Fingers Above River

Student Interview Part 2

And here is part 2 for you…

Daily Photo – Fingers Above River

This was one of those Tour-de-France days when I burned about 10,000 calories. I carried my equipment all up and down this valley in Zhangjiajie… up and down each side, traversing the entire length several times, took very few breaks, and ended up sleeping like a baby. That wasn’t a complete sentence… I know this.

This is just about the same area where I encountered a snake later that night. It was black and gnarly and did nothing to lift my spirits. I’ll finish that snake story next time I post a photo from this region… I don’t really want to think about it until then!

HDR Photo

  • Randy Dietmeyer

    Beautiful photo!

    The pictures may be right in front of my eye and I’m just not seeing them, but have you hiked into the Grand Canyon yet? I can tell you first hand from a couple of such walks that it is easy to get ‘ok’ photos but very difficult to get really good ones. We just got back from yet another hike a few days ago and am already looking forward to returning -we’re only three hours away in the Phoenix area.

  • Susan

    Beautiful shot and the river is beautiful! We want the snake story!!

  • Simon Morris

    Cool shot Trey – I like the composition, and as for the green tones… stunning!
    Who mentioned snakes – arrrgh! Just to clarify… I DON’T DO SNAKES, that’s why I chose to live in NZ… nothing to do with the gorgeous scenery or friendly locals – honestly! 😉

  • Again, beautiful shot. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for this snake story.

    If you get the chance to view this, news is out about a real-time HDR video camera that’s set to come out in the near future. You might be interested in this….

  • Very well done. Love the stream in the foreground.

    My latest: A Heavenly Glow ~

  • Nice view from within the valley. Awesome composition.

  • Beautiful photo, as always. I hate snakes, I love the outdoors but snakes are one thing I really don’t like happening upon out in the woods.

  • Gail in Montana

    Great shot, Trey, love the fingers above the river!!! Thanks for sharing, Happy Sunday! Have a great day 🙂

  • Vicki Wilson

    Nice composition, awesome scenery! We want to hear the snake story, did you get a picture of him?

  • Really neat shot, your shots from this area are great! Is this the same snake you mentioned in your “Pandora from Avatar” shot back in October 2010 where you said would share with us in the next post from this area? Haha you must really not like this snake!

  • Beautiful indeed! Looking forward to the snake story. 🙂

  • Thanks!

  • I may be alone, but I love the 3-D effect.

  • Lovely shot. Can’t wait to hear the snake story.

  • Cool shot Trey, Love the scene and the stream is perfect

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