The Old Farmhouse at Sunrise

9 Exposures

I don’t usually take 9 exposures from +4 to -4, but I did bust that out in this case. I put all 9 photos in the Clubhouse so others could give this a go… it is a pretty challenging shot all around, as you might suspect.

People ask how long it takes me to do these… It’s a hard thing to answer. The thing is, I am very fast, so whatever number I say may be meaningless because of how quick I am with macros and stuff. However, after saying that, it does take me from 10 mins to 3 hours on each photo. This one took about two hours.

Daily Photo – The Old Farmhouse at Sunrise

Sometimes I feel a little funny about opening up gates to go into places… but no one was around, and this place looked pretty abandoned. And, really, I’m pretty innocent and don’t mean any harm…so, I just kinda let myself in, you know? Yes yes I know I shouldn’t do it… but I just opened up the gate, walked around the the back side of this abandoned place, took some photos, then left.

  • Susan

    Beautiful – love the sun rays on that beautiful grass – yes, not many of us would go through that gate! But I guess that’s what makes ‘you’ you! Ok so maybe Gonzo would!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Yes, it really looks abandoned, so who cares? You got the shot! And it’s a great one.

  • Awesome shot, love the backlighting.

  • Not only would I – I have – many times. Trespassing is practically a requirement before I take a shot. (As opposed to taking a shot before I post in here)
    Trey – Three amazing shots in a row. You are killing it bro.
    As far as top secret decoder ring spots I love to shoot –
    I like this one…
    It’s the train tracks next to the Seaholm Power plant. I almost got arrested taking this pic. Apparently its a felony in Austin to STAND on train tracks, which I was. Anyway – the graphitti on the bridge was worth the hassle from Johnny Law.

  • I *LOVE* this photo – something about the colors just makes it so interesting and lively without it being overdone. Trey, you are so talented!

  • I thought that while waiting for the Trey’s pic to down load I would tell you the happening of today at work.We have a place here down under called Grey lands,It is for the insane.This morning there was a lot of commotion at the entry to the car park where I work and on approaching this gentleman I asked if I could assist him. He started with an ear bashing x#y#z and said he could not get into the car park.With that I was kind enough to give him a free Knight hood by saying the full sign was on SIR.He then indicated to a space which belonged to a permanent Parker. After a long explanation his fowl mouth began filling my ears garbage.(wish I didn’t
    wash my ears this morning I may have not heard him) I said I could not help him then he shouted at me and said, do you know who I am. With that I got my phone out and was about to make a call when he came out with this x#y#z again and who the x#y#z are you calling.Well!!! SIR giving him a polite Knighthood once more which he did not deserve,its Grey lands SIR, these people will help you as you don’t know who you are,with that he road off shouting his mouth off with this strange lingo that he has. The moral of the story if you wake up one morning and you not sure who you are then seek help, don’t ask a parking attendant he will only point you in the right direction.
    And now your beautiful picture has arrived for judging and after todays performance how tranquil and pleasing to look at.
    O!! by the way thats a $5-00 entrant fee through the gate hehe!

  • Ah yes, I recall this one… Didn’t have a go processing it, I was a bit busy. Killer shot though! The greens in the foreground really grab the eye. Gotta love high contrast scenes like this one, fantastic!

    And I agree with Gonzo, “Trespassing is practically a requirement before I take a shot…” — So true mate! Haha… Sometimes it’s easier to seek forgiveness than seek permission. I recently got my Subaru stuck up a back country farm track, in about 2 feet of snow! the farmer who towed me out wasn’t too happy and spent several minutes yelling “Didn’t you see the sign saying the road was closed?!?!” — To which I responded “Yea, I ignored it… I’m a photographer. We do crazy shit…” — Classic, haha 😀

  • Andy Bird

    I love abandoned places and the whole idea of ‘Urban Exploration’ but i’m still too law abiding/chicken to go there properly – if the gate is open and there’s obviously no one around then why not though?

