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Top 5 people to follow in Instagram

I’m @TreyRatcliff at Instagram and I’ve been following quite a few people that are really talented… but I need more people to follow! Here is my list of my Top 5. What’s your Instagram name and who are your favorites?

1) @zarias

2) @JoshJohnson

3) @takahiroooo

4) @Aaronburden

5) @sweetness_smile

More from Spain

The Spain Photos Category here is slowly filling up with photos! I know…I know… people want more of that girl in Ibiza… MAYBE those are coming in the future… you never know…

Daily Photo – The Endless Alley

The dirt and grit and color that comes with European alleys make for great subjects for dynamic night photography. Usually I only stay out for about an hour after it gets dark, but it’s hard to stop with this kind of scenery… I mean, you can make a legitimate excuse to stay out all night!

But a lot of people warned me about how dangerous Barcelona can be… I did already meet many people that were robbed blind… I was extra-extra careful… and, in this case, decided to head back to the hotel early. Also, I was feeling pretty under the weather…so yet another excuse.

The Endless AlleyThe dirt and grit and color that comes with European alleys make for great subjects for dynamic night photography.  Usually I only stay out for about an hour after it gets dark, but it's hard to stop with this kind of scenery...  I mean, you can make a legitimate excuse to stay out all night!But a lot of people warned me about how dangerous Barcelona can be...  I did already meet many people that were robbed blind...  I was extra-extra careful... and, in this case, decided to head back to the hotel early.  Also, I was feeling pretty under the yet another excuse.- Trey RatcliffRead more, including my top-five Instagram list,  here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

  • Susan

    Cool shot Trey – at least it looks well lighted – so you can recognize who is robbing you! Good decision to go home early!

  • Joel

    Incredible! Have you ever been to Mexico City to take pics? If not you should give it a go. I am going back for the 3rd time here in July.

  • LOVE the small bit of sky visible. Amazing. Never been but Barcelona is high on my list… and dangerous places are disturbingly fun to visit, too… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Here is my top 5 for Instagram:

    1. @mr007 (awesome pictures from Tokyo)
    2. @lomax_hjs (mostly vintage VW buses)
    3. @rperdio
    4. @unn
    5. @martingommel

    Hope you find something interesting. I will check out your top 5 now.



  • Simon Morris

    Fantastic shot Trey – so surreal… looks as though you could literally fall into the scene!
    Here’s some useless information next time you’re visiting Barca… don’t ever, EVER go out at night wearing a Real Madrid footy shirt – apparently the locals don’t take to it very kindly! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Very dream like shot. This is one of the prettiest alleys I’ve ever seen. Great processing.

  • Great photo, I love Barcelona. I know people say to be careful about getting robbed there, but that’s true of just about every big city, I don’t think Barcelona is worse than others. And the architecture there is amazing and in general it’s a great city.

  • Another great shot, you are very daring doing all this down dark ally ways, well done. Just in thought, of what might happen. I lost
    my Nikon many years ago in a dark ally in Johannesburg scary stuff,there was no one around until i looked in the view finder then all hell broke lose.When it happens its so fast by the time you get yourself together they are gone with your goods,even in Europe i witnessed it in action in Rome they are fast as they seem to get plenty practice. Had a look at the Instagram they are good

  • Trey, Do you know that if you click on your #4 @Aaronburden, we get #3 @takahiroooo, again. Thought you would like to know. Thanks for the references, great fun to follow.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Amazing colors!

  • Wow nice shot! Loving the look of the walls and the ground. Nice that you got graffiti in there too. Adds to the scene! As for Instagram, check out @greg59, @archiphone, @dragonpeace, and @jessewright. They’re pretty creative.

  • Susan

    My favorite @erikvphoto

  • Nice shot Trey .. is this an example of a double tone mapped image?

  • Richard (oldhickory49)

    This one’s off the charts today. That red sky is beautiful as is the rest of it!

    Yes, you need to watch your ass out at night in any big city. I think photographers need to have access to special concealed carry permits.

  • Dan

    Nice photo Trey – I must have been blissfully unaware while my wife and I were there back in the Fall, although we didn’t do any venturing in to the alleys. I like the Guadi/Gรผell tribute above the shop door… I should have tried shooting here instead of at the park ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Andy T.

    Great picture. Interesting to hear you only stay out about an hour after dark. I wondered how late into the night you were getting some of these images.

    My Instagram name is @andytomasello (like my Twitter). I only really follow @TreyRatcliff so far so that’s not gonna help but now I see more I can follow, so, that’s exciting!

  • Ok I just found this and had to share:

    “Have you ever taken a picture that would have been great if only it were in focus? Of course you have. So have we, countless times. But those days may soon be past all of us with the introduction of Lytro, an entirely new kind of camera that allows users to completely change the focus of a picture ”

  • Trey,

    I love this one. Incredible colors, detail, and depth. You have made a dingy alley look exotic!

  • Hi Trey,
    You mean who do I follow that is awesome besides yourself? ๐Ÿ™‚

    @appdaptation and some of my favorite follows:

    1. @zoelcholid
    2. @kungfuroll
    3. @inkedfingers
    4. @hoverkraft
    5. @followben


  • Love the shot, the blend of blue and orange really make it.

  • Gail in Montana

    Wonderful colors, Trey. So brilliant!! Thanks for sharing another great HDR photo!!! Have a great Thursday ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Man I’m such a dinosaur – I don’t even have a twitter account yet never mind an instagram hehe.

