New Google+ Hangout – Recording #3

Recording #3 with Lisa Bettany, Colby Brown, and Chris MacAskill

There is a lot of cool stuff in this Google+ hangout… a tour of some of the art on the SmugMug HQ walls, a discussion with Colby Brown, a long discussion about printing…and all sorts of stuff. See below the video for a full list.

1:55 +Brian Matiash says hello

3:15 +Christa Laser talks about her IP stuff and our future hangout and +Chris MacAskill says something wonderfully lecherous that he didn’t quite mean that way

9:10 +Colby Brown talked about why he’s focused on Google+

19:30 +Brian Matiash talks about his Google+ followers versus Twitter followers

23:47 +Lisa Bettany blows into the studio and then +Colby Brown talks about how he got started

33:30 +Lisa Bettany asks about printing photos and then we start a long discussion about this sort of thing. +Chris MacAckskill gives many good ideas and insights

40:00 +Colby Brown talks about his printing stuff

43:00 +Shirly Lo talks about her print

43:50 I talk about how I get stuff printed

46:00 We start showing all the photo art around the offices

49.55 +Lisa Bettany starts fondling batman

53:50 I talk through some of my photos that are on the walls.

1:13:15 +Damon joins the hangout

1:14:20 +Colby Brown and +Brian Matiash talk about panoramas

1:18:00 +William Been joins us from Florida

1:19:00 +Dave Cox talks about his work and it sounds like they are doing something with +Claire Grant and Team Unicorn

1:27:00 I talk more about my meeting with +Chee Chew and our talk about Google hangouts

1:29:00 +Chris MacAskill tells a nice story about design and Apple and Google. +Andy Herzfield

1:32:00 +Lisa Bettany talks about Camera+

  • Susan

    This was a cool google+ chat – loved the SmugMug headquarters!! Super!!

  • Mike Jacobs

    That was a fun hangout. I was very inspired by the Giga Pano’s that Don talking about. I have played around with 30 shot Single row HDR panorama’s. But he really has taken that to a whole new level. Very impressive. I love the lightbox treatment for the large photo’s. Does it translate well for smaller images – 20X30?

  • Hi Trey! Good to see SmugMug office. Loved the part about printing.

  • I really appreciate you time-captioning that video.
    It helps a lot with these time-crunched days.

  • Thanks for uploading the Google+ ‘hangout’ Trey – I’ll try and watch some today, cheers! 🙂

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