    As for exposure bracketing I’ve been limited to going up to +/-2 on my 1000D. I usually find 3 exposures at +/-1 is plenty for most situations and don’t really notice much difference if I do 5 at +/-2 – it’s probably just my eyes, however I do now have the capability to go as far as +/-3 with my new gear so maybe when I get the chance I’ll give it a run-out with some HDR landscape stuff…..

  • George Green

    Nine shots! Seems like a lot but to capture a sunset it looks like you needed them all. Gorgeous! Colors and fantastic. Gonzo, loved you train tracks. But it looks like you were laying down not standing on the tracks. Wonderful how you got the graffiti to stand out.

  • Did you close that gate before you left?? 🙂 2 hours, wow! Worth every second Trey…BTW where is this place? The tag says only “travel”.

  • I bet 1000$ on Iceland.

  • Wonderful. You have really gotten perfect at dealing with the sun. That’s something I still struggle with. Gotta practice more!

  • Beautiful shot Trey! 9 exposures is impressive. Great result! And don’t worry about opening a closed gate. You’re a photographer! Get the shot no matter what, right? 😉

  • I’m less concerned about people than animals. I can explain myself to an angry person. An angry dog may not be as receptive. Then again, I am charming, so maybe it works on dogs, too.

  • Eric Ruji

    How do you know how many exposures to take? I often take 9 just because I can. I can always just pick and choose how many exposures i want to process. But im not sure if processing 9 vs 3 exposures harms the end results in a photo that is not very bright. So how do you decide how many to use?

  • Gorgeous shot Trey – I can feel the warmth of that sun all the way here in chilly Canterbury, NZ… brrr! 😉

  • Trey, Beautiful shot. I ususally only take three exposures just because I am in a hurry and don’t have time to change settings, but I was able to capture this one at 9 exposures

    handheld of course.

    I beleive that a closed gate / abandoned building calls to the “explorer” in all of us. Some just give in to it more than others. I am still working up my nerve to explore some of the local abandoned buildings here.

  • Stephen Clarke

    Love the sun rays in this shot Trey!
    Gorgeous shot!!!

    Hey, this looks like this is one of those rare situations you talked about where you actually get dark clouds AND blue sky.

    (PS. I still want to know if that is a little Trey in Susan’s avatar!)


  • Susan

    Stephen – sorry I meant to write yesterday when I saw your comment! No that’s not Trey – it’s my daughter Bianca taken in Chicago a few months ago – she’s been sick – but is super well now!! So she was not feeling too hot there – I will have to find a pic of Trey too!

  • Thanks all!

    This one was indeed 9 exposures!

  • Kelly Tosh

    I love these shots. My father-in-laws place is alot like this. Should I take a lot of shots to get the look you achieved?

  • Carl Cosby

    Great shot, will give it a shot tomorrow some time

  • Julie

    Love the colors in this one. It is beautifully processed. Gonzo, I think it may be a federal law. Powerplants tend to have tighter security in post 911 so it would be much harder to get away with trespassing on the tracks that often carry coal into them.

  • Awesome Trey! i would love to see a comparison between say this 9 pic shot and a 3 pic shot to see if there is much difference? i’m sure there is but how much would be interesting.

  • the range of colors i am seeing is amazing

  • Jan

    Hey trey, i dont know if you already talked about this, but i was wondering what is the focal lenght you most use.
    I just got myself a 10-22mm canon and it appears that most of your shots are wide angle shots.
    What would you say about that?

  • Great shot! Recently, I came up on an abandoned house or at least I thought it was until I was 10 feet from it and heard some loud noises coming from it. Decided I was better off moving on (it was very creepy).

  • The first thing I saw was the spectacular saturated colors! Great shot! Thanks for posting!

  • Hi Trey;

    I can open your images directly onto Photomatix, but for some reason I can’t open your individual NEF files in Camera Raw even though I can open my NEF files in Camera Raw. Thoughts? I’m using CS3

    Terry Lawson

  • Kat

    Spectacular shot! Everything about the picture is just so perfect!

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