Delicate Ice in Spring


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Be Careful!

So, today’s shot reminds me of good man David duChemin, who recently took a serious tumble while getting a photo. He was laid up in the hospital for a long time and things looked pretty grim. He’s on the mend… and a nice way to show support is to pop over and check out some of David’s new eBooks! He has an amazing selection over there, and it’ll be something that benefits you too.

Anyway, today’s photo looks pretty scary yes? Do you think I would actually walk out on that ice to get this shot? Heck no… there are lots of ways to get interesting looking shots without pushing the limits… so, just because a shot LOOKS like it was dangerous does not mean it was… don’t let my shots or other shots make you feel inclined to take “risky” shots yourself.

Daily Photo – Delicate Ice in Spring

After dinner one evening in Ísafjörður, I drove through a nearby town and up into the mountains. Along the road, I noticed an iced-over river that was beginning to thaw in a few areas. I pulled over, and scrambled down the hill to set up for a shot.

I tried this both with and without an ND filter. The ND filter didn’t add anything to the shot except for a lot of pain! The light was low enough were a small aperture could get the feeling of the river through the hole in the ice…

  • Susan

    Oh wow! This is awesome Trey – what a beautiful scene – I would have gone down to take a look too – the texture of the ice is perfect – looks so fragile!

  • Great shot.
    The feel of the rushing water is perfect.
    BTW – glad to be back in the fold. I couldn’t load this page for the last 24 hours.
    Someone at SIC, (Andrea maybe?) suggested I dump my cache, which I did and now the page is loading again. Not sure why that worked, but it did.

    Strange how odd it felt not to check out Trey’s daily pic. I have jumped in here everyday for a long time. Way back before Smug Mug. I recently bumped across a shot Trey did of a Green Chopper awhile back and I was stunned at the date. I remember when he posted that thing I thought it was flat out awesome. Your work has advanced so much in these years. Light years.
    Anyway – glad to be back from my computer imposed Elba.

    I started blogging a bit over at my website –
    The domain sends you over to my 500px site and you can click on the blog from there.
    I also try to put an interesting story with each picture I load.
    Presh y’all

  • Hey Trey – are u sure this is a single frame 🙂 amazing how u capture different light in the same shot !

  • Simon Morris

    Wonderful shot Trey – I like the composition and detail in the mountain range… also, good use of aperture at f/22 – adds nice motion to the iced-over river!
    Regards David duChemin – he’s one lucky guy, yeah! I recall him mentioning other folk have slipped and fallen from the same wall in the past – with dire consequences… sheesh, scary stuff!

  • THanks !

    Sathya – yes – this is all from a standard HDR set of exposures… the old usual technique ! 🙂

  • Well done, its one of those WOW pictures where its divided into 4 and within are 3 separate pictures.Love the running water under the ice and setting sun on the peaks.

  • Can’t wait to get some decent cold weather photography done this year. But I’m yet to see any natural snow on the peaks! From my apartment I can see both major ski-fields, and they have a mere dusting on man made snow. Sigh…
    Balancing risk with result is part of the fun! My most recent photo was a very risky one to get:
    But its not the only one… I’ve lost count of how many “DANGER KEEP OUT” signs I’ve ignored, combined with taking the odd tumble down a slope or falling into a river – Comes with the territory 😉
    Common sense prevails though, if it really doesn’t feel right – Don’t do it!

  • Looks quite dangerous :). Very nice layers of the scene. Great example of foreground, middle and background in a photo.

  • Vicki Wilson

    Awesome, what a beautiful scene. I love the running water peeking thru the iced over stream! I wonder if tuis would be a good ice fishing spot.

  • Q. What’s dark in the middle and light at the top and bottom?

    A. Today’s photo by Trey!

    Nicely done.

    My latest… Here’s Looking at You Kid…

  • Gail in Montana

    Love this photo, Trey. All my favorite elements are there!! Thanks for sharing, have a great Wednesday 🙂

  • That water looks like a portal to another dimension! Awesome shot.

  • Thanks for the heads-up Trey. I just bought 4 of your friends e-books. All the best to him and a speedy full recovery!

  • Love the contrast here, great location!
    Enjoy 😉

  • Hey Trey, it’s also a great location for a hard edged split ND filter. Singh Ray has some of the best.

  • Carl cosby

    NIce shot man 

  • looks like the nd gave the small bit of water swirling in the hole some ethereal effect

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