sky. Can’t wait to see your outdoors photos from this trip. Switzerland is such a beautiful country.

  • looks amazing trip

  • I think I was a few step away from there you are when I took these images for this post!

    Cool location for sure. Tell Scotty I said hi too!

    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  • WOW. What BAG is that you are waring? Looks awesome!! Can you please tell me-.-.-. Thanks, J*

  • Thanks!

    Michael – I bet you were! Thanks again for that recommendation ๐Ÿ™‚

    Willingandable – it is an F-Stop bag…currently testing it out

  • Big Matty

    Hey Trey great shot. It’s fun when you are in the shot too, once in a while.
    I took a shot of the Matterhorn from the lodge atop Mt. Blanc in France. There happened to be an english speaking local guy on highest observation deck and he pointed out all the peaks and named them for us. It was a chance meeting, but it was really cool.
    You can just see the top of it from up there, it’s nothing like your shot. Which is awesome by the way. That whole area is nothing short of breathtaking.


    you are my IDOL !!

  • So incredible Trey!

    I can’t wait to see the shots from this location. Nice to see you again too!


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