The Old Waterwheel

Part 3 of the Student Interview

And the African Queen of never-ending-turns-interview ends with this segment…

Daily Photo – The Old Waterwheel

Right after I arrived in Feng Huang, I went down by the river to walk up and down both sides… and I was drawn to this old waterwheel right away. It was all so quaint… here were old Chinese women washing clothes in the river, and it was all right out of a movie. I only got to spend a few days here… after seeing how wonderful everything was, it’s on my list to revisit some day…. I hope it stays like this.

HDR Photo

  • I really like that creamy effect on the rushing water – it’s something I often try to achieve but can never quite nail properly.

    I did manage to capture this amazing sunset over the weekend though which was quite exciting – I don’t see many of these over here :-

  • Susan

    Wonderful looking scene Trey – that old waterwheel is cool- love how the water looks so foamy! Hope you get to go back….and that it is the same!

  • +1 to the “I hope it stays like this”. Lovely photo and great balance and lines. I also liked the texture you applied, it fitted quite well.

  • Great shot. I imagine the sky was white, so the texture makes it look like and old postcard. Nice coverup.

  • Very cool texture, and the water looks amazing

  • Great shot. I imagine the sky was white, so the texture makes it look like and old postcard. Nice coverup. Andy, to get that creamy water, you need to use a long exposure. Maybe a half second or more.

  • Lovely colors and texturing work. So much different stuff in one photo, very nice.

  • Simon Morris

    What a cool looking shot Trey – it’s got a good mix of old (waterwheel) and new (cube stones)… I also like the look of the vintage texture, excellent!

  • PeterG

    Great composition and texture. The textured sky and houses feels like an impressionistic painting ending up in cubism in the lower part πŸ™‚ I’m curious what the sign says and who is it targeting in the middle of the water?

  • Great pic Trey, that part of china will be around for some time, the way you put things your heart is very into the past and so it should be thats all part of our heritage thats where it all began from paradise and it spread around the world. Just watching people going about their chores in old villages is like sitting in a game park in Africa waiting for something to happen and it does, its just catching the right moment like you have shown.

  • Great pic Trey! Love silky smooth water and the grity look of the overall photo. Very cool it definitely works with the ‘old’ look of the water wheel. I’m still learning, but feel like I improve each and every day – thanks for the continued inspiration!

  • Fantastic. This has a very “vintage” feel to it.

  • Vicki Wilson

    Awesome image, I love the soft flowing water and all the textures in the water wheel and cube stones, works wonderfully!

  • Gail in Montana

    I agree with all the above. I thought the picture was textured. Very nice job, Trey. Not the right shape for my desktop, but I saved it in my pictures! Thanks for sharing, have a great Monday where ever you are πŸ™‚

  • Grant

    Loved all the contrasting objects; stone cubes, circular waterwheel, magical water. Interesting choice of sky color. Lastly, the water wheel was very cool but what did it do; what did it power?

  • Another remembered from the seminar! πŸ™‚ Great shot Trey, as always. Love the treatment.

  • Richard (oldhickory49)

    That’s just a magical image. I really like the delicate wheel and those little rows of stone cubes in the foreground. Tasty use of texture too.

  • Nice! Great composition again, loving the water flow through the stones and the tones of the buildings in the background. Keep up the good shooting Trey.

  • That is so cool … showing all the sluice ways …

  • Beautiful place and well captured.

  • Thanks everyone!

    Grant – I think it powered some nearby stuff for washing clothes – but I am not sure any more!

  • Spectatcular shot!
    I love that water in this awesome scene. I can see why you’d want to return. πŸ™‚

  • Stephen Clarke

    Hi Trey,
    I seem to recall this great shot during the webinar. Great looking texture you have used on the sky! BTW, I’m still reaping the benefits of the HDR Webinar… what a great event that was.

    I came across this RSAnimate video based on the book ‘Choice’ by Renata Salecl. The book is about how virtually limitless ‘choice’ in our lives limits our creativity and often induces dissatisfaction and paralysis in our ability to make decisions. I have heard (or read) you saying this many times and so thought you might enjoy this…

    – Steve

  • What a great shot, i would love to visit here too one day!

  • Julie

    I am normally not a big fan of texture in photographs. It works quite well here. I love it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure the women are also hoping that things won’t change, so they won’t be forced to use new-fangled washing machines to wash their family’s clothes. How inconvenient that would be!

  • I like how the water is captured here – shutter speed was slow enough to make it dreamy at the same time freezing action as the water spills off of the mirror of water.The almost fiery red tone of the base of the waterwheel wakes me up after i’m lulled by the relaxing pallet of colors in this photo. πŸ™‚

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