New SmugMug Vid! Want to see even more Behind-the-Scenes videos?

SmugMug Review

You guys know that I’ve been using SmugMug for years. If you want to try it out, they gave me a discount code of STUCKINCUSTOMS to save you money. To really get the full scoop and compare to Flickr etc etc, see the full SmugMug Review here on the site.

Want to see more behind-the-scenes videos???

So, even though this video below is obviously a promo for SmugMug (they didn’t pay me btw), I thought it was SO COOL that I wanted to share it. The guy that filmed it, Anton Lorimer, is absolutely fantastic.

So, I liked it so much, that I was thinking about bringing him with me on a photo adventure and have him grab a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff. I’d like them to be both scenic and technical. What do you think of this?

I’m sure I could get SmugMug to spring for the cost of sending Anton along with me (I’ll pay for myself as usual.. I never accept paid trips or free hotels, even though I get offers all the time).

Photo Reveal – 1 week from Today

In the video below, you’ll see me in the Big Sur area of California. You’ll see me taking a photo of the surf and rocks at sunset… want to see how it turned out? I’ll publish it here a week from today!

New Video – SmugMug Pro Promo

Well, this is obviously an ad for SmugMug pro (didn’t pay for my appearance in the ad OR me putting it on the website, since you may be wondering)… but, besides the commercial side, it’s also amazingly cool footage. Anton followed me around a double-wicked evening of wind and skin-ripping sand on the beach here in Big Sur. I assumed he knew what he was doing, but when I ended up seeing the footage, I was really blown away!

If you like this “look”, we’ll assemble a lot more behind-the-scenes stuff. In future ones, I’ll focus on the technical details of the shoot, how I compose, how my camera is set up, and these sorts of matters… again, let me know if you want to see this, and I’ll put together a formal plan.

  • Susan

    Really great video – professional and the photography is beautiful as you would expect – looks first class!

  • Cool video. I still haven’t made a SmugMug account. I need to do that.

    And was it just me or were you the only Nikon user in that video?

  • Great video mate 🙂

  • Dustin Kunkel

    The video looked really great and well done. Props to Anton! I think the behind-the-scenes stuff is a really cool idea for the fact of not only seeing you in action, but that it’s really interesting to see how you operate. It’s always refreshing to experience what is going through someones head when they set up a shot. I wish more photogs would do this.

  • That…was a cool video. I would love to see one of that caliber showcasing your photo shoot process and final image! Maybe like a weekly thing orrrrr daily! – On a unrelated topic does anybody know how to change your avatar image on the right? Thanks I’m dumb and couldn’t figure it out.

  • There comes a time when the devotees of stuckincustoms need to see the man doing what he does best. The tutorial and “how to” videos go so far, but where is that piece of magic between theory and reality – I for one would love to see what goes on behind the scenes.

  • Of course another behind the scenes video would be wonderful! This was really well done. Gorgeous- but with Big Sur, it’s hard to get anything less.

  • Trey, very cool video…I can see why you like it so much! Would be great if you did more of this kind thing!


  • Randal Jaffe

    I would like to see a behind the scenes extended to the processing of the RAW images into the final product – the thought process and the choices worked through.

  • Love this video and I definitely would like to see more. I’ve been checking your site daily for years and love it!

  • Awesome video! I would love to see some “behind the scenes” videos. Go for it!

  • Anton Lorimer created an awesome video, I love his work! Yes of course, it would be great if you could get him to go with you on one of your trips and do some videos!

  • Thanks thanks

    Jess Gibson — yes I think I was the only Nikon user!

  • Superb video Trey – yes, please include a ‘behind-the-scenes’ video, including your suggestions as mentioned above… that’ll be great! If you need someone to carry your equipment and general baggage, then I’m more than happy to oblige… hehe! 😉

  • I love any behind the scenes stuff you’re willing to share with us Trey. It’s always so inspiring to see how the professional side of photography looks and when I realize that I’m already doing a lot of the same things it’s quiet a nice feeling. Just a matter of fine tuning and practicing my skills 🙂

  • Trey, Loved the video. Very well made, he did a great job. I would love to see more like this. I am also a big Smugmug fan. They are amazing. I have 4 different accounts for my separate businesses and one personal account. If anyone is wondering if they should use smugmug. You should. They rock!

  • Murray Parker

    Great video Trey, I would really like to see more behind-the-scene videos like this. I have a Smugmug Pro account based on your review and am just beginning to get it up and running. Pity more people don’t use Nikon, I love my cameras.

  • Andrew White

    Stunning video! Please… YES! Behind the scenes stuff would be sweet.

  • Very nice vid! Anton should accompany you more! 🙂

  • GregS

    Funny, I was just at Big Sur taking photos of the rocks and surf. Small world.

  • Thanks all…

    GregS – hehe funny we were at the same spot!

  • Thanks for the kind words Trey, I had a great time working with you. Your insight on photography and Smugmug were invaluable.
    Looking for to more projects!

  • casusan

    mathew m – go to and you can put any photos you like and even change them from time to time!

  • PeterG

    Great promotion video! It’s the kind you enjoy watching many times without swapping channel. Please, rollout some behind-the-scene videos, they would be appreciated.

  • Collleen

    I’d LOVE to see behind the scenes of you at work on various shots. I still say my favorite parts of your live HDR course back a few months was listening to your philosophies on art, photog, sharing etc. Listening to how artists think and attack their work is so inspiring. And this guy shot some great footage.

  • Thank you Casusan! I appreciate it. And Mr. Hole if you press pause during the video its like a new picture every time you stop it.

  • Great video! Loved the look of Anton’s work and would love to see his take on what you do!

  • Roger

    Yes, to more behind the scenes video.

  • I think it’s a great idea! It’s basically a virtual photo walk. What’s not to like? Of course, an actual photo walk is more fun but heck, this works… 🙂

  • Gary

    I think Smugmug is good if you know how to customize a website. If you don’t then I don’t find it very easy to use. For me, this is disappointing about Smugmug. I’d like to use it but I need something I can set up/customize without extensive web design experience.

  • Love the videos. Very helpful..keep them coming

  • Andrea Boyle

    Interesting comments and although I love looking at Smugmug sites, I don’t have a lot of money or energy to put into a custom one. I am just building my photography portfolio, but I don’t think Flicker is my avenue of choice either. I guess I’ll just keep listening to skuttle until I decide. Love the video, even if it is a commercial. Antone did a great job! I’m anxious to see what he can do “behind the (SIC) scenes”!

  • Wow I must say that was the best promo video I have ever seen. Beautifully filmed, great job.

  • Wes

    Sweet video, very well done. Definitely bring Anton with you sometime, I would love to see more in that style.

  • Wes

    And I have to say – Who cares about being the only Nikon user? How about being the only RED user? 😉

  • Luis

    Awesome video Trey, and I would be happy to see behind the scenes videos!

  • Great ad. Would like to see more behind the scenes stuff of you for sure.

  • Thanks to Smugmug for my free Pro account in which all sales go to charity! Nice company…

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