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Sometimes I feel pressure to get every sunset… Not a bad kind of pressure – just a soft sort of pressure. But then, I forgive myself a little if I don’t get it by knowing that every minute there is a beautiful sunset SOMEWHERE on Earth. I think it would be cool to have a website or app that shows you were the most beautiful sunset is RIGHT NOW… and it shows it to you – wouldn’t that be awesome?

Daily Photo – PCH Sunset

Driving down Highway 1 in California gives you a front stage to the sunset. There’s no bad place to stop, so you can just pull out at the right moment, take a shot, and hop back in the car. It’s so easy — it almost feels like cheating!

I’m thinking about a much longer California trip soon. I may start up in Seattle then drive all the way down to LA, taking my time along the way to explore places for photography. Any spots I should not miss?

PCH SunsetDriving down Highway 1 in California gives you a front stage to the sunset.  There's no bad place to stop, so you can just pull out at the right moment, take a shot, and hop back in the car.  It's so easy -- it almost feels like cheating!I'm thinking about a much longer California trip soon.  I may start up in Seattle then drive all the way down to LA, taking my time along the way to explore places for photography.  Any spots I should not miss?- Trey RatcliffRead more here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

  • Susan

    Lovely sunset Trey…hope you had a good trip!

  • Oregon in my favorite. I loved Golds beach I think it was…..

    Here is one of my favs from there… http://www.flickr.com/photos/mdsimages/4270173671/in/set-72157607581774939/lightbox/

  • photo walk in LA!

  • That makes me jealous! I’m getting 5 days in Cali next month and I’m dying for more… Hwy 1 is the way to go (Marin Headlands, Santa Cruz, Pacifica), but Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Humboldt are all amazing spots that I don’t think I’ve seen images from you yet. Actually I’ve never been to Death Valley or Joshua Tree but I’ve been wanting to lots lately… maybe this winter when it’s tolerable. You really can’t lose in California. Everywhere is great.

  • Spooner’s Cove in Montana de Oro State Park just off of Highway 1 is absolutely breathtaking and should not be missed!

  • Beautiful sunset Trey – we get plenty of gorgeous sunsets here in NZ. However, I live on the eastern side of the South Island, so we naturally get the sunrises more! That said, we still get stunning sunsets that peep over the Southern Alps… especially if there’s been a gentle ‘norwester’ blowing!
    I visited a mate last weekend who lives on the western side of the North Island – Kapiti Coast to be exact! It was quite a novelty to see sunsets for a couple of days. Still, I guess the South Island is that narrow, I could see both sunrises and sunsets on the same day if I really wanted to… I’m very fortunate really, and thankful! 🙂

  • Gail in Montana

    Hi Trey, I’m back like a bad penny 😉 Beautiful Sunset at Big Sur!! I’ll be glad when my laptop returns home!! Until then, sharing hubby’s computer. Have a wonderful Saturday. I’ll be back when I have a day at home again. Take care. 🙂

  • Mike Tschappat

    McWay Falls in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park spills into the ocean. I was there in mid-morning when the beach was in sunlight and falls were in shadow. Definitely required HDR. But maybe around 6 p.m. it would all be lit by the setting sun.

  • Mr. Ratcliff,
    What if you organized a paid two-day photo drive/walk where we could come along. That would be cool 🙂

  • I know you will not be able to pass through the redwoods in Northern Cal without some eric photos. The Eel river, Mendocino… you just can’t go wrong. Just randomly stop every 39 minutes and see what the universe gives you. Another Bay Area photo walk would be cool too.

  • Everything along the whole coast is worthy. And there’s so much variety. I look forward to some of your photos. Have a great trip!

  • Andy

    There are some beautiful coves and small beaches nestled along the Laguna Beach shoreline. Shooting a sunset from Main Beach and capturing the sky colors and the silhouetted palms on the cliff side makes for a great photo. Check out some of the many coves south of Main Beach. One can spend an eternity capturing sunsets, tide pool macros, etc. at all of them.

  • Great shot Trey! The California coast never looked so good! A drive along the Pacific sounds like a lot of fun. I think it’s safe to assume you already know all of the great spots to stop for photos, but how about instead of stopping in LA, you keep heading south to at least San Diego as well? There are a lot of great beaches and scenery between LA and SD, so I’m sure you’d be able to get some great captures with that extra leg on your road trip.

  • Thanks very much! 🙂

  • Hi Trey. I didn’t see a technical support link. Sorry. I thought you should know that I get a popup with a link to newportalse.com. The popup warns that stuckincustoms has malware and warns me about visiting your site. I don’t get this popup on my other bookmarked sites. A quick google search shows other websites have been attacked by this as well and that newportalse is known to distribute malware. I need to see if I’m infected with something but, from what I can tell, your site might be as well. It might be worth checking out.

    I grew up in the Redwood country of northern CA. Redwood NP and Avenue Of The Giants in Humboldt County just off of US 101 are pretty spectacular.

  • Susan

    Yes,matthew L I have gotten that message the last two nights too – Norton said it blocked it but I am not sure – also this wierd commercial comes on you can hear!

