Outside the Restaurant

What is your eye drawn to?

When you are walking around a city, what is your eye drawn to most often? Is it clothes (textures or colors)? Is it architecture? Is it faces? Is it all totally equal, or does one take precedent over another?

Daily Photo – Outside the Restaurant

To me, it depends on my mood. My eye is often drawn to what appears to be a mistake at fist glance — or something confusing. In this case, I saw the red pants and the red lights in a strange configuration. And then, a micro-moment later, I saw the girl they were attached to. It all lined up so nicely that I grabbed a photo the second she noticed me.

HDR Photo

  • Susan

    Yes, it’s kinda funny what we all notice and don’t notice! I am usually focused on some objective so sadly I don’t take the time I should to take in all the sights, sounds and people. She’s pretty!

  • Jeff

    I usually notice architecture first. Photos of people I don’t know just don’t really interest me for whatever reason so I’d just assume not have people in most of my photos unless they serve a specific purpose, like helping to show the scale of other objects in the image.

  • Out side some of these restaurants or eating houses in China there are always girls sit or waiting to ask you in.Some are very pretty and every now an then some hansom chinese lad would be there to ask you in. There grey walls and red lanterns always seem to go hand in glove.Well seen

  • Excellent image. It seems like you are on an environmental portrait theme roll lately. I find myself going in theme phases as well. I really appreciate the effort you go through to post regularly. This is part of my early morning work routine, after the coffee cup is full of course!

  • Vicki Wilson

    Very nice portrait! Red is a color that catches the eye. What my eye is drawn to in walking around a city is light and colors. The golden light hitting the side of a building, the deep blue of twilight and all the colors from street lights and lights from doorways or windows.

  • Gail in Montana

    Nice photo, Trey. My eyes are drawn to the colors of the area. Have a great Saturday 🙂

  • Andy Bird

    Interesting portrait today – when I’m in cities one of the things i’m always on the lookout for interesting people which is pretty hard when your home city Glasgow hehe. I also like to keep an eye out for lights, old buildings and interesting reflections. I would probably have missed this young lady as she doesn’t seem as extreme as the characters i like to look for, like the girl you photographed in the Harajuku area of Tokyo – I could go crazy there.

    Just back from work – just spent an afternoon at the sun down at my local football club where I am a match photographer – slim pickings today as they got hammered 4-1 but i’m sure I got a few decent shots. I know they aren’t HDR but If there’s any good ones I might post them anyway…..

  • Steve

    I can see how you would noticed this after having viewed your images and your more recent video. Its got a lot of the elements you look for such as vibrant colours and some black! That backgrounds works so well and ads some great texture to a wonderful portrait. I like the fact that she’s looking right at you! Wonderful portrait.

  • Thank you thank you 🙂

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  • Trey, the first thing that grabs me is the color – the bright reds, but then what keeps me there is the face – a pretty one, too!

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