One Week Till Burning Man!

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See all the Burning Man photos from this category by clicking that link… enjoy!

Another Batch

I’ve put together another set of photos… each of them is captioned below for you.

Coming Soon...

A few steampunk partiers get ready for the night of the burn.


Everyone on the playa is in costume. And, if you’re not in costume, then you’re the one that is standing out. This is one of the only Japanese people I saw there… but she certainly seemed really into the scene!


Coming Soon...

Every night as the sun is setting, these lamplighters come out with lanterns and hang them high along the main roads in the make-shift city.


Coming Soon...

One of the hundreds of art displays all over the playa. This one was in the very middle… alone and interesting.


  • Susan

    So love all your burning man shots – can’t wait to see them this year!! What camera are you taking this time? Know you will have alot of fun!

  • George

    Holy yellow. Does everything have that yellow cast at Burning Man, or are you employing a filter? Really fabulous photos under difficult conditions. Love it all.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Ooh, I wish I could visit Burning Man just once. Have fun!

  • I love seeing your Burning Man shots, esp since I’m not likely to ever make it. That said I can’t get the link to ‘all’ the shots to work πŸ™ It just keeps bringing me back to this post….

  • Trey, great photos. The gritty post appocoliptic doom feel is great.

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, it doesn’t seem possible it’s time for burning man again!!! Thanks for sharing last year’s photos, Trey. Looking forward to what you find there this year. Enjoy πŸ™‚

  • Thanks!

  • sam
  • GregS

    Welcome to Nevada, Trey. You spending any time in Reno before or after Burning Man?

  • I’m looking forward to your new collection of Burning Man photos too. Wish I was going! I have the same question as Susan. What camera will you be taking this year, Trey?

  • t.linn – I am still deciding! πŸ™‚

  • Superb BM images again Trey – I never get bored of these… keep ’em rollin’ mate! πŸ™‚
    Regarding your choice of camera for Burning Man… I bet you’re not taking the RED ‘EPIC-M’ hehe! πŸ˜‰

  • Awesome shots! looks really dusty there. I do know that you never change lens in an environment like that, but how do you manage to clean your gear after a trip like that?

  • Jim

    These photos are great! You may of already talked about this in the past but I was wondering how do you feel about Burning Man’s “terms of use” when it comes to photographs. Specifically how they say any photos taken inside they claim shared copyright of and prohibit you from sharing on social media if you have too many friends or a personal blog if, “your website does not sell any other product or service.” Which your site seems to fall under. I think your photos show how cool it would be to be there and promote Burning Man. I’ve never been but want to go after seeing your photos.

  • Thanks for sharing These Trey.
    Once century I want to go to this. I have a friend who spends Months setting up art & pulling down. She spends at least 3 Months living on the Playa each year.. what a life hey?
    This year she has her kitty cat with her πŸ™‚

  • California Road trip done to a back ground score of the recent Brandon Flowers album. Inspired by your pics of Hearts Castle Troy! I hope you enjoy.

  • Nick

    Did they make you adhere to their strict photo policy?

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