The Cyborg Fabrication Plant

If you go towards cyborg…

What part will you replace first? Would you replace an eye with an awesome cyborg-eye that can zoom and stuff? Or would you get cyborg-ears that can hear as well as a dog? It’s kind of a silly question, but I think many of us will have that option in 15 years or so…

The Cyborg Fabrication Plant

This comes from a cool area of Beijing in the CBD. It’s not really where they make cyborgs in China. I don’t know where that place is…

The Cyborg Fabrication PlantThis comes from a cool area of Beijing in the CBD.  It's not really where they make cyborgs in China.  I don't know where that place is...- Trey RatcliffRead more here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

  • Susan

    Oh wow! What a super building! This is beautiful!

  • If i live for another 15 years I’ll be lucky, as it is, its getting to the stage where i need a replacement for all parts hehe!!! So far I’m wearing glasses and still able to judge your picture and that all I need at this point in time.Nice architecture and lovely lighting

  • George

    Great job of capturing a complex configuration. (Is that too much alliteration?) I know when confronting all the possible angles of some structure like this it’s always hard to know where to start composing. Really terrific. You just have an eye for composition.

  • Andy Bird

    Hmm cyber-knees would be nice so I could get back into sports again – my creaking human-knees just aint what they used to be i’m afraid. I would also like cyber-skin similar to that of a T-1000 – with that the possibilities are endless hehe!

    I like today’s image as Beijing must be a sight to behold – they need something like one of those fake urban-gardens that you mentioned in a previous post out front to give the eye a rest from all those straight lines.

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, quite a tall building there, Trey. Love the colors. Have a great Sunday 🙂

  • peter

    I knew a man who had transplant on both ears. Unfortunately they could only give him one Dog’s ear and one Pig’s ear.
    With the Dog’s ear he could hear a whistle over a mile away, but with the Pig’s ear he only got a lot of crackling.

  • Trey I think your Nightime HDR photography is fantastic. That is always something I struggle with. This building has a tremendous atrium. Such a beautiful place. Nice work.

  • I would get cyborg ears NOW if they worked as well as human ears. I don’t care how they look, either. My hearing is shot and I’m only 42. Too many electronica parties in my 30s. Burning Man didn’t help.

    I hear stem cells can grow new auditory hair cells but only in mice, so far. I can’t wait!

  • Cool shot Trey – that’s one amazing reception area, I’ve never seen a ceiling that high before… bet it’s a bugger to dust! 😉

  • love that image

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  • Awesome picture. After seeing the trailers for Deus Ex Im going to pass on the augmentations just seems like they would hinder me someday.

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