I’m 40!


It’s like 30, but with more Internet

Well, today is my 40th birthday.

I plan on having a midlife crisis between 2 AM and 3 AM and that involves a considerable amount of chocolate and then get over it.

Just as I was leaving Iceland, they had this giant poster in the airport. BTW, every Icelandic advertising poster looks the exact same, and they all copy 66’North, which I think originated the campaign. Everyone looks hard and windswept while the rugged Icelandic background is in the distance behind them… ANYWAY, there was this poster of a dude ice-climbing, and it said, “Life Begins at 40.” I think the ad was for some bank. But, it didn’t make me want to ice climb or do any banking with them, so I really don’t know what effect that ad or any of this has had on me.

Daily Photo – Bridge of the Dark Fairy

Now this place was hard to find. In fact, I tried to geo-locate it after the fact, and I could not even come close. It’s like one of those lost spots on earth, like the island with King Kong, or the deep paths to Silfen worlds…

After leaving the road, I scrambled down a few hillocks and walked along the stream a bit. Finding this quite mirror-world of sorts, I stopped for a photo.

Bridge of the Dark FairyNow this place was hard to find.  In fact, I tried to geo-locate it after the fact, and I could not even come close.  It's like one of those lost spots on earth, like the island with King Kong, or the deep paths to Silfen worlds...  After leaving the road, I scrambled down a few hillocks and walked along the stream a bit.  Finding this quite mirror-world of sorts, I stopped for a photo. - Trey RatcliffRead all about this and my 1-hour midlife crisis here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

  • Suze. You intrigue me.
    You live in my favorite state. (No. Not denial. Montana)
    You are attentive your sons activities.
    You psycho analyse those who also are attentive to your sons activities.
    Do you also take time to analyse yourself?
    Ah, yes. What can we discern about the Suz-a-nator?
    A women’s secrets are a deep well and having jumped in who can say exactly what you will end up swimming in?
    No. I will not fathom (or hazard) a guess other than to say . . . My dear lady, I would never dane to stand in front of you for fear I would cost another soul the privilege of gazing upon your continence.
    I will gladly step aside for the honor of merely being in the glow of your virtual-presence.
    Who knows? Perhaps one day well shall actually meet. On that day I will happily open the door for you.

  • Susan

    Super shot Trey – yes, it does look intriguing! Well, you’re 40!! Happy Birthday! With your imagination which I so enjoy – I know you will forever be young! And Gonzo I would be happy for you to open the door for me anytime!!

  • Ernie Dinkel

    Happy birthday Trey! Being almost twice your age I really enjoy your photos.
    Thanks for inspiring me to get into HDR. Can’t wait to see some pictures from
    Switzerland. Soon?

  • Happy birthday Trey, I take it you’ve had a fantastic year… Heres to another 40! Best of luck with that midlife crisis… Sounds awful 😉
    Love the photo too… I’m working on a few river shots with a good mate tonight.

  • Happy Birthday, Trey.

  • Chris Pienaar

    Congratulations, When you get to 50 you will realise who young you are today!

  • Steve

    Happy birthday trey, strange pic, looks like someone built a bridge and dragged it out to middle of iceland? 🙂 i guess you could step over the stream without the bridge. Enjoy the crisis and the choccy.

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Trey! All the best to you and yours, stay healthy! … cool image too 😉

  • happy birthday!

  • Dan pancamo

    You are only 21 on Mars.

  • Willingandable

    Hey Trey, Herzlichen Glückwunsch from Germany!! Keep it up!! Cheers, Jens

  • Congrats!

    Hyvää syntymäpäivää! (Happy Birthday in Finnish 🙂

  • Trey, Happy Birthday ! Love the little bridge. The bridge to the second half of your life. Trying to remember where I was on this day in 1971 and it came back to me. I was backpacking in the Jefferson wilderness in Oregon with my two boys and a scout troop. Great mountain scenery but I didn’t have a camera. Hadn’t taken up photography yet. But I was only 44 then, lots of time left, and I’m still learning. Think how much will change for you in the next 44 years! But not backpacking any more.

  • Happy Birthday Trey!

  • Happy B-day Trey! Have a great one!



  • Rolf

    Happy birthday Trey! 🙂

  • Jez

    Congrats Trey! Don’t book in the mid-life crisis just yet. When I turned 40 a while back I noticed a newspaper report saying psychologists now think we enter mid-life at about 47. As I now approach 47 I’m hoping new research will push the boundary further, and will continue doing so for the next fourty years or so. Even if it doesn’t I’ve still got a couple of years before I need to grow up; then I’ll have my crisis! Stonking photo by the way. Who on earth builds a decorative bridge like that in such a bleak landscape? Must be the little people…

  • Happy Birthday Trey! Fantastic picture to put up for your 40th! Hope you have a fantastic birthday and continue moving forward with the same amount of dedication and success of which I’m sure you will. All the best….

