Approaching the Forbidden City

Thomas Hawk on Google Winning the War

Thomas Hawk put up a good article the other day… he points to an experiment I did and gives some other thoughts…


Hey here’s a little note about Photoshop and stuff. I get this question from time to time… I do not take clouds from one photo and paste them into another photo. That’s a little over-the-top photoshop to me! I guess people ask why my clouds are always kind of crazy. I guess the best answer is that I am just patient. I just sit there and listen to my music and wait…wait…wait…

Daily Photo – Approaching the Forbidden City

These are the kinds of clouds I love… these high icy clouds that are pulled apart by fast winds like long, sinuous strands of silk. When the sun starts to go down, it makes them even more silky…

Approaching the Forbidden CityThese are the kinds of clouds I love... these high icy clouds that are pulled apart by fast winds like long, sinuous strands of silk.  When the sun starts to go down, it makes them even more silky...- Trey RatcliffRead the rest of this entry here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

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  • Susan

    Oh wow! These clouds are lovely – looks like ripples on water – super Trey! Enjoyed the google+ chat too tonight!

  • Yep. Those clouds work for me. 🙂 Thanks for the chat, I was listening in and watching. Good conversation!

  • Hope in 2 &half weeks I’ll be there. Have made about 50 cards with your blog name to hand out on the tour busses for those who I find that are interested in HDR.As if you have not seen it before I find it always a wow factor to foreigners while traveling.Will be getting an ipad to down load some HDRs to show them,then give them the card as to inspire others.Hope you don’t mind gives me something to do will they are waffling along.Love the composition of this pic and colours

  • Patrick Ahles

    Nice clouds, yup! Love the sunset also.

  • Dan

    Explained the clouds thing very well Trey, I’m the same I hate a plain blue sky so I wait it out or come back another day when there is something interesting up there.

    I’m always fascinated by clouds which may sound like I’m freak but I love them, It makes or breaks the final shot for me, Can really make a massive difference.

    Awesome shot anyway 🙂 Keep up the great shots mate!

  • Great photo! Really like your quote “I just sit there and listen to my music and wait…wait…wait…” because that’s just the way we should be when taking photo. There is rarely a rush so taking out time pays off!

  • Awesome shot Trey! I’m a cloud guy myself, not that I get these kinds of shots, but I can appreciate your patience in getting these shots. Thanks for sharing! 😉

  • I chase the clouds…
    Great shot Trey!

  • Thanks! 🙂

  • Beautiful shot Trey – you’ve waited perfectly for the clouds to enter the frame… superb!
    I also think pulling clouds in from another photo is a BIG, NO-NO… shocking in fact! 😉

  • That sky is amazing Trey. My birthday is next month and I’ve requested a wide angle lens. On our recent trip to Europe that was the big thing I kept saying every time we were in a castle… ‘I need a wide angle’

  • George

    Ok, I was going to ask how you always seem to get these great skies, but then you told us. I can be patient, but if the clouds don’t come before sundown, I have to shoot with a bare sky. Your blog has always shown up on my Yahoo home page, but today it was missing. I had to Google you! How can I get you back?

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