A great day at Google!

Why I love the comments some others dislike

I wrote an article on Google+ entitled “Why I love seeing the “Nice shot” and “Wow” comments, and why some other photographers should stop complaining about it…”, and it was quite popular! In about 12 hours, it hit the max of 500 comments. Anyway, I thought you all might enjoy the article as well, since the same goes for here at the blog too!

And thanks again for all the adds and stuff. It looks like I somehow got in the Top 20 in Google+, so I’m very thankful to you all!

Looking for people to circle? See the Stuck In Customs community list!

Daily Photo – A great day at Google!

So, a fellow photographer at Google named Brian White contacted me through G+ and asked if I wanted to visit the Zurich offices while I was in Switzerland. It just so happened that I am flying out of Zurich, and I took a train from Zermatt yesterday afternoon to meet him.

I met all sorts of interesting people there from Google and from the Google+ team. To see everyone I met and circle them, see the Google+ post about this.

We did a live Google+ Hangout (see photo) from their offices and had people connect from all over the world. We even had a Vietnamese guy in Prague join and play us an acoustic guitar song! It was really fun…

After the Hangout, we went up to the Google library on the top floor of their offices to take this photo together. See those people there on the left? They mostly ignored us. I think this is because they were serious Germans playing a board game. Never play a board game with a German.


  • Susan

    So glad you got to go to google – looks fun there! Why do we always envy people with that kind of job?? Welcome home….whenever you get here!

  • I love this library at Google in Zurich, how fun to have been invited up. Safe travels back home! I agree 100% with you about comments, it’s fun to get WOW and awesome comments. If we have conveyed what we feel when we take a photo, then we have accomplished a great thing. Congratulations on being in the top 20, your photography is awesome and inspiring!

  • George Green

    That’s an interesting photo. Trying to figure out how you did it. Looks like the people were lit by flash, but the rest of the room was HDR. Did you take a flash shot and then set the camera up for multiple bracket shots or vice-versa? The background is really sharp. In the High res pic. I can read the titles of the books on the shelf. Don,t understand them but can read them.

  • I like the comments and observation about Germans 😉 As German who lives in America, I realize more and more that we sometimes reaction really strangely from an international perspective. When you live in the culture, you don’t realize it. But with a bit distance, it can become quite awkward.

    Sorry, for my german fellows. They never learned to be polite and open to an international crowed.

  • Andy Bird

    Interesting article there Trey. It’s only in the last year-and-a-half or so that I’ve been been mixing with other photographers but I do personally feel that there is an elitism amongst many of them out there – especially towards newcomers. My first thought as a newcomer to the scene was that there was a lot of guys out there who don’t have a lot of love for the scene or the subject – i found them to be cold and more likely to brag about the equipment or post-processing software they were using or what settings, composition, apertures, shutters speeds and ISO they had used – I’ve seen guys with better gear than I do sneering at my Canon 1000D and it’s a little lame. I still feel that a lot of guys do this and dissect their own and other people’s work as a form of posturing and one-upmanship instead of just relaxing and talking about what their own or other people’s work evokes in them or means to them. When I comment on a photo I don’t pick at it I just say what I feel which usually ends up talking about Indiana Jones movies or something similar that I’ve done or visited and if that isn’t good enough for some guys who want to dissect EVERYTHING then that’s a shame.

    As for today’s photo – very cool – those guys on the left look like they are playing Warhammer 40k -good times!

  • Hi, about the article you wrote I would agree with you. Every one has different ways of expressing themselves and thats what makes your day to hear all these, as we call them WOW factors. Can you imagine if we were all like the curser on the computer we would all be the same and that would be boring. Interesting comments from all walks of life should not be judged but enjoyed by all.Andy I feel your comments are justified as well. Even every country has its cultures and that should be excepted by all,otherwise we just live in a cocoon. Some times we need to change ourselves then maybe receive a few more WOW comments then you will feel that your world has opened up. Trey your pic is Zer goed love it.

  • I hope you’re enjoying rainy Switzerland these days. As mountains keep hiding themselves behind cloudy curtains, you might want to take a look at the “Via Mala” Canyon, which is close to Chur. And being there, stopping over in one of Europe’s smallest countrys, the Prinipality of Liechtenstein is also worth a stop!

    Looking forward to meet you for a beer in Vaduz!

  • Gail in Montana

    Looks like you were having way to much fun in Switzerland, Trey, lol. Nice photo of the group. I love reading about your travels!! Thanks for sharing another tale. I guess I should join google+ . Have a great Saturday 🙂

  • Gail in Montana

    I joined google+, Trey. Nice to see you in the #17 position on the list!!!!

  • Peggy

    You deserve to be high on the list Trey. You are so talented. I have enjoyed your work for several years now and hope to continue enjoying it for several more. Your pictures take me away to places I can only dream about going. Thanks a million!!

  • Really great photo with the Google+ team! I really need to get back into HDR.

  • Wow, Google’s offices never fail to impress me… cool!
    Great post Trey – perfectly said… I couldn’t agree more!
    Enjoy the remainder of your travels through Europe 🙂

  • Ray

    Come clean. You’ve been doing with business with Google. What deal did you cut?

  • Now THAT looks like a cool place to work. I might not mind having a *real* job if I could work there…

  • Thanks all…

    Ray – hehe no…. they don’t pay me a dime, but they DID give me a peach iced tea and a good time in the cafeteria.

  • Nice! I totally agree about Germans and board games. It is quite serious business. Was there any buzz at Google about the Facebook Chat Rounds app?

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