  • PeterG

    Happy Birt4day Trey! The great thing with anniversaries is that they grow on you, no effort involved until midlife hits you. Have a great day and all the best for the second half… Love todays (appropriate) photo.

  • Andy Bird

    What a wonderful scene in today’s image!

    Dan Pancamo’s comment is tremendous – great stuff!

    Have a great birthday and a great time up at KSC!

  • Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám, hodně štěstí, zdraví, spokojenosti a hlavně dobrý světlo! Keep up the great work Trey and come to Prague finally! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Trey – Have a great one.

  • Have a Goodly one and best wishes from down under.You did not break that bridge trying to cross it after a choc binge did ye! hehe

  • Happy 21st Birthday Trey – what do you mean you’re 40! I’m not falling for that old trick… have a fab day mate, yeah! 🙂
    Cool shot today – so unique with the little bridge… I like the motion of the water too, excellent!

  • Happy birthday, Trey! Thanks for sharing it with us… Hope the chocolate helped. 😉 Really great image, LOVE the bridge, the dark colors, the movement in the water… wonderful.

  • Vincenzo

    Happy Birthday Tray, from one of your loyal fan! and BTW Beautiful shot as usual!

  • Vincenzo

    :s … I mean Trey!

  • charles

    Happy Birthday Trey !
    Great picture ! That bridge looks like is was brought from the Shire to Mordor, really out of place.

  • Jaroslaw Predki

    Happy Birthday Tray!

  • Dan

    ^ lol @ Tr’A’y. Happy Birthday mate! Mine was on the 4th July… O hope you have an awesome day! And get some pretty sweet gifts.

    Awesome photo as usual :).


  • Ann Gardner

    Happy Birthday from the Lone Star State. I’m in my mid-50s and life gets better and better. There’s freedom in discovering who you really are and not worrying about what people think about you as you pursue your passion, although you might already be there. However, I do have my daily dose of hot tea and chocolate, which helps whether in a crisis or not. Thank you for your daily photos and website which help me be a virtual traveller when I can’t get out there and for your witty comments. I was at Kuykenhof Gardens outside Amsterdam in April. If you can ever get there when it’s open in the Spring, you’ll enjoy sensory overload with all the colors, fragrances and sounds.

  • As usual, I think of Tolkien with this image. It’s really awesome.


  • Happy Birthday Trey! I like the photo, great find and composition but it feels a little too devoid of color to me.

  • Happy Birthday!!
    I wish you all the best for the next 40 years!

  • David

    Happy Birthday Trey, may you have many more years of making yourself and others happy through your photography

  • Happy Birthday Trey! Cheers to another 40 years with excellent shooting and travel!

  • This must be the bridge from reality to fantasy. So, did you cross it? Happy Birthday Trey.

  • Gail in Montana

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Trey!!!! [email protected] Suze isn’t in Montana, I am. Although I wish she was ;-). She is a wonderful lady!! I love this photo, Trey!!! I think the colors are beautiful. May you have many more years of taking photos and sharing them with us. But wait, the best/worst is yet to come, lol. Wait until you are 65. Hope there is still SS by that time!! I’m not sure how that works when you are self employed and living in another country, maybe. All the best 🙂

  • Vicki Wilson

    Cool image! Hope you have a great Birthday today!!! You are only 28 in hexadecimal years. Have fun celebrating, save some chocolate for me!

  • Happy Birthday Trey,

    I’ve been 40 three times now. It’s not so bad. Since you’ll start losing your memory soon, you’ll rarely remember that your best days are behind you! 🙂


  • Matt Sullivan

    Dude you’re old! … j/k I’m not far behind you. Have a Happy Birthday.

  • Mike Jacobs

    Happy Birthday!

  • Dennis

    Feliz Aniversário, Trey.
    Remember, you’re not 40, you’re 18 with 22 years of experience!
    Have a great one,

  • Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day. I am not far behind you, so let me know what 40 is like…

  • Happy Bd! I just turned 30 last week and feel the same way (30/20)

  • Peggy

    LOL! I would love to be 40 again! It’s a great time! Many happy returns Trey!!

  • Happy Birthday

  • Happy Birthday, Trey! Welcome to Club 40.

  • 40. I remember 40. I was single, good looking, women to the left and the right. Full of energy and desire. Hmm, that’s all gone now. However, at least I know where to find amazing cupcakes, so I’ve got that going for me.

  • Ah, lest I forget to say once more, Happy Birthday. Hope you’re having a great day, rain or not.

  • Happy Birthday and many, many happy returns!
    Love today’s image. Great processing as always.

  • Happy Birthday friend 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Trey! Amazing photo today too!

  • Kerry O

    Happy happy Birthday! Chocolate is indeed the only way to celebrate. Hope it involves a large piece of double-decker cake.

