Alone in a Foreign Taxi on a Rainy Night

Things you don’t see

So, I’m always taking photos… usually more significant ones in a grand scale… I spend all day making these… but maybe I will start sprinkling in other little bits from time to time… like this one.

Daily Photo – Alone in a Foreign Taxi on a Rainy Night

Many of my travel nights end with a taxi ride back home. I’m usually exhausted after a long day. I may have a snack or a drink that I pick up from a little store… munching away in the back seat… my eyes dart this way and that… not used to moving so fast… and I see little things like this.

Alone in a Foreign Taxi on a Rainy NightMany of my travel nights end with a taxi ride back home.  I'm usually exhausted after a long day.  I may have a snack or a drink that I pick up from a little store... munching away in the back seat... my eyes dart this way and that... not used to moving so fast... and I see little things like this.- Trey RatcliffRead the whole post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

  • Susan

    Kinda strange to think about it….but with all your travel and only this gps to keep you company-at times it must be lonely.

  • Randy Dietmeyer

    Love it!

  • Nice one. The GPS is the luckiest GPS in the world I think 🙂

  • Joey

    Nice Trey. You have this under beijing and china BUT this is from Japan, specifically Tokyo! I live in Tokyo and can tell from the GPS exactly where you are.

  • Xuemei

    Hello Trey, there are Japanese characters on GPS. The world turns blurry when we are tired. I can hear you munching. 🙂 Nice photo. Take care.

  • Maxwell

    At the next bokeh… turn left!

  • Ahhh…the ever present navigation unit in Tokyo taxis. Of all the countries I’ve been to so far, the Tokyo taxis are the ones I prefer the most. Clean. Efficient. Friendly even. I’ve been driven down the same road you are being driven down in this photo many many times. I think I’ve even taken a similar photo, though being Japanese I get an odd look from the driver since I don’t look like a tourist 🙂 Hope to run into you again someday, whether in Japan again or elsewhere!

  • Does anyone know what sat nav system that is? It looks pretty cool…

  • Big Matty

    GPS, My wife prefers it to my innate sense of direction.
    It isn’t the usual landscape or neat building photos we are used to but it does carry a story with it that draws you in when you first look at it. It makes me feel helpless as a driver, trying to match symbols to road signs.
    Unusual but great shot Trey

  • Looks like we share the groove…

  • Taking taxis in the rain is always enjoyable. Its nice to just stare out at the passing lights as you relax with the sounds of drops hitting the windows.

  • Peggy

    LOL! You are truly a photo hound!

  • Thanks thanks 🙂 I fixed the little error too 🙂

  • Pam

    Thanks for sharing your photography and expertise with us. I look forward to seeing your posts!

    I love this photo. Strangely, of all your photos I keep coming back to this one. I feel a strange connection to it and I am far from a world traveler. It touches me on an emotional level. It’s interesting that you say in your post that you are not used to moving this fast. When I look at the picture I sense stillness. I’m a complete amateur photographer (and new to it at that), but one thing I love about photography is that it forces me to slow down. I need that! I’m inspired!

    Thanks again for your generosity

  • Nami Onodera

    I love love love the way how you’ve captured the smell and the air of my home country Japan.
    All the other images I see are normally same taste. Does not capture the magic of the country.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful work!!!

    Happy Holidays!!


  • Brad Graham

    I think one of the reasons your blog is so popular is because of the writing.  Not specifically your writing skills (um, not saying anything negative), but more because of the story you tell for the photo.  When I look at this photo after reading your description, I feel the fatigue, and hear the swish from the rain and the tires.  It’s more that just a photo.  So don’t worry so much about the “quality” of the photo, try to put us there by your side.  After all, pretty much everybody is a frustrated photographer who would love to do it for a living.  Let us live vicariously through you!

  • Luke_Zeme_Photography

    Im heading to Japan in October and Im sure I will have many such a tired taxi ride such as this… I can’t wait though the culture differences to Australia are going to be amazing! Also Im 6’8″ so I can’t wait to see the reactions to my height haha

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