The Towering Rice Field

More China Background Story

I made a post on Google+ that describes more about the behind-the-scenes of how I got into China… in case you are curious…

Daily Photo – The Towering Rice Field

Once again back in Zhangjiajie. These spires are murder to walk up and down. I thought I was in reasonably good shape, but these things will suck the life out of you!

At the top of one of them, there is this lonely rice field just on the edge of a 1000+ foot drop. The whole place is beautiful, old, and beyond belief.

  • Serge Claes

    Dear Tray,

    I truly admire your work and your travels! They are inspiring for all the people who are into HDR photography as well as those who have a strong desire into travelling. Or both!!

    However, I feel you are failing upon your credibility regarding your invitation into the Forbidden City. Having myself lived and worked and lived in China from 2006 until 2010, I know for one thing sure: it definitely was not for free.

    I feel I had to react because in my Chinese experiences I have seen too much criminality of the rich. In nowadays China, if you have money, you just pay the government and you can exploit anyone, even foreigners. Think of it as a standard fee. Extras give you even more.
    If you have no money, the only way you can succeed is by being helpful, good, and showing your heart.

    So please, by all means, show your work, show your heart … but don’t fall into traps. Because you did.

    With all my respect, and the greatest compliments to your achievements (except your post today)

    Serge Claes
    Ostend, Belgium

  • Susan

    So Serge….that’s kind of a bummer comment – anyway, love the all the photos from China and am glad you’ve had the opportunity to explore there – keep up the good work Trey!

  • Gail in Montana

    Awesome photo, Trey! Thanks for your story and post. Have a great Sunday 🙂

  • I absolutely love your shots from here. I would love to visit this place. It seems so amazing in all of the photos I’ve seen. Next big trip for me is Ireland next month to shoot the Giant’s Causway and all those beautiful fields and castles!

  • Thanks 🙂

  • I love this. truly truly. Neat image, it’s striking.

  • I too must confess that I am deeply (DEEPLY I SAY!) hurt by your tragic decision making Trey. I have been trying to hold back my anger, and my tears, but I can no longer hide them. You went to China and didn’t even think to bring back any pirated Breitlings for your hard core fans? What sort of man are you?
    Please stop falling into traps dude. Because you can skin your knee, really bad. And you just did. For real.

  • LIsa Bradley

    This is absolutely beautiful!! But I can’t click on it to get to the hi-res version on Smugmug. Is it there??

  • Love this shot, Trey. I have to say that you have really created a desire in me to visit China. Your shots from Bejing, along the river, and here are terrific. (Just wish I liked Asian food more…)

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