  • The best is yet to come. Happy birthday!

  • Trey — Hope you have a fantastic birthday! I just turned 40 on Tuesday, so I’ve been celebrating this week too. The photo is beautiful – thank you for sharing it!

  • Happy Birthday Trey! Love today’s photo by the way. I understand the feeling of not being able to remember on how to get to a place that was striking. It is slightly frustrating but at the same time I enjoy the fact that it will shrouded in mystery, making it somewhat special to me.

  • Sinan Ince

    Best wishes & happy b-day Trey! All your super shots make me feel much better in the rush days! Thank you so much for that..

  • happy birthday.
    The image is kind of strange. The wood color sort of gives the illusion that it is rather new. however, still has significant damage on it.

  • Happy birthday Trey!

  • Happy Beer-Day Trey! Turning 40 is brutal, you start second guessing everything you do. You spend more time choosing the correct shutter speed, focusing your subjects gets more complicated, your time adjusting the chromatic range in Photomatix triplicates.

    Everything seems to take longer, and some things, don’t work as they used to…but practice makes better. So practice at home, practice away from home, practice everywhere, but most importantly, don’t get caught 😀

    Happy Midlife crisis!

  • Have a great Birthday, Trey! 40 is where it starts getting good!!

  • Kate

    Happy Birthday Trey, from myself and all the other Kiwis who love how even more beautiful your photos have made New Zealand look. Come back soon.

  • Robert Tomas

    Happy Birthday, Trey. You are a great photographer and a great person who pays a lot of goodness forward. May many more good things come your way!

  • Thank you everyone! 🙂

  • Parabéns pelos 40 anos! Terá oportunidade de ter outra crise aos 50….Fotos maravilhosas! Um privilégio descobri-lo no google+!

  • Indeed…believe it or not, the best is yet to be!

  • Sharon

    I love 40 somethings! …especially when they’re as cool as you. Will you marry me?

  • Happy Birthday Trey!

  • Big Matty

    Happy Birthday Trey, I hope is awesome and the chocolate was good too

  • Asha

    Happy Birthday Trey! Awesome shot!

  • Happy Birthday Trey! Thanks for all the awesome pictures everyday, reading your stories always gives me a laugh too haha. Enjoy it, and dont eat too much chocoalte! 😉

  • Happy birthday Trey! Have a great year!

  • Jeff Egan

    Happy Birthday Trey … Have A GREAT DAY!!! Look at all you have accomplished in your first 40 years…imagine how much more you will be able to do in the next 40. Life is just beginning at 40. (:-)

  • Hey Trey – Happy Birthday! You’re about to witness the world’s biggest, bad-ass birthday candle tomorrow – take some great shots!! 🙂

  • Carlos Ortega

    Happy happy birthday!!!!

  • Birna Pálsdóttir

    Hope you had a super happy birthday with your friends and family 🙂 40 is the new 30, haven’t you heard?

  • Roger

    Happy 40th may you many, many more

  • One of the great things about your work is the way water turns out. That stream looks so frickin cold!
    Nice, as always. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your chocolate!

  • Sherry London

    Trey, Happy birthday! My son turned 40 in April. I think he had the same chocolate crisis! At my age, I am SO over turning 40 (I’m trying to cope with 65 next year).

  • Have a Happy and Blessed Birthday Trey! You are so blessed. Keep up the good work.

  • Happy Birthday Trey! I too have not found and crisis or issue that chocolate will not fix.

  • …except for the failing hard drive I am working on tonight with 500GB of image on it; chocolate is not fixing that but is keeping me calm.

  • hehe thanks again 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Trey! Here’s to another 40+ years ….

  • Congrats on your 40th Trey. And you’re doing crazy fun stuff. My birthday’s on July 13th and I’ll be 60. I admire crazy fun stuff when I see it. Keep up the good work! DC

  • Love to see some of your HDR photos of the last shuttle shot. Are you going to make it there? DC

  • Happy Birthday Trey and well done on another great shot. Love the effect with the water, Awesome!

  • Harmon Jones

    Happy b-day Trey! 2days late but oh well…;-) still wish you a very nice one!
    i like the quote!
    gr. Harmon Jones

  • Happy belated birthday Trey. I turned 41 today.

  • Thanks again 🙂

  • Surfer

    The dream means you’re really afraid to be forty, and you begin to dislike all that reminds you of that. D like, nothing to be reminded of it. Do not give up, justice always prevails in the end.
    Yours, Icelandic surfer
    Ps. From your script I read that you are confused, and dance to forget…

  • Congratulations! I wish you at least another couple of 40 years 🙂

    Great image, I love the details.

  • Jacco Suijkerbuijk

    Well Trey, I like your humor. First you had to take some gasoline and then you visited the Godafoss! I think most people take the other side so they never come across this little bridge. When I saw it I immediately remembered your image.

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