Big Sur Sunset

The Behind-The Scenes Videos

Okay I heard a ton of feedback here and on Google+ from my question a week ago:

  • You would like to see a bunch more behind-the-scenes videos filmed by Anton!
  • You’d like them to focus on technical things, but still with an artistic discussion of composition, light, and how I choose my subjects
  • They will be much more informational and not “commercial-for-SmugMug” like you see here. (BTW, SmugMug did not pay me for this)
My SmugMug Review has a bunch more info for you.

I think we can do all of that!  I’ll talk to the SmugMug guys about sending Anton out to meet me at some exotic spots… these things take a while to execute and plan, but I am on it!

Daily Photo – Big Sur Sunset

Last week I promised I would reveal the photo today that I took during the video above, and here it is.

I guess you can get the sense from that video how windy it was! What a crazy day… I spent all afternoon and evening getting ready for this. There was a decent amount of hiking, preparation, and walking-around to figure out the best place to stand.

Maybe the bad thing about that video is showing how easy it all appears to be… in future videos, you may see some more of the problems that I face and how I deal with them. In some ways, I think that is more real than something that appears to fairy-book perfect!

  • Ernie Dinkel

    Another great photo. Love it. This is now my desktop.

  • Susan

    Oh wowee!! Sooo beautiful – instant new wallpaper! This would make a great print Trey – do so love that ocean spray on the left!!

  • Anonymous


  • I miss home. Gorgeous. The water spray and look of the frozen in time water (as well as the great natural bridge) are amazing. Thanks, Trey!

  • Awesome image – shame about the return of the Chromatic Aberration issue on the edge of the rocks 🙁 What do you think is causing it? The lens, or maybe just the sheer amount of sunlight entering the lens?

  • Beautiful sunset Trey. I really like the composition to this picture and of course the timing was spectacular.

  • Nice to see the photo that resulted from the video! Nice one mate 🙂

  • Beautiful shot Trey .. would love to hear how you overcome issues during shooting.

    Are you taking suggestions for the ‘exotic spot’ ? I vote for Tibet when you’re in China. Absolutely one of the best places I’ve been and I will have to go back now that I’m shooting HDR. You’re pictures would be awesome.

  • Awesome sunset shot, Trey! Love the colors.

  • David Hendershot

    Beautiful. I think I need to move to the west coast.

  • Gail in Montana

    Thanks for the new wallpaper, Trey!!! Spectacular shot, I love it!!!!!!!!!!! Whew, I’ll be here everyday this week, only have to go out a couple of days. Thanks for posting another great photo 🙂

  • Beautiful shot Trey – great composition, gorgeous sunset, plus wonderful motion and action through the water… stunning 🙂

  • Hi Trey,

    This looks a lot like McVay Falls, but the rangers would never let me down there. Great shot!

    Thanks, steve

  • TexasHello

    Ahhhh. Beautiful photograph. Was there last summer and it was covered in fog.

  • Big Sur is such a photogenic spot. Nice!

  • Simply stunning Trey! Can’t wait for more videos either!

  • What a great capture and perfect processing.. Love it!

  • I would definitely like to see some behind the scenes videos from Anton. His video work is excellent!

  • Beautiful, love the wave in the middle. BTS videos sounds great!

  • David Woods

    Like It!!

  • michel latendresse

    I guess i will have to buy your tutorial when i get back to a place where i can download it (presently in Cambodia and internet connections are not fast enough for an 11 hours download), but i’m still trying to figure how you do an HDR image with several exposures when you have such movement as those waves and still manage to get the wave sharp and clear… Nice work and looking forward to your BTS videos.

  • Thank you everyone! 🙂 Sorry about your connection michel — we’ll get that figured out

  • Great! I was just on the other side of the same rock this week! I like this one!

  • Are we taking bets on the place? may be mean, but: Dyrholaey, Iceland, underneath the light house on the sandy (not the black pebble) beach. So on the west side of the cliff.

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  • Dee

    Lovely. Another great point for Sunsets is off Julia Pfeiffer beach. The water looks most beautiful there.

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