Epic Red Unboxing

Red Epic Unboxing on Google+ Hangout Today!

Join me (Google Profile) on Google+ for a video Hangout on Tuesday at 10 AM PT (12 noon CT) for an unboxing of the new RED Epic that just arrived at my doorstep!  And don’t worry… I’ll still be shooting with my Nikon as my main camera… this is an experimental thing.  Very experimental.. [EDIT: Missed the Hangout? Here is a screengrab that @ErnestDuffoo snapped.]

Daily Photo – Medieval Town at Night

So today we have another mystery location!  You guys are always so good at guessing, I think you’ll get it right away.

Truth be told, I hope you get it right away, since I can’t remember where it was!  This place was quite difficult to find and we stumbled upon it by accident!  And I’ve had a heck of a time trying to remember the name of the place… it was quite strange, so I remember that, but that doesn’t get me very far.  Once you say it, I’ll know it for sure, at least, probably.

Medieval Town at NightSo today we have another mystery location!  You guys are always so good at guessing, I think you'll get it right away.  Truth be told, I hope you get it right away, since I can't remember where it was!  This place was quite difficult to find and we stumbled upon it by accident!  And I've had a heck of a time trying to remember the name of the place... it was quite strange, so I remember that, but that doesn't get me very far.  Once you say it, I'll know it for sure, at least, probably.- Trey RatcliffRead more here at the Stuck in Customs blog.


  • Susan

    Beautiful shot Trey…ummm this reminds me of somewhere you were in France – perhaps with your friends. Congrats on the new ‘red’ can’t wait to see what you and it can do!!

  • I hope I can see the “Red”… I’m brimming with jealousy and totally excited to see what you can do with that thing. Just imagine your movies from now on… and how HUGE the files will be!! 🙂

  • Scott G

    I’m almost certain this is the location. It wasn’t too hard to figure out from the only readable words in the picture. “Agence du Moulin” came up with two results on Google Maps. Then a localized search for “orpi” confirmed that it was the place!


  • PeterG

    The Red must be the ultimate gadget unboxing this week. Do I feel envy…naah 😉 I’ll try to join the hangout event anyway 🙂

  • Andy Bird

    I just went on the RED website and was greeted with an image of what I think was Daniel Craig so any remote chance of me ever owning one of these things has immediately been neutralised – i’ll stick to my 1000D.

    Great street scene today although my French travels have been limited to only Paris i’m afraid thus I am truly stumped as to where this could be. Looks like the type of place where you could get a nice cold European beer however 🙂

  • Gee, I’m feeling dumb. Don’t know what a RED epic is. Never heard of it. The picture of the French Street is an almost perfect HDR. The composition and details are amazing. You do know that Nikon makes GPS attachment that will let you know exactly where the image was taken. I think it costs about $200 or so.

  • dju`
  • Well Red Epic-m is a 58.000 $ experiment. Nice toy !

  • congratulations on the camera
    i wonder if you usually acknowledge the right answer to these challenges, because it’s been 2 years since this one: http://www.stuckincustoms.com/2009/11/24/a-bar-with-a-view-and-time-running-out-to-get-limited-edition-print/
    🙂 regards

  • Hehe… you sound like a kid waiting for Christmas Day! Enjoy your RED epic… sounds amazing!
    Ooh La, La! C’est très chic… wonderful shot Trey – just love anything remotely French, especially quaint little towns like this – its got a nice ambience to it… excellent processing too! 😉

  • Congrats on your buy Trey, it’s a beast! Nice shot today, I don’t really know where it is, but it looks very beautiful!

  • Lovely shot in this post. Feels like I’m standing right there. 🙂

  • Harbles

    Wow Xmas in july! As your twitter intro goes “A warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys.” so now even cooler toys. It’s neat that it can use all your Nikon lens’. http://www.red.com/products/epic I know you will have fun.

  • Beautiful! the epic red dose amazing video! get experimenting man

  • Gail in Montana

    Beautiful shot of an unknown city. Hope the answers above brought the place back to mind. Have no idea what the big Red is, as I don’t go to Google+, I have enough to do, lol. Have a great Tuesday. I get to stay home today, so it will be a great day for me and a hot one. Enjoy 🙂

  • Can’t wait to see what you can do with the Red, should be awesome! Great pic today too!

  • Big Matty

    Great shot Trey, I can’t wait to see what you do with the Epic camera too.

  • Sweet street shot Trey. Not sure if I’ll have time today to join the hang out, or if I’ll be able to get with the droves of people that come your way. I heard your hang out for the launch last week was filled in less than 5 seconds flat!

  • hehe thanks all…

    Johnny – the ebooks and videos only make up a small percentage of the income here. Most is through photo licensing and other income streams.

    Rado – that one was the intercontinental hotel in tokyo! 🙂

  • You folks talking about how much the camera costs are killin’ me. We don’t know if Trey bought one, if he rented one, or if he’s just testing one. Furthermore – it doesn’t matter. How exciting for us that a photographer who is so willing to share information and results is going to be giving this camera a run through?

    And, surely you jest about how much the resource materials here cost…

  • Tom Meerwarth

    Carcasonne?? That is one expensive toy!!!!!

  • Looks like Antibes …

  • David Hendershot

    The HDR Webinar was a bargin. To spend time with Trey explaing his creative flow is priceless. $89 for the DVD version is a BARGIN!

  • Stephen Clarke

    LOL… Jealousy will get you nowhere…
    I’ve bought Trey’s ebooks and taken his live webinar… and it was worth every penny! In fact, the webinar was so good that I’d pay for it all over again if it was offered.
    That fact that you are making such silly comments only proves that you are not only ignorant of the effort, integrity and quality that Trey puts into the creation of those product offerings, but also that it is highly likely that you have never even seen or participated in them yourself.

  • Stephen Clarke

    oh, yeah….
    Nice shot by the way Trey. Reminds me a bit of old Quebec City in Canada.


  • Here is a photo from the Hangout that someone grabbed – http://img695.imageshack.us/img695/2228/unboxing3.png

  • love this shot Trey

  • Its either at a French place or a kind of “fake” French place. Actually, looks like where I am staying in London now…..minus the French signs!

  • hi trey, lucky you on getting a red! i heard that they can get quite hot when running. it will be interesting to see how yours goes. keep us posted!

  • @Andy. Just wonder, why that Daniel Craig is a showstopper?

  • Just like from out of this world. How would it be to set a focus with a tilt shift effect? I think this would hihglight the “plastic look” just a lot more. Would you try and post it again?

  • Trevor Driscoll

    So excited to see your work with it! oh and also #jealous

  • Ah, i see. Well that’s not too tkrciy at all!”

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