Sting in Concert in Nimes

Your Most Amazing…

What is the most amazing concert / venue you have ever visited? There are little amazing things that happen all over the world all the time, but I rarely hear about them… so I was wondering what experiences you have had.

Daily Photo – Sting in Concert in Nimes

So I’m going to see Sting in concert this week right here in this old Roman ruin. I’m very excited to see what it will be like to see something like this here… It’s hard to imagine what it will be like, but I’ll try to grab a few photos while I am there… no promises, though, but I’ll see what I can get! 🙂 I’m not going in any official capacity – just as a fan in the audience.

Sting in Concert in Nimes

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  • Susan

    Oh wow – beautiful! Looking forward to seeing if you get any photos from the event – I love Sting!! Have tons of fun!

  • PeterG

    Sting, an old ruin and good weather will be something to remember. Have a great time! The venue I recall for myself is Dalhalla ( An ancient lime stone quarry with water surrounding the stage, amazing accoustics.

  • Wow – another beautiful shot. Just amazing how you can up with one every night. Enjoy the show,but don’t get stung! he he. They don’t usually allow camera’s into concerts, but if you can sneak one in I’d love to see your interior photo’s.

  • I agree with George, they really don’t usually allow cameras, but I hope you will smuggle your D3S inside…Lovely shot, ghosting looks cool sometimes! Fresh photo for today

  • Thanks – No cameras eh? Okay hehe – I will keep that in mind!

  • Still loving your photos!!

  • Phillip Hill

    One of the Best Concerts i have ever seen, Sting in Sydney Nov 2000 enjoy.

  • Very nice shot Trey. Colors are amazing. And BTW, you seeing Sting live = Me being jealous. ;-P

  • Patrick Ahles

    Beautiful shot, I love Roman ruins! Although not Roman, here’s a shot of a ruin near the place I live:

  • Vicki Wilson

    Love this, what a cool place for a concert, I hope you have a great time! I love outdoor concerts the best, like those held at the Fraze Pavilion in Kettering OH. There is just something special about hearing great music while sitting outside in the open air with friends.

  • Love the shot Trey … best concert, anything at Red Rocks in Colorado.

  • Stunning shot Trey – I like the warm glow and evening tones… fantastic!
    We recently saw Sting live in concert here in Christchurch, NZ – he was performing with the NZSO during his ‘Symphonicity’ tour… it was an amazing night!
    Enjoy the concert… you’ll have a fab time! 🙂

  • The detail and the “glow” are great in this!

  • Nice work Trey, lovely looking place there. Sting is great and I am a big fan, but if you haven’t seen him before, the show is fairly boring. Musically it’s great, but pretty tame. Nothing like seeing Springsteen, for example. Have a great time though! Get some pics if you can!

  • Steve K

    My favorite Sting music is from a charity album he did with the late, great Pavarotti, called “Pavarotti and Friends” (there are several albums in a series with that name).

    I had no idea that Sting has such a well trained classical voice. I can only hope that you’ll get to hear an aria from an Italian opera at the Coliseum. What a treat!

  • I’d bring a cushion, because I doubt those seats are comfortable.

  • Eric Pearson

    Have fun, Trey. I hope you can show us something from inside that place. Looks awesome.

    I flew from Chicago to Providence a few years ago on New Years Eve to see the Mighty Mighty Bosstones at really neat concert hall. Made it back home within 24 hours. It was an insane day. One of the best concerts I’ve ever experienced.

  • Best venue – Olympiastadion in Munich, that place had a magical aura.

    Best Concert – Hmmm AC/DC, Kiss and Motley Crue in Glasgow, Aerosmith in Riga – they were all amazing so it’s hard to decide a winner!

  • The Opera at Bregenz on the Lake, The Opera in Verona, and The Montreux Jazz Festival around Lake Geneva…..and Oh yeah, Genesis in Lyon France in a Stadium (that show was awesome actually) … Great shot yesterday by the way and cool video too 🙂

    Mike / MDSimages

  • Thanks everyone!

    Michael – I should have known you would know the best! hehe

  • Michele

    Early 80s, an intimate crowd of 70,000 gathers under a full moon at Western Springs Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand to listen to, and sing along with, Simon and Garfunkel. A magical night.

  • Janice V

    That would have been the Grateful Dead at Red Rocks without a doubt. Think it was ’84. Saw all 3 days. While they played Cold Rain and Snow an incredible lightning storm and huge hail was pounding Denver just below us on the 2nd day. Absolutely amazing shows. First time I heard them play Iko Iko….

  • Harbles

    A shot from Scott Kublin’s G+ stream of the actual scene.

  • I would have to pick Cowboy Mouth at any venue. Fred has an amazing way of getting the audience involved in the show. You should not have any problem working that “old school gentleman explorer” while hiding your really cool toys. Oh, and the photo was great like usual.

  • Hans

    Have fun, the Nimes arena is very nice and surprisingly intact condering its age.

  • Best concert / venue for me? Definitely Sting at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO (in the foothills just west of Denver). Its a fantastic site. Would have loved to seen U2 there when they did that one live.

  • Hi Tray,

    would you mind if I ask you for some tutorial on the post-process you did on this shot?

    thanks a million!

  • Thanks all!

    Reuben – sorry mate – I have over 60K unreads and I am busy beyond imagination

  • Big Matty

    Great photo Trey, but getting to see Sting! I’ll bet it was awesome.

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