New Video Hangout – Photographer Struggles

Many good discussions were had!

New Video! A Google+ Hangout from +Tom Anderson ‘s mansion ( ahem his 2nd one… I give a brief tour around 54:00 ) ! But, too bad Tom wasn’t there… he’s off in Hawaii doing wonderful things… we did a photography-centric talk with several people about where we are struggling with in this sport…

Many people in this one! The famous +RC Concepcion joins us later in the hangout! Many others too including +Alfie Goodrich, +Lotus Carroll, and even +Mike Wiacek from Google!

0:45 +Alfie Goodrich introduces himself and talks about what he does in Tokyo at …many other introductions from invited guests and people from the public that popped in…

9:00 Mike Wiacek from Google joins us and introduces himself

11:30 We start talking about what we’re struggling with in photography… and we hear from +Beau Kahler

13:00 Alfie Goodrich gives a great tip for using a flash

16:00 Alfie talks about what he has trouble with… and how he deals with blocks

20:30 +Lotus Carroll talks about getting out of her comfort zone with street photography and taking photos of people

30:00 +Mike Wiacek from Google talks about what he is struggling with photography

35:00 +shirley lo says something quite poetic about what she is working on… just before +Jim Davis joins the hangout

38:00 I give my explanation of my workflow and how approach unprocessed photos. (I bold this because it is a concern I hear a lot)

48:00 Alfie talks about his workflow a bit

50:00 I get a question about my workflow… I talk about my workflow.. kinda…

54:30 I give a quick tour of part of Tom’s mansion… its super-dark… darker than a bear’s den…

1:05:00 Jim Davis talks about how he watermarks his images…

1:07:00 +RC Concepcion arrives in style!

1:09:30 I ask RC all about his new HDR Book (which you can buy at Amazon)

1:12:00 I try briefly to talk RC into writing an ebook for like +Lisa Bettany

1:12:30 RC talks about a better way to do watermarks.

1:18:40 RC (now with his lights on) talks about what he is struggling with lately…

1:23:00 I ask RC, since he is a great teacher, about how people learn Photoshop and how they overcome blocks.

1:35:00 I get a question about how I knew that I was into photography…

Others that joined us were +Keith Barrett (thanks for recording!), +Aaron Skwarcan +Melvin Little +Xander Wroblewski +Dano Hart +Michael Riffle and more (I run out of plusses) from

  • Nice video!! Great tips. I need to go through your archive of these. Keep the marvelous photos coming, you have been and continue to be an inspiration!!

  • Thanks Trey for posting – I’d forgotten all about this ‘hangout’… thanks also for time-framing this, it’s always helpful when on a tight schedule – you know how it is… family, photography… blah, blah, blah! 😉
    Have a fab weekend all 🙂

  • Gail in Montana

    Sorry, Trey, I don’t have time to watch the video. I’m sure it’s very good, though. Have a great Friday, enjoy your day where ever you are 🙂

  • Enjoyed the talk was very interesting every ones view point on what each one is struggling with.Have a great weekend

  • JIm

    Trey, great video. It helps to know that everyone struggles at times. My struggle, time and weather… but you can make the best of it. Here is a shot of Pittsburgh from the overlook. They were filming BATMAN downtown, so I took the gloomy picture and turned it into a GOTHAM CITY shot….
    BTW, I wanted to thank R.C. publicly again for including some of my images in his book.

  • Susan

    Love all these live chats – so interesting!

  • Thanks.

    Jim – that sounds cool!

  • Very interesting vid Trey. I have to say that you are growing into a very nice moderator. Your ability to keep the conversation going smoothly, jump from person to person to keep all the balls engaged – you do quite well.

    I really liked the question you posed to them all. What are you struggling with. Great question that was bound to elicit good thought provoking answers.

    I had an interesting situation come up this morning. A lady representing a power company in Houston contacted me regarding using one of my shots for their official company image. They wanted to use it for business cards, letter head, on the side of their company vehicles, etc. This is of course good for the old ego, but I felt strangely unwillingly to give up the rights to one of my little creations. I felt that way right up until they agreed to pay me the amount that I asked for that I was sure they would probably say no to. Then I easily rationalized away how it was time to kick that little bird outta the nest and let it fly.

    I know that you have said that you pretty much turn those types of offers down. But one of the things that I have learned from you is to not focus on the money. I know that sounds weird since I just admitted to selling off an image. But, I really have stopped trying to make money off of what I am doing. I do make money. And I do have hopes to one day be able to fund my life and family with photography. But I don’t worry about it anymore. I have 5 months in a row of different galleries showing my work starting in September. I priced my work higher than I normally do even though I think I will probably lose some sales because of this. But I don’t want to be the Walmart of photography. I am happy to give my work away, and I have, to people that seem to be truly invigorated by a certain piece. So I am pricing them a little high so that less of them sell, but they go to people who simply “Have” to have them.

    Anyway – I’m rambling. Probably the Vodka.
    Have you ever considered doing one of your vid-hangouts featuring common people who work full time but spend gobs of their free time focusing on photography? Maybe focus on how they have been able to grow their camera bag on a budget, how and why and where they print their stuff and on what sort of media. Who and how they sell to and how they got started/made contacts… Could be interesting. Just a thought. The Gonz’ is willing to sacrifice a few moments of his busy sched if you are interested in pursuing such a group. Just sayin.

    With massive amounts of loathing still in full effect…

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