Updated Google+ Invite System

See the new steps below… this has gotten a lot of people in, so it should work for now. I had 3 great video hangout sessions last night will all sorts of people… very interesting to meet and talk with people from all over the world. The video hangout may be the coolest thing!

1) Come to StuckInCustoms Facebook Page and see if you can find a thread that has remaining invitations. Put your email in that thread (not on the wall).

2) Accept your invite when it arrives, then return to the StuckInCustoms Facebook Page and pay it forward by saying, “I have 10-15 (whatever) invites for Google+ so leave your email below and I’ll get you in!”

3) To invite people in, create a new circle and fill it with email addresses that need access.

4) Share a post or photo with that circle, and it will ask you if you want to email people not in Google+. Say yes, and they will get an email invite!

And, if you are looking for me in Google+, here is My Google Profile.

“See More Photos…”

You may notice a slight change to the bottom of every post.  I took away the emphasis on “categories,” and say in more plain English:  See more photos from IcelandIsafjordurNikon D3XTravel.  This should help you explore more from this area if you find them interesting!

Daily Photo – Oceanscream

Early one morning while weaving through the fjords, a cell of dark clouds roiled across the sky. The low sun kept them in impossible colors and the air vibrated with a coming storm.

This is up on the edge of the arctic circle where one fjord may be covered in clouds while the next is wide open and clear. There are hundreds of little microclimates that change from one hour to the next, so if things don’t look good in one fjord, just spend 30 minutes driving over to the next one, and maybe something different will present itself. Surely by now, you see why I like Iceland so much in the summer…


  • Susan

    Oh wow! Super fantastic – love the formation of the clouds – this is just so beautiful- makes me want to go to Iceland too! Thanks for the new wallpaper Trey!

  • Stunning cloud formations… Makes me want to revisit my years as a pilot and do dancing amongst them! Great shot mate 🙂

  • Really beautiful shot, what I like the most, is the subtle touch of purple in the bottom right corner. Very nice

  • The opportunities you have created for yourself in travel and taking such wonderful pictures is fantastic ,most can only dream of.The wonderful side you bring it to the world to see which makes most live in hope that one day they may do also. Thanks for sharing the cloud formation is dramatic.

  • Yaarrrr its all dark and stormy, love it!

  • Wow, that’s fantastic. I’ll put it on my desktop (once Atlantis flies, that is… I have the latest Endeavor photo up in honor of that currently). Iceland really seems amazing. And thanks for the chance to live chat with you on Google+ tonight, that was great! I was a bit tongue-tied but that was due to trying to figure out Google+ and all it’s fun experiences. And “hi” to Susan 🙂

  • Trey, this is a true beauty! Great pic.
    I am packing up soon to go right to Isafjordur, so this is just a teaser for my vacation :o)

  • Vicki Wilson

    I love the dramatic sky, great shot!

  • Wow, that is crazy looking. I’ve never seen a sky anything like that before. After seeing your pictures, I definitely want to visit Iceland someday.

  • @Jeff: you should! Light is so amazing up there, especially in the north oder the further north you get. The low standing, intense sun plays along really well with shadows, tinted light and clouds. When we go camping we hope for good weather but we LOVE to see the bad weather, given that we have shelter. It just looks great! And my camera keeps twitching to fill my blog.

  • Like a deity’s arm mustering clouds for a storm. Cool shot. 🙂

  • OMG. I love your Iceland shots so much Trey. I belive it’s the most photogenic country in the world and you’re my photographic god.

  • Gail in Montana

    I agree with all the above, Trey!!! Makes me want to visit Iceland. 😉 Fantastic capture, have a wonderful Friday!! 🙂

  • Peggy

    Absolutely magnificent!!!

  • Beautiful shot! Here’s another ready to go to Iceland! ;-P

  • This post is full of win:

    Google+ invites

    Awesome dark ocean shot


  • Beautiful shot and a great idea with google+

  • Wowww Trey I love the dark ominous look of this picture. Thanks to you, I have wayyy too many places I want to visit now! Lol 😛 Your pictures never cease to amaze me and there’s not a day that goes by that i dont check out your daily photo, thanks for all the hard work, your awesome!

  • Trevor Driscoll

    Clever google+ idea and great shot!

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  • Dan

    Trey – Just curious, but why doesn’t the camera lens model ever show up in the EXIF data? Is this a personal choice, or does SmugMug not support that EXIF field? Just wondering – I’m always curious as to what lens you’re using for your shots.

  • Those clouds are amazing! Great work!

  • Awesome Trey, spectacular and scary cloud formations.

  • hola trey! enviame una Invitacion para Google + ,
    [email protected]
    saludos desde argentina

  • Whoa!!!! Holy moley!Somebody or something is descending on us. Absolutely spectacular, Trey. This rocks.

  • Good question – not sure! I think I used a 14-24 on here.

  • Simon Morris

    WOW, this is amazing Trey – don’t think I’ve seen a skyline quite like it… incredible! It looks like a planet from another galaxy – just waiting for the Starship Enterprise to enter the frame… wonderful shot, excellent! 🙂

  • Awesome image, that sky is killer

  • Wow! This is stunning! What an incredible formation of clouds you catch!

  • Shakira

    Hey, does Google+ have any way of knowing if any profile is fake or not?? Just curious..

  • Wow, this looks almost like an oil painting.

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