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Time: Saturday Sept 17 at 5:30 PM.
Location: In front of The Egg – Google Maps
Who: All ages and even families are welcome. Any kind of camera will do… even mobile phone cameras!
The Plan: We will meet, say hello… I will say a few words with the plan, and then we will begin the walk! It will be a very laid-back and fun event.

I look forward to meeting you there! 🙂

Bustling Beijing Getting this photo was not easy at all!I knew of this area of Beijing called the CBD, or Central Business District.  I notice that they have all these catchy names here, much like the building I took this photo from: "China Merchants Building."  At any rate, I had the driver circle the business district a few times so I could find a good angle.  We found one in this building, but did not know if we could take a photo from the top floor.  Woo went in first.  This might have been a mistake because during the shoot he admitted he had a dreadful fear of heights.  But he said it in such a charming British accent I thought it could have been my subconscious.We went up to the 32nd floor.  No windows no dice.  We then went to the 31st floor, but the confused secretary would not let us through.  Then we tried 30.  The secretary said yes and let us into a boardroom, but the angle was not right and the other offices were busy.  So we went to 29.The secretary on 29 was confused so I instructed Woo to tell her, firmly, "We are with the Government."- Trey RatcliffFind out what happened here at

  • Susan

    Awesome shot Trey – the photowalk sounds fun!! Have fun at burning man first!

  • Like these night shots, but the walk will be awesome sorry I can not make it ,work comitments but on seeing results once you are back will give me some idea what to shoot come November when we will be there. One day when time permits and you come to Perth come hell or high water I’ll be there if health permits

  • George

    WOW! is all I can say. There were obviously some long exposures with the long light streaks on the freeways and yet no noise in the sky, even in high res. I’m impressed. What a terrific composition.

  • Patrick Ahles

    I take it the ticket is in the mail? :p

    Great shot!

  • YuQing Guo

    I will and must come to see U! I like Ur photos so much. In fact I check StuckInCustom 1 or 2 times a day!

  • YuQing Guo

    By the way, I wonder if u would take any of ur video tutorial with U so that we could purchase them if possible. Using PAYPAL doesn’t seem to be convenient in BJ.

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, very colorful photo of a city scape, Trey!! Thanks for sharing. Have a great Saturday. And prayers for all the folks in the path of “Angry Irene”! 🙂

  • Alex

    Great shot – Especially since Beijing’s often so smoggy its hard to take photos. You tagged it as Paris just so you know. By the way, have any plans immediately after Beijing? Perhaps… you could come to shanghai as well? 😀

  • Another great shot! Awesome work! Have a good photowalk out there. I wonder if enough people will show up to break the photowalk record of most participants. Good luck! 😉

  • Mark O

    In China? Oh goody, we’re going to get arrested!

  • Stunning shot Trey – the Beijing photowalk sounds great, what a cool place to meet (The Egg)… enjoy! 🙂

  • Thank you very much…

    Mark – I have NO idea how many will show up… it’s very hard to get a grip on how big the audience there is…!

  • Julie

    Nice shot. I love these night photos. Is this Bejing or Paris?

  • Trey, perform as casual as you can at the PhotoWalk there. Too many get together would attract cops to censor. The date is within a short range of Independence Day in China, and the Egg is a major patrolling spot…..

  • Muir Robertson

    this is a great idea…unfortunately that weekend I will be back in the US… a week later and I would have been back in Beijing! Have a great time. To all those that do this if anyone is interested in perhaps organizing something like this on some frequency as a way for folk to meet other photographers in beijing I’d love to be part of that.

  • Hey Trey, This is just plain cool. It’s like a light show for my eyes. What vantage point were you at to get this shot?

  • Hey Trey, did you mean to file this under France?….


  • Stunning ! I’m flying to Beijing tomorrow, I hope to get some nice shots, but obviously not as good as yours 🙂
    Thanks a lot for your work, I will have a look to all your tutorials when I’ll get back with my DSLR full of RAW !

    Take care

    Achille, Switzerland

  • Thanks!

    Noah – I got it from a generic office building… I think it is called “Chinese Merchants Building” or something

  • I love the image!

  • I’m in.

    Can’t wait to do it, as others have said, will be interesting to see what the security apparatus does. Its right across the street from the government HQ and they have software filtering their video that measures pedestrian traffic for higher than normal flows to stop protests from forming.

    If you still have contacts from your last trip where they took you around, I would give them a heads up so they know it is coming.

    See you there.

    Mitch, Beijing

  • Hey Trey, do you have any plans to come/do a photowalk in Hong Kong in the near future? Shenzhen would be even better! I can rally plenty of troops for you.


  • Argh! I would love to do this, but I’ll be on a plane back to the US on the 17th!

  • Good work Trey, my wife and I will be there 🙂

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