  • Jake

    Big Sur is spectacular, but I know you’ve already been, since I’ve seen your pics. Also, Marin County and Sausalito are awesome, but surely you’ve been there since you’ve been to San Francisco.

  • Gretchen H

    Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon, is pretty lovely at sunset.

  • Thanks all – yes I see that warning too – our admin is on it – no danger though…. thx 🙂

  • Henry

    The Mendocino COast around Elk, Co is awesome, like Big Sur but more rocks islands.

  • Kevin Curry

    There are so many spots along the entire west coast. But one in particular not to miss is the iconic lone cypress at the south end of Pebble Beach.

  • Mason Higa

    Check out Morrow Bay! It has a giant rock protruding from the ocean. Almost like Cannon Beach in Oregon but it’s bigger and a lonely rock all by itself.

  • Roland Marsh

    Being from the Pacific Northwest, I would suggest some familiar landmarks, such as Mt St Helens, Mt Rainier, Columbia Gorge with its waterfalls, Space Needle, Dry Falls (bigger than Niagra Falls, but with no water), Cannon Beach as was suggested earlier, Boeing Aircraft Museum, Sci Fi museum in Seattle, Powells Books in Portland, and so much more… Have a great trip…

  • Garrett

    If you start in Seattle and push south…
    The Olympic Rainforest (if you haven’t been) has scenery like you dream of for HDR. Snowy peaks can be shot from inside a cove of high-rise, moss covered trees. The warm/cold feeling is amazing. Hurricane Ridge is another amazing spot. A tiny ski area in the park. Open effectively all year. Bring chains….they are required for vehicular traffic.

  • Contact me when you are in Oregon and I can take you to some nice photo spots like “Thor’s Well.”

  • Roland Marsh

    I agree with Garrett that the Olympic Rain Forest is a good place to get great HDR. When going through Oregon, then you can add Silver Falls State Park. It has 10 drop dead falls to explore and photograph, and is near Salem. Then you can add Crater lake in the south of Oregon.

  • Dana

    Hi Trey, my favorite place in San Francisco is Fort Point. It sits underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and it has a different view of the bridge and also a great panorama into the Bay with views of Sausalito, Angel Island and Alcatraz. The water crashes along the rocks right there as well. Grab a snack and hang out, it’s a cool spot.

  • Hey there Trey

    I’m from Astoria, OR

    You should check out these spots:
    North Head Lighthouse near Ilwaco Washington
    Peter Iredale shipwreck at Fort Stevens State Park
    Ecola State park.
    Cape Kiwanda

  • Bob Hathaway

    Hello Trey,

    New to the site and just starting to stumble around. First, let me say, awesome site and I can tell a lot more exploring is in order. We have a place up in Northern California on the Mendocino/Sonoma County line (The Sea Ranch). Lots of great photo ops in this area as well as North to the Lost Coast and South to Bodega. Too many to name. If you ever want to stop by and stay a few days drop me a line.

  • Mike Mazur

    Trey, you always do such wonderful work on the San Simeon coast, I’d encourage you to hit Paso Robles instead – love to see what you can do with the rolling hills, the solitary oaks and, of course, the wineries/vineyards. Last but not least – how about some pictures of Higuera during/after Thursday’s Farmer’s market – would love to see the creativity you come up with.


  • Besides the obvious, you might enjoy some of the smaller towns like Carmel and Cambria. Also consider taking San Marcos Pass over the San Ynez Mountains down into Santa Barbara – it’s a pretty mountain drive and you pass through Solvang (cute Danish town). But don’t stop in LA (except to see Malibu and Venice Beach) keep going down to San Diego and stop on the way and see San Clemente – a sleepy surf town close to Trestels (famous surfing spot) and very scenic. But really, the entire state is gorgeous and you will have a fantastic trip!

  • Jeff Y.

    Hey Trey,

    Love your photos with the mind-expanding colors and textures- you are such the artist!!

    I wanted to mention Bandon, Oregon- typical rocky Oregon coast, probably my wife’s fav town to stop at. Bandon has a wonderful main street as well with great seafood. Gracie’s Sea Hag comes to mind, as well as the many fish and chip stops along the way.

    You will also be amazed at the old growth Sequoia groves near the north coast of Cali- huge is too light of a word for them.

    Enjoy the trip!


    p.s. When are you going to get some shots of Lake Tahoe? I could not find any..
    We just spent a week there with my folks, celebrating their 50th.

  • Daniel Stemen

    Please don’t miss the rock at Zuma beach just north of Malibu. I love it there and I’m sure you will to.

    If you on the 1 PCH get off on Westward Beach Rd. Head all the way to the end of the parking lot.

    Climb the trail up the rock and enjoy technically at the edge of Point Dume. Its beautiful I’d love to see one of your great captures from up there. Pray for clouds 🙂

    I am still very am-mature in the photog world but I am addicted and love the learning. I hope your fortunate enough to visit this place.

  • Daniel Stemen

    I’d also like to add Rancho Palos Verdes as an option and as for San Diego just wander the La Jolla coast.

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