    You wouldn’t find me out in these alleys after dark – no way! I’m too much of a chicken! Thanks for braving the night denizens of Barcelona to bring us this excellent, moody shot!

  • @photosbytalya is mine…
    I have been following and enjoying

  • @rpost007 is mine, please check it out! Also check out my website as I do a daily photo of the day as well and this month I’m doing HDR photos.

  • Did someone say ‘girl in Ibiza’!?!

  • How do you always find the most beautiful places to photograph without anyone in the area??? I just love this image.

  • Carl cosby

    Wicked picture!!

    My top 5 are


  • Carl cosby

    By the way Trey, would be cool if you followed me ๎…๎€

  • I love this shot trey, awesome feel and depth, well done!

  • Vicki Wilson

    Awesome image, I love the colors and textures! It is always good to use caution when you are out and about at night in an unfamiliar location which sounds to me like you do.

  • Another great one Trey. Thanks for sharing instagram. I got it after reading this, @darylclark , very simple with great access to post to multiple sites.

  • Can somebody explain Instagram to me?
    I have to admit I don’t get it – at all.

    What does Instagram do that isn’t already out there?
    What does it do that is at least better than whats already out there?

    Seems like just another site filled with frequently bad photography.

    Just sayin’

  • Susan

    oh gonzo – you always like to stir things up don’t you? I am sure there’s a good answer to your question though!

  • The Suz graces The Gonz with a reply! (analyze that!)
    I really don’t ever *want* to stir anything up. I want for people to smile more not frown or cry more. I never intend to cause people any harm or hurt feelings. I try not to ever make any hurtful comments that are personal in nature. My comments about Instagram are sincere. I really don’t get it. Of course, I don’t own an I-Phone. But I do have an EVo and I haven’t taken a picture with it yet that I didn’t almost immediately delete.

    Anyway – not trying to hate just trying to relate.

  • Jay

    Trey, I think I’ve picked up on the type of humor you enjoy & I think you would get a kick out of @crashmoney’s site. Enjoy.

  • Thanks! I’ll get in and follow you guys soon when I have some time here!

    Theo – It’s basically like a visual twitter on your iphone or iPad… just a nice way to see what your friends are seeing at the moment.

  • OK. That makes sense. So, not so much a place to go check out amazing pics so much as a visual way to see what your peeps are up to. Thanks.

  • Hey Thelo,
    (I love the name btw, sounds so courtly!)
    For me Instagram is a way to find inspiration and garner feedback. I tend to follow people who take amazing shots or do impressive post processing, preferably all on the iPhone. It is quite a thrill to earn a new follower or receive “likes” and nice comments on your images. As I’m sure you are aware, sometimes we can take hours playing with a single photo and I find it much more rewarding to share it with the world than keeping it to myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ Obviously, there are many ways to share a photo but for me, Instagram is the most fun and since iPhoneography is just a hobby for me, I’m all about having the most fun!


  • Christian

    Hey Trey,

    I went to Odessa, Ukraine and was robbed.. I wasn’t showing off any expensive camera equipment either. Can you give us some advice about staying safe in foreign countries? I would be interested in what you have to say. It would make a great post!


  • Love your stream of pics which I just stumbled upon via your 100 cameras app. I like that you can now post directly to IG. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to using your app.
    BTW my IG username is @MauiHunter for a colorful stream of Maui lifestyle.

  • Cool shot! I have to do more night photography.

    My number one instagram suggestion is @ocari . This Japanese girl posts that most amazing minimalist images. I am constantly blown away by every shot.

    Some others: @locohama from some more Japan action. Usually everyday acting things like people on the trains, students at his school, etc. @zenlen for more thoughtful shots around Japan. @pianopia, another Japanese woman who posts fantastic travel shots. @sirfishalot for really creative stuff.

    If I can be shameless for a moment and self promote, there is also @japandave for general Japan shots. religious stuff: shrines/temples, and other. Directly from my iPhone or HDRs from my dSLR reedited on the iPhone.

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  • Follow me on instagram JasonJosephNYC I think you may enjoy….. Hope so!

  • Thanks for the honor!!!

  • Monica Dranger

    Hey Trey! Just heard you were on IG. Some of my faves have already been mentioned, so here are 5 more (I’m @monicadranger)


    Seriously good stuff!!

  • @masterdedek

    Follow me on instagram @masterdedek I think you may enjoyโ€ฆ.. Hope so!

  • @masterdedek


  • hey guys, on instagram im @tesslemmon

    my top 5 instagram users are:

    1. @_kitkat (she has some really cool, retro photos that are bound to put a smile on your face)
    2. @missanmo (all of her photos are just plain GORGEOUS)
    3. @qta3 (he has really really awesome [and somewhat disturbed] photos. check out his profile – its like nothing youve ever seen before!!)
    4. @savannnnnah (she has really cool pics of just about everything)
    5. @dearcandy (she has awesome photos!!)

  • Andrew McCourt

    I’m drew_33 and would welcome comments on my instagram photos. Thanks! Andrew.

  • Alexandra murphy

    Im On instagram as alexx_murphy_ and photography is my thing. I just want to share it with more people! check me out

  • Follow me on Instagram please : genyalis

  • I’d love to share some talented instagram artists from Indonesia, the country where I live in, they are @enda_ungu ; @dariszcahyadi and @petrichor218_gi. My account is @stenliekelvin, it’s about architecture and landscape genres, which are my main interests. Hope you’ll